Reelu Co., Ltd. Reelu, a video job hunting app, has participated in the “#Kigaeyo Job Hunting” project.

Reelu Co., Ltd.
Video job hunting app Reelu (participated in the “# Kigaeyo job hunting” project
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Reelu Co., Ltd. (Reading: Reel, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tamayu Konno, hereinafter Reelu participates in the “#Kigaeyo Job Hunting” project promoted by the co-creation community “Shin Shigoto Clothing Lab”. I did.
What is the co-creation community “Shin Shigoto Clothing Lab”? A community operated by Yofuku no Aoyama (Aoyama Trading Co., Ltd.) and corporate marketing support business NewsPicks Creations with the mission of “defining business wear 3.0”.
■ What is the “#Kigaeyo Job Hunting” project?
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The “#Kigaeyo Job Hunting” project is a social project of the co-creation community “Shin Shigoto Clothing Lab” for the purpose of solving the clothing issues of job hunting students. We aim to change job-hunting students’ “time to worry about job-hunting etiquette and unspoken rules” to “time to think about their future.”
As actions of supporting companies 1. Clothing designation at each recruitment stage and the reason 2. A questionnaire on the clothes actually worn by the prospective applicants was conducted on the “# Kigaeyo Job Hunting / Special Site (https://www.y-aoyama.
jp/kigaeyou-shukatsu/)” will help solve the problem of students worrying about job hunting etiquette and unspoken rules.
■ Background of participation in Reelu
Job hunting is the first step in your career. There are many students who really want to express themselves more and communicate honestly with people at companies, but they are worried that they are stuck in formality and form.
At Reelu, based on the voices of students and companies in the “Video Job Hunting App Reelu” that uses 15-second videos and 140-character chat, if both parties are in an environment where self-disclosure is easy, more essential encounters will be possible even at job hunting sites. I think it will lead to
Not only the clothes, but also the format of ES, the exchange of long emails, and the content of the interview. I participated this time because I would like to work with the project participants to think about and implement a way of employment that allows both students and companies to express themselves without being bound by formalities and customs.
What is the video job hunting app Reelu?
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The video job hunting app “Reelu” is a smartphone app for job hunting for new graduates. Students register their profiles on their smartphones and answer simple questions with videos within 15 seconds. In addition to the student’s basic attributes, companies can view a registered 15-second video and send a chat of up to 140 characters. The experience is optimized for Generation Z, who are familiar with short vertical videos such as TikTok and Instagram reels, and who communicate via chat instead of email.
Existing job hunting services mainly use text and photo information, but Reelu displays dynamic visual information such as the eyes, facial expressions, and appearance of the candidate who is actually speaking. Students and companies who actually did video job hunting at Reelu said, “Since I got an offer after watching the video, it was easy to talk to them because I thought they understood my personality during the interview.” Because I understood the atmosphere and atmosphere, it led to essential matching.” At Reelu, we would like to create a communication method that is truly meaningful for both parties through video job hunting.
Click here to register to use the app (students): * Currently closed version for corporate use, full-scale service is scheduled to be rolled out from February 2023
■Company Profile
・ Company name: Reelu Co., Ltd.
・Location: 8F, Aoyama Tower Place, 8-4-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo ・Established: April 1, 2022
・Representative Director: Tayuu Konno
・Corporate site:
・ Site for student users:
・Contact us here:
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