Red Lobster Japan Co., Ltd. Tie-up SWEETS of “REDLOBSTER” & “Haagen-Dazs” will be released for Valentine’s Day / White Day!

Red Lobster Japan Co., Ltd.
“REDLOBSTER” & “Haagen-Dazs” tie-up SWEETS on sale for Valentine’s Day / White Day!
“REDLOBSTER meets Haagen-Dazs” available from January 24th

Red Lobster Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Kei Otsuka, hereinafter: Red Lobster Japan), which operates the seafood restaurant “Red Lobster”, which has 720 stores worldwide, will start from January 24, 2023 (Tuesday). We will start selling tie-up sweets under the title of “REDLOBSTER meets
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The world-famous popular ice cream “Haagen-Dazs” and America’s No. 1 seafood restaurant “Red Lobster” collaborated for the first time to create a special dessert that cannot be tasted anywhere else. We will offer sweets for Valentine’s Day and White Day events in two times. We would appreciate it if you could enjoy one item for a limited time during a wonderful time with your loved ones.
Valentine Edition (1st): Melting Chocolate Dome
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Product Name: Melting Chocolate Dome
Price: 650 yen (715 yen including tax)
Period: 1/24 (Tue.) to early March *Ends when stock runs out Details: Häagen-Dazs Strawberry pops out from inside the dome-shaped chocolate with warm sauce. Chocolate & Strawberry Compatibility Once you eat a happy bite created by an outstanding combination, you will never forget it. Please enjoy sweets full of excitement.
White Day (Part 2): Sweeteety Cheese Biscuits
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Product name: Sweeteety cheese biscuits
Price: 650 yen (715 yen including tax)
Period: 3/14 (Tue.) ~ late April *Ends when stock runs out
Details: Red Lobster’s signature menu “Cheese Biscuit” is made into French toast and Haagen-Dazs strawberries are turned on. Topped with 3 kinds of berries and orange. An original item unique to Red Lobster. Related Sites
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company overview
A seafood restaurant chain that was born in the United States in 1968 and landed in Japan in 1982. Red Lobster’s greatest weapon is its delicious seafood menu. Typical examples are live lobsters shipped directly from Canada, oysters that can be cooked in a variety of ways, and delicious crabs and shrimps. In addition, we have a wide variety of menus that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages, such as juicy steaks, pizza, pasta, and paella.
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