Reckitt Benckiser Japan Co., Ltd. The official Twitter of the acne prevention and treatment brand “Clearasil ” has been renewed! A more familiar and friendly presence as a “health room in SNS”

Reckitt Benckiser Japan Co., Ltd.
The official Twitter of the acne prevention and treatment brand “Clearasil” has been renewed! A more familiar and friendly presence as a “health room in SNS”
In commemoration of the renewal, we will also carry out a campaign where 100 people will win Clearasil products by following and retweeting! !

The acne prevention and treatment brand “Clearasil” developed by Reckitt Benckiser Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shiresh Shukla) has renewed its official Twitter account from Thursday, January 5. and started posting on the same day.

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As an acne prevention and treatment brand, “Clearasil” has continued to deal with acne, and has supported the worries and conflicts unique to young people in various ways for over 60 years.
In order to further strengthen this trend, Clearasil will renew its official Twitter account with the concept of “health room in SNS” and strengthen its operation. Through this initiative, Clearasil, as a brand that is familiar and friendly to young people, will support them so that they can live their daily lives positively.
In this account, like the “infirmary” of the school, “a comfortable place where you can take a breather away from your daily life”, “a place where there are people who support you from various
perspectives”, and “a place where you can connect differently than usual”. ”, We will send out content that allows you to spend your daily life positively. In addition, we plan to continuously provide a wide range of content such as information related to Clearasil products, useful information related to acne and skin care,
user/follower participation projects, campaign information, etc. See below for account information.
Clearasil Official Twitter
Account name: Clearasil [Official] | Health room for everyone URL:
Account Renewal Celebration Happy New Year! New Year’s washing “wish” campaign To commemorate the renewal of the account, we will carry out the “Happy New Year! From those who follow and retweet Clearasil official Twitter, 100 people will be given a medicated cleansing cream solid type by lottery.
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campaign period
January 16, 2023 (Monday) 12:00 to January 31, 2023 (Tuesday) 23:59 Application method
1. Follow Clearasil official Twitter (@clearasil_jp)
2. Retweet the post for the New Year’s washing “wish” campaign Winning details
Clearasil medicated face wash cream Firm type will be given to 100 people by lottery
[Image 3d58499-7-b9501b2883291427b258-3.jpg&s3=58499-7-ec23d95bb86695e6713fb2ae7765f961-562x55.jpg
Winning notification
The results will be sent to the winners via the message function from Clearasil official Twitter (@clearasil_jp). (Around mid-February 2023) About Clearasil
Clearasil is the world’s leading acne prevention and treatment brand. It has a history of more than 60 years in Japan, and in addition to its main product, acne treatment cream, it has also developed a large number of acne prevention products.
Among them, the medicinal cleansing cream firm type thoroughly cleanses dirt, excess sebum, and blackheads in pores, and contains salicylic acid, a bactericidal ingredient, to thoroughly kill acne bacteria that cause acne deep into the pores. In addition, it contains a moisturizing vitamin C derivative. In addition to medicated facial cleansing creams, there are bottle-type medicated facial cleansing foams that come out in bubbles, medicated powder lotions containing antiseptic and moisturizing ingredients, and medicated acne prevention gels that can be used as points. Acne prevention from puberty. Clearasil to prevent acne.
Clearasil website
Clearasil Official Instagram
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