REDLIST has released a sneaker collection with endangered species as a motif. Online sales will start on Saturday, January 28, 2023.

Flick Fit Co., Ltd.
[REDLIST] has released a sneaker collection with endangered species as a motif. Online sales will start on Saturday, January 28, 2023. Design inspired by endangered species. The 2023 S/S, which will be the first collection, will release three types: Toki, Sumatra Tiger, and Fukiyagama. Enlightenment of understanding and protection of rare creatures with sneakers.

Flick Fit Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Hirohito Hirohashi) is a premium sneaker collection as the first of the next-generation fashion brand REDLIST (Red List) that enlightens the protection of endangered species that should be passed on to the next generation. will be on sale online from 9:00 am on Saturday, January 28, 2023.
REDLIST (Red List) was born as a “fashion brand that does not lose scarcity value”. Life including animals and plants has continued to be inherited since the earth was born, and each species shines as an irreplaceable value. As the first step, we will develop premium sneakers with designs inspired by endangered species that embody the rarity value. This time, we will release three types: “Crested crested ibis”, which is a representative endangered species of Japan, “Sumatran tiger” inhabiting Indonesia, and “Fukiyagama” inhabiting Colombia.
The brand concept is “Next Generation Sequencing”, and it is developed as a global brand from Japan that forms a community with creators, artists, and entrepreneurs who demonstrate rare value that should be passed on to the next generation. I will continue. In addition, digital art will be sold in conjunction with sneakers, and part of the proceeds from this digital art and sneaker sales will be used for clean activities to protect the environment.
● Brand site:
[Image 1d71437-6-c8500cc79f6c50233570-9.png&s3=71437-6-936588d7aa5b3fe9c54bb37c2bfda806-1200x630.png
Three models of sneakers will be released as the first product collection of REDLIST.
Product Name: Toki Model / Toki Model
Product number: RL-SH-TK01
Price: 72,000 yen (excluding tax)
Size: 24.0cm, 25.0cm, 26.0cm, 27.0cm, 28.0cm, 29.0cm, 30.0cm ● Product introduction:
The design is inspired by the crested ibis, a representative endangered species of Japan. The elegant appearance and colors, and the coloring that reproduces the beauty of flapping wings, will brighten up your feet. Although it has a strong presence, it has a Japanese design that goes well with street fashion as well as chic outfits.
[Image 2d71437-6-53949de88b54b08e323a-7.jpg&s3=71437-6-33dfa1633a2b9b56e5f06bf351fdac73-1916x1277.jpg

Product name: Sumatran Tiger Model
Product number: RL-SH-ST01
Price: 72,000 yen (excluding tax)
Size: 24.0cm, 25.0cm, 26.0cm, 27.0cm, 28.0cm, 29.0cm, 30.0cm ● Product introduction:
A design inspired by the Sumatran tiger that lives on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. The design of the upper, which is covered with strong, imposing body patterns and colors, will make you feel energetic from your feet. By adopting a black sole, the yellow pattern is elegantly and powerfully treated.
[Image 3d71437-6-ede4f5d6ea7caf08a892-6.jpg&s3=71437-6-57bb3bf806f5669f91be80713f72de51-1916x1277.jpg
Product Name: Fukiyagama Model / Starry Night Toad Model
Product number: RL-SH-SNT01
Price: 72,000 yen (excluding tax)
Size: 24.0cm, 25.0cm, 26.0cm, 27.0cm, 28.0cm, 29.0cm, 30.0cm ● Product introduction:
The design is inspired by the Fukiyagama (frog) that inhabits the Colombian Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains. The skin is black, and the white spots on the whole body are characteristic, and the pattern is dropped into a geometric pattern. I adopt black sole. The monochrome contrast is chic and timeless design.
[Image 4d71437-6-803b246702c6481c2fd5-8.jpg&s3=71437-6-84df640d0c3d9fcb67f79a5dc3c3fe47-1916x1277.jpg

The upper material offers the best stretch and hold by combining five materials such as carefully selected stretch fabric, knit, and TPU. The sole part, which took two years to develop, expresses the wildness and vitality of animals based on the concept of coexistence between animals and humans, and is a completely original product that dynamically combines architectural design with the image of the future. It contains the wish that I want you to run for yourself and the future of the earth. In addition, the distinctive midsole not only looks good, but also has cushioning properties to soften the impact on the soles of the feet. For comfort, we use our own 3D measurement technology ( for the inner dimensions of the feet and shoes, and refer to the comfort data of more than 10,000 people to achieve an excellent fit. Did.

Handling shop information
REDLIST sneakers will be sold at the following stores.
・ REDLIST official online shop:
・REDLIST brand house (reservation required, Tokyo metropolitan area, address not disclosed)
*For the REDLIST brand house, please contact us from the official LINE account and make a reservation. REDLIST official LINE account:
sneaker designer information
Keisuke Ota
Born in Hokkaido. In 2015, he founded the shoe brand “FlowerMOUNTAIN” with the concept of urban outdoor. Based on the concept of a scene cut out from natural flora and fauna, it features a unique design that is produced by making full use of advanced handmade technology. Not only does it look good, but it also has excellent functionality and comfort that fits in outdoor scenes such as town and camping, and has been highly evaluated by buyers around the world. An up-and-coming sneaker designer who has attracted attention from the world’s leading sneaker boutiques such as KITH, Slam Jam, and OFFSPRING.
We will sell only one REDLIST DIGITAL ART* in the world,
anthropomorphizing endangered species of animals. All proceeds will be donated to environmental conservation where endangered species live, such as cleanup activities and donations to local governments, excluding necessary expenses. Donations will be accepted from 5,000 yen per unit, and REDLIST DIGITAL ART will be presented to the donor. For sales details, please visit the website below.
● Donation site: * REDLIST DIGITAL ART is converted to NFT and proven to be unique by blockchain technology.
[Image 5d71437-6-b5ad9f50a8c287922c9a-4.png&s3=71437-6-c5feae4f075d7b53785c1b833e9a641a-2586x880.png
●REDLIST DIGITAL ART Character Designer: Jaian
・Representative work
“Unwanted Immortal Adventurer” (Overlap) Character draft/illustration “Exiled reincarnated heavy knight is matchless with game knowledge” (Kodansha) Character draft/illustration, etc.
REDLIST SNS information
・REDLIST Official Instagram: ・ REDLIST Official Twitter: ・ REDLIST official LINE:

Details about this release:


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