Released today BL exceeding 1.4 million copies in total! Comics “Lala’s Marriage 5” (Author: Tameko) Released today, January 19!

Libre Co., Ltd.
[Released today] BL exceeding 1.4 million copies in total! Comics “Lala’s Marriage 5” (Author: Tameko) Released today, January 19! Full of bookstore benefits, including Animate paid benefits!
Libre Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Toshiko Ota) will release the comic “Lala’s Marriage 5” on January 19, 2023.
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Photographic & basic information
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“Lala’s Marriage 5”
Written by: Tamekou
ISBN: 978-4-7997-6080-2
Body price: 823 yen (tax included)
B6 size
“You wanted to take good care of him, didn’t you?” Soon after Urji and Ramdan returned to the Burkteen household, Burkut found out that Ramdan was a man. Burkut is furious at the two who have no
explanation. Uruji is forced to make a choice in front of his lover and family inheritance. On the other hand, Ramdan, who was afraid that the Burkteen family would fall apart because of him, made a decision? A strange story of a foreign bride’s marriage, the fifth volume is a secret story about the night on the way home.
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Benefit information
Plenty of benefits for paper and electronic bookstores!
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Comes with a 12-page booklet containing a newly drawn manga
List price: ¥ 1,153 (tax included)
[Comic ¥823 (tax included) + booklet ¥330 (tax included)]
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4P leaflet with newly drawn manga & foil-processed illustration card ★Click here to purchase★ [Toranoana]
4P leaflet with newly drawn manga
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Drawn manga paper
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Lala’s Marriage Electronic Volume 1 Free!
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〇 E-book campaign information
To commemorate the release of “Lara’s Marriage 5”, “Lara’s Marriage 1” is now available for free with a viewing period!
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* The implementation of the campaign differs for each e-book site. Please check each site for details.
*This is a limited-time campaign. (The campaign may end without notice.) Try reading the beginning of the latest issue!
Finally, Burkt, the father, finds out that Ramdan is a man!
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The continuation to be worried about is “Lala’s Marriage 5”! Win special goods