Release of new Instagram/TikTok analysis function An analysis tool packed with know-how that has grown to an account with a total of 863,000 followers has been upgraded!

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[Release of new Instagram/TikTok analysis function] An analysis tool packed with know-how that has grown to an account with a total of 863,000 followers has been upgraded!

Bokensha Placole (Headquarters: Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, CEO: Koki Muto), which develops the “PLACOLE & DRESSY” brand, has a total of 863,000 followers and a total of more than 250 SNS operations and marketing achievements. We are pleased to inform you that we have released a new function of the analysis tool IGA, which utilizes the achievements of
“863,000 total followers of the company” and “cumulative SNS operation results of more than 250 companies”
As of January 2023, the SNS account operated by Placole has exceeded 863,000 total followers. The latest wedding trends such as wedding dresses, brides’ fitting reports, cutting-edge wedding ideas, etc. are posted daily in collaboration with article media, and are widely supported by women in their 20s and 30s. Since the release of @placole_dressy in January 2017, it has gained 110,000 followers in 2 years of operation. Currently, a total of 7 accounts such as sister accounts @weddingadviser, @farny_wedding, and @dressy_idea are in operation, and the short video platform TikTok has 160,000 followers as of January on its own account. We transmit various contents, accumulate know-how, and verbalize it. The total number of Instagram followers exceeds 310,000, and the total number of SNS followers exceeds 863,000.
An analysis tool full of know-how has been upgraded!
Under such circumstances, one of the challenges of operating SNS in companies is the labor environment, such as “I can’t avoid time because I work concurrently with other work” and “I operate out of hours”. etc. The Instagram/TikTok analysis tool “IGAnalytics” developed by Bokensha Placole can solve these problems. The new functions released this time can be used to rebuild the direction of the current account, and the company’s own operational know-how can be accumulated, which can be used for future operations.The second point is business efficiency. We have released a function that leads to change.
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Do you have any of these problems while using SNS?
“I can’t see the effect of account management”
“I can’t see the effect of account management”
“I don’t know how things go wrong”
“I don’t know what to do” “I don’t have enough time”
[Consultation form]
Official website:
*The person in charge will contact you. Please feel free to contact us. Instagram, TikTok analysis tool “IGAnalytics”
As of January 2023, more than 800 posts on Instagram with brand hashtags such as #Placole #DRESSYBride are uploaded on average per day, and the total number of posts exceeds 1.5 million. These numbers represent the high level of user awareness of participating in Pla-cole and Dressy. Pla-cole’s strength lies not only in the one-way distribution of information, but also in the formation of a community that unites with users, and it is possible to thoroughly verify the effect until the number of followers increases. We specialize in account development for the wedding industry, and support from account launch to follower count and engagement improvement with a dedicated person in charge.
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Placole, which develops SNS marketing business, has released “IG Analytics” to support bridal companies who are having trouble with SNS operations more than ever. And in order to make more Instagram accounts cute and stylish, and to use SNS to aim for an era where we can attract customers from graduated flowers, we have increased the use of “hashtag automatic extraction function” and Instagram for business. Therefore, we released a “file data storage function” that can be used indefinitely and a new function “TikTok analysis function”. TikTok is also attracting a lot of attention as a marketing platform. It is an analysis function that can easily lead to the growth of the account because it can grasp the tendency such as which distribution video has a good response.
[Overview of IG Analytics]
Start plan (10,000 yen per month): 1 ID registration account. Using the “post analysis function”, it is possible to collect follower trends of your own account and analyze posted content.
Basic plan (50,000 yen per month): 5 ID registration accounts. In addition to the above, benchmark comparison for 10 accounts is possible. Using the “strategy creation function”, it is possible to create content for posting strategies based on the results. In addition, monthly trends such as how to use Instagram and know-how and knowledge are distributed. You can use the “hashtag automatic extraction function”, the “file data storage function” that can be used indefinitely, and the “TikTok analysis function” released this time.
Consulting plan (from 250,000 per month): In addition to the above, support from account launch to improvement of follower count and engagement with a dedicated person in charge. From content creation to daily posting work and monthly meetings. It is a tool that visualizes the successful know-how of operating more than 90 accounts for 60 companies and our own media. We provide analysis tools to maximize Instagram operational efficiency for bridal companies. In addition to Instagram feeds, we also have plans that specialize in TikTok short videos that are currently attracting attention.

