Released “checksheet(R)”, a business support platform that reduces man-hours required for security checks by 50%, and started recruiting free trials

Released “checksheet(R)”, a business support platform that reduces man-hours required for security checks by 50%, and started recruiting free trials
Released “checksheet(R)”, a cloud service that enables centralized management of security check sheets, communication necessary for the progress of security check operations, and examination history.
ZEROBILLBANK JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Junichi Horiguchi,, hereinafter referred to as ZBB) has launched a platform service “checksheet ( R)” (hereinafter referred to as checksheet) has been released and a free trial has been provided.
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■ About checksheets
“checksheet” enables centralized management of all information related to security check operations, such as management of check sheet templates used for security checks, security check review status management, and communication including questions from respondents. . ■ Problems that checksheet solves and how to solve them
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Security checks are performed for the purpose of checking the security status when using cloud services or accepting external vendors as necessary in the course of the project.
The person in charge of security checks receives check sheets that summarize check items from the entire company, asks questions about the contents of each check item, and manages and updates check sheets for each application.
The period required from the receipt of the check sheet to the completion of the check is often a long period of about 1 to 2 months. Since it is necessary to follow the past history each time, the workload tends to be extremely high.
The person in charge of the check and the person in charge of the application/response communicate based on individual messages and files, so the progress of the check is only known between the people in charge. increase.
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ZEROBILLBANK has released “checksheet”, a security check sheet cloud service that reduces work man-hours by 50% by improving the efficiency of communication costs and resolving the dependence on security check work.
■ Functions provided by checksheet
The checksheet provides the following functions.
Security check sheet custom template management
Creation and application of a check sheet using a template as a template Privilege management
status management
chat communication
Attachment management
Sharing features for external parties
■ Security check sheet custom template management
We will provide a function to upload the template of the check sheet currently in use and edit and manage it as a template to be used in the checksheet.
■ Creation and application of a check sheet using a template as a template Create a check sheet based on the created template, and make it possible to answer each question in the check sheet and apply for a review request after completing the answers.
■ Privilege management
For each application, it is possible to manage users according to their response authority and response review authority, so that all members related to the review can confirm one review in common. ■ Status management
It is possible to manage the status that indicates the progress of each application.
 The status can be viewed by all users with reference authority for each application, making it possible to make the status, which until now could only be understood by the person in charge, transparent. ■ Chat communication
Each application has a separate communication area, enabling all related members to communicate with each other.
As a result, it will be possible to centrally manage communications that used to be confirmed from past e-mail histories, etc., and it will be possible to prevent individualization of each application by allowing all related members to refer to it.
■ Attachment management
For each application, it is possible to attach a file that describes the purpose of the application.
As with chat communication, this enables quick file access without going back to past history, and allows all related members to access files related to the application at any time.
■ Sharing function for external parties
 The answers to the check items for each application can be shared externally, enabling direct input not only by related members of the company but also by service providers and external vendors.
■ Inquiries about free trial
We will inform you about the trial version only for those who have applied from the special form ( by February 28, 2023 (Tuesday).
* Please note that if there are many applications, we may ask you to refrain from participating in our lottery.
■ Precautions
 The following people may be asked to refrain from participating at our discretion. Thank you for your understanding.
Companies that provide competing products and services, companies in the same industry, and their group companies and related companies Individuals and sole proprietors
Participants from overseas
Companies with no base of operations in Japan
Other companies and individuals that our company deems inappropriate ■ About ZEROBILLBANK JAPAN Co., Ltd.
ZEROBILLBANK JAPAN Co., Ltd. develops and provides the data management platform “ZBB CORE” for enterprises. ZBB CORE utilizes advanced technologies such as the cloud, IoT, and blockchain to become a personal data management platform for strengthening privacy
governance, and solves personal data management issues in a
co-creation environment. With the mission of “Make a big stage”, ZEROBILLBANK actively utilizes advanced technology, supports DX, supports the construction of privacy governance in cooperation with BSI, creates new corporate collaboration, and updates the existing value chain. , through activities that transform the industrial structure itself, we will lead the creation of a large industry. In addition, in August 2021, ZEROBILLBANK became the first Japanese company to obtain ISO/IEC 27701 (privacy information management) certification. We intend to use the knowledge and experience we have gained through this certification to help our customers solve their problems. Please contact us as a partner to solve security and privacy issues in DX.
Location: Aoyama Tower Place 8F, 8-4-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: March 14, 2016
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