Released “AI store visual analysis function” that can simulate user’s line of sight with Repro’s app store optimization tool

Released “AI store visual analysis function” that can simulate user’s line of sight with Repro’s app store optimization tool
Identify areas for improvement by visualizing the order and areas that users pay attention to

ASO (App Store Optimization) tool “ASO Insight” provided by Repro Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which provides the CE (customer engagement) platform “Repro” with a track record of over 7,300 installations in 66 countries around the world. As a new function, we have released the “AI store visual analysis function” that can lead to improvements by simulating the user’s line of sight in creatives (screenshots and store pages) in the app store. [Image 1d13569-213-d79480285847b583002e-5.jpg&s3=13569-213-c5893f6af8d2761c988b1c92e25607a2-1280x670.jpg
■ Importance and issues of creative improvement in ASO
ASO refers to measures that combine two measures: an increase in organic inflows (SEO) by increasing the search ranking of the app store and an increase in the download rate by optimizing the app detail page (CRO).
ASO tends to be thought of as the app version of web SEO (search engine optimization), and there is a tendency to focus only on keyword measures to obtain high rankings in app store search rankings. However, both users who came across your app through search and users who came across your app through advertisements make decisions about whether to download (DL) from the app store landing page. Optimizing creatives is an essential measure to improve the rate and number of downloads, and also contributes to lowering CPI via advertising. No matter how much the number of users visiting the app detail page is increased by strengthening keyword measures, there are discrepancies with advertising information, inconsistent appeals, and attractiveness when lined up with competing apps in the search results list. It is also possible that it is not connected to DL for reasons such as lacking.
[Image 2d13569-213-fc5da232476323e59c05-1.jpg&s3=13569-213-24ae3234f657177b7fb5ac52bf7bb4e9-800x307.jpg
▲ The overall picture of app marketing, including attracting customers. Since the download rate from natural inflow is also a factor that determines search rankings, measures that include CRO are important.
[Image 3d13569-213-708d3e1c2daeaa207c3c-0.jpg&s3=13569-213-56a99d1c10c15d65daca4f5eb58c76d3-800x570.jpg
▲ Among them, screenshots (= creative) are displayed in the first view of both the search results list and the app detail page, so it is very important for both the transition rate to the app detail page (CTR) and the app DL rate (CVR). become an important factor for improvement On the other hand, creative improvement requires specialized knowledge related to design.
In addition to the fact that it is difficult to separate the evaluation from the individual’s subjectivity and the difficulty of giving a theoretical explanation to others, there are many items that need to be considered, such as what points and data should be focused on for improvement. .
■ Overview of AI store visual analysis function
“AI Store Visual Analysis Function” is a function that can analyze and evaluate how screenshots in the app store and the first view of the app detail page appear to users.
By simply uploading an image, you can visualize which part the user gazes at and in what order. By simulating the user’s line of sight, it is possible to improve the creative by suppressing the points of attention.
By realizing the design of the app store page that attracts the user’s attention and is easy to accept, it contributes to the improvement of the download rate and number.
[Image 4d13569-213-9221246053ae63347622-3.jpg&s3=13569-213-195bc79782c61531b172d6b95ecd20f3-800x416.jpg
▲ “AI store visual analysis function” screen. Just by uploading an image, you can see which part the user is looking at and in what order ■ Use case
1. Improved screenshots
Analyze whether the point you want to appeal in the creative is in the user’s line of sight, whether the arrangement of elements is appropriate, etc., and connect it to improvement.
[Image 5d13569-213-15a6c8e53d48d278d154-4.jpg&s3=13569-213-c3b8c31d62b431dfca35dc3609dea690-800x416.jpg
2. Improved appearance in the search results list
It is also possible to analyze how the user sees when lined up with competing apps in the search results of the app store.
In addition to screenshots that attract attention to your company’s app, it will lead to improvements of various elements.
[Image 6d13569-213-d1d4dc4aacfddd2e6a81-2.jpg&s3=13569-213-9cd26a18e066f6defa8e885073a6ae95-800x410.jpg
*This function was jointly developed with Usagi Co., Ltd., which provides “line-of-sight simulation AI”, as a simulation function specialized for app stores.
About ASO Insight
“ASO Insight”, which was officially launched in November 2020, is an ASO support tool that allows even marketers with little knowledge of ASO (app store optimization) to immediately take ASO measures like those performed by experts. am. We provide functions focusing on the implementation of ASO measures and the simplification and automation of effect measurement.
Based on a unique algorithm that incorporates the knowledge of ASO experts from “Repro”, which boasts a track record of supporting over 7,300 applications and websites worldwide, you can receive suggestions for keywords that should be addressed with a single click. (Patented) This is a very useful service for companies that do not have the resources or know-how to devote to ASO.
Product overview of “ASO Insight”: About Repro
Repro provides a CE (Customer Engagement) platform “Repro” that enables engagement marketing to strengthen the connection and relationship between companies and customers. Utilizing all the data held by companies, it enables communication with the optimum timing, content, and channel for each customer.
We will contribute to the creation of a future where unnecessary communication from companies is eliminated, the world is full of products and services from the customer’s point of view, and each customer can lead a comfortable life.
Company name: Repro Co., Ltd.
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Established: April 2014
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