Release of beauty essence for hands Ongrace, a total aging care salon for hands and feet, will release “Conc entrate Serum”, a beauty essence for hands, from January 20 (Friday). Approach to winter dryness and lack of firmness of hand skin. A hand s

Pierce Co., Ltd. New Business Division
From January 20th (Friday), the hand and foot total aging care salon “Ongrace” will release a beauty essence for hands “Concentrate Serum”. Approach to winter dryness and lack of firmness of hand skin. A hand serum that changes the impression of your hands.

Total aging care salon for hands and feet “On Grace” (Pierce Co., Ltd. New Business Division Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) released “Concentrate Serum”, a new product that changes even the impression of your hands, on January 20 (Friday).
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Ongrace Concentrate Serum image
For “hands”, beauty essence for “hands”.
It is natural to “moisturize”. A hand serum that approaches aging concerns and gives firmness.
“On Grace” is a salon that provides “total aging care for hands and feet”. We have a lineup of products that not only beautifully color your fingertips, but also pursue the beauty of your hands, feet, and silhouette.
The newly released “Concentrate Serum” is a hand serum developed for customers who have aging problems such as dry hands due to winter dryness, lack of firmness, and dullness (* 1).
Hands, which are overworked in daily life, are constantly exposed to harsh environments, so skin care for hands is even more important than for the face.
Just like applying facial serum to your face, I want you to apply a “hand serum” to your hands. And I want to respond to the endless troubles of hand skin with effects.
The “Concentrate Serum”, which was completed based on such thoughts, not only protects your hands from dryness, but also keeps your hands moisturized from the moment you apply it to your hands. A hand serum that allows you to feel the skin.
Contains camphor extract (*2), which supports firmness and elasticity, and pecan shell extract (*3), which moisturizes and brightens the skin. I was also particular about the effect over time that can be obtained.
In addition, we pursued an easy-to-use feeling even in the busy lifestyle of modern people.
For daily hand care, diligent care that is applied every time you wash your hands is important. “Concentrate Serum” blends into your hands as soon as you apply it to your skin, and while it maintains moisture and freshness, it leaves a non-sticky and smooth finish. There is no discomfort even if you touch a PC or paper immediately. Since it is developed from a trial size that is convenient to carry around, you can use it anytime you notice it, regardless of the situation. Blended with essential oils such as geranium and lemongrass, it has a relaxing green floral scent that relaxes your mind every time you use it.
(*1) by drying
(*2) An extract extracted from the bark of the camphor tree native to subtropical regions.
(*3) An extract extracted from pecan nut seed shells.
Product Information/Product Features
Keeps your skin moisturized from the moment you use it,
By continuing to use it, you can feel the firmness of your hands. “Hand Skin Care Serum”
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Ongrace Concentrate Serum
New release on Friday, January 20
Ongrace Concentrate Serum
50g 4,400 yen (tax included) / Trial size 20g 2,200 yen (tax included) 1. Approach to firmness and elasticity of hand skin.
Formulated with “Kusunohagashiwa extract” (*2) that supports skin firmness and elasticity. Approaches aging problems such as lack of firmness of hands.
2. Moisturize your hands and bring out the brightness.
Contains “pecan shell extract” (*3), which is mainly composed of flavonoids, a type of polyphenol. By moisturizing the skin of the hands, it brings out the brightness of the skin.
3. You can choose the scene to use with a relaxing scent and a smooth texture. A blend of essential oils such as geranium and lemongrass is blended to create a relaxing green floral scent. With a non-sticky and smooth feeling, you can use it in any occasion.

how to use
Apply 2 pumps to the back of one hand, align the backs of the left and right hands, spread evenly from the back to the fingertips, and then massage into the skin. Use it as a special care in the morning and evening, just like your face skin care, or as a daily care during the day, depending on your lifestyle.

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What is “On Grace”?
A total aging care salon for hands and feet that pursues “healthy and beautiful adult hands and feet parts” from fingertips, hands and feet, and even their silhouettes.
We have developed a menu based on the concept of bringing out the beauty of the hands and feet themselves, which are prone to aging concerns, and further enhancing the nail color on the tip. Starting with the “Gentle Gel” menu that beautifully colors your nails without damaging them, “Aging Care for Hands” and “Aging Care for Elbows” that moisturize your hands to bring out a bright impression and create a sense of transparency, dry toes, There is also a full foot aging care menu that cares for parts that adults care about, such as dead skin on the soles and heels, and dark spots on the knees. We offer total care for your hands and feet beyond the realm of a “nail salon”.

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