PLACOLE&DRESSY brand story
Magical in life PLACOLE (planning collection)
-For diverse personalities-
-Gives a sparkle-
-Magic words that sparkle with individuality-
PLACOLE & DRESSY “Magic words that sparkle with individuality” A luxury brand from the ancient city of Kamakura, founded with the theme of “casting 100 ways to cast 100 ways to sparkle the lives of 100 people”. Operates a fashion media that disseminates cutting-edge and valuable items centered on wedding dresses. Original items with dress and flower motifs, such as jewelry, accessories, tableware, tea, etc., are creative ideas that break through common sense while respecting the tradition of wedding dresses, with the desire to add a little sparkle to everyday life. It is a product that is produced
wholeheartedly with the highest quality.
This month’s cover
■January issue cover
Cover model: Artist Sakurako Ohara
Feature article [Image 3

Adventure company plastic collection adventure diary
Boukensha Placole was established on November 2, 2015, and was the first company in the bridal industry to launch a “chat service,” and is currently expanding the service nationwide. As a “web chat platform” that connects with planners on the web, it has spread mainly through SNS and word of mouth, and as of October 2022, the number of registered members is 120,000. broke through the group.
Specifically, couples start with a wedding diagnosis instead of searching for a wedding venue. AI analyzes the diagnosis results, distributes information, learns the couple’s reactions and actions to it, and redistributes optimized information. In addition, if you have a problem that cannot be solved by AI, you can ask questions and consult directly with local advisors living all over the country and wedding planners who belong to more than 2230 wedding halls. In “PLACOLE WEDDING” where all troubles can be solved with one chat, 50% of users use only PLACOLE WEDDING without using other media, and more than 70% of users want to recommend to friends according to NPS survey I answered. Surprisingly, the management side has become a service that receives many “thank you” voices every day.
As of October 2022, more than 4,000 couples have registered as new members per month, more than 2,230 wedding planners have registered, and the number of venues has exceeded 1,750, making it the first chat communication media in the bridal industry. is established. The total number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, which are officially operated, has exceeded 800,000. We also operate our own media “DRESSY” and “Beautiful Bride Encyclopedia farny”, and the total number of PV exceeds 2.6 million monthly PV! We are also developing a mail-order site “DRESSYONLINE” where you can purchase luxury wedding dresses at up to 90% off. As of October 2022, the cumulative number of downloads of the bride app “PLACOLE & DRESSY │ Placole & Dressy”, which summarizes the above services and other information and services related to weddings, has exceeded 210,000.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Bokensha Placole
Location: JR Yokohama Tower 21F, 1-1-1 Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Established: November 2, 2015
Representative Director and CEO: Koki Muto
Business content
“PLACOLE & DRESSY” brand business
“DRESSY ROOM & Tea” cafe/shop business
“ViKet Town” business tool (2D metaverse) business
Bokensha Placole is headquartered in “ViKet Town” (metaverse space), where you can work in the same space and time with colleagues around the world, whether it’s at the office, at home, in Hokkaido, Hawaii, or Paris. is. By eliminating restrictions on commuting time and place of residence, we are a company that aims for a “free future” that increases life options.
We are also focusing on offline environments and businesses, and in January 2022, we will open a base office at JR Yokohama Tower. In March 2022, DRESSY ROOM (a space store that casts magic on women) will open its second store in Yokohama and Kamakura, a flower, dress and tea shop DRESSY ROOM & Tea. We will expand nationwide and all over the world, and develop services that are loved all over the world from Yokohama to the world.
[List of in-house services]
◎ Beautiful bride picture book farny
◎ViKet Town
◎IG analytics
[Management SNS]
Instagram: @placole_dressy
Instagram: @farny_wedding
Instagram: @wedding_adviser
Instagram: @dressy_idea
Instagram: @dressyonline_
Instagram: @dressyroom_tea
TikTok: @placole_dressy
TikTok: @dressy_online
TikTok: @placole.hanayomereport
TikTok: @placolewedding
TikTok: @placole_music_
TikTok: @dressyroom_tea
Twitter: @placole_dressy
YouTube: DRESSY ROOM & Tea

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