“Reiwa 4th Year Home Interior Coordination Contest” “Botanical Life” won the group’s first “Division Excellence Award”!

Polus Co., Ltd.
“Reiwa 4th Year Home Interior Coordination Contest” “Botanical Life” won the group’s first “Division Excellence Award”!
Porus Group Housing Material Center Co., Ltd.

Porus Group Co., Ltd. Housing Materials Center (Headquarters: Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Kojiro Nakauchi) Interior coordination work “Botanical Life” by Satomi Takashima, who belongs to the interior department, is “Reiwa 4 Received the Category Excellence Award in the Styling Category of the Fiscal Year Home Interior Coordination Contest (sponsored by the Interior Industry Association).
The award-winning work will be a model house of “Fre Best Asaka Honmachi Advanced Villa” by Porus Group Ojutsu Co., Ltd., where Takashima was in charge of interior coordination.
About “Home Interior Coordination Contest”
This contest rewards interior coordination that is full of insight into lifestyles and skillfully incorporates the times. Entries are invited in two fields: “Case field”, which covers construction and styling cases, and “Problem field”, which expects the spread of free ideas.
The award-winning “Case Field” consists of three categories: New Construction, Renovation, and Styling. Among them, the Styling category invites interior proposals for only living rooms and partial scenes.
From the Interior Industry Association website:
https://www.interior.or.jp/contest/coordination/coordination.html Introduction of award-winning works
“Botanical Life” Interior Coordinator: Satomi Takashima
[Outline of the work]
[Image 1

We coordinated the living room as a relaxing space that incorporates many plants and natural materials. In addition, from the perspective of sustainability, we have selected an interior that incorporates natural materials and allows you to enjoy the changes over time. Natural materials such as rattan and solid wood are combined for lighting and furniture. A sweet and salty mix of ethnic rugs and sofa benches with leather-like fabric accented with botanical cloth and deep green curtains. The layout was made with a sofa bench in mind to expand the living and dining room, and consideration was also given to relaxing on a rocking chair.
[Comment from Satomi Takashima, winner of the award]
It was my first time to challenge such a contest, but I am very happy that I was able to win the first challenge. With the cooperation of the designer, we decided on the image of the interior and then selected the interior color, so we were able to create the space that we had in mind. The interior is the final finishing touch to the building, and I feel that interior selection is very important. In the future, I would like to contribute to improving the design
capabilities of the Porus Group by coordinating even more
Introduction of “Frebest Asaka Honmachi Advanced Villa”
The award-winning work this time is a model house of “Frebest Asaka Honmachi Advanced Villa”, a 9-building subdivision in Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture. This subdivision is located in a convenient 14-minute walk from Asaka Station on the Tobu Tojo Line, which is a 17-minute direct ride to Ikebukuro. It was designed in an environment where you can. While proposing a “living where you can feel wood with your five senses,” the concept incorporates advanced technologies such as solar power generation, storage batteries, hybrid water heaters, IoT, and HEMS, creating a valuable lifestyle that is required in the present age. , the specifications are friendly to the environment. [Image 2d9436-136-425b5170f0981454e269-1.jpg&s3=9436-136-cddb2367759490c9aed8504094df2d7b-645x222.jpg
【Property Description】
Address: 1-chome, Honmachi, Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture
Access: 14-minute walk from Tobu Tojo Line “Asaka Station”
Structure: Two-story wooden structure (conventional construction method) Land area: 100.08 square meters to 118.96 square meters
Building area: 95.84 square meters to 115.89 square meters
Price: 63.9 million yen to 74.9 million yen

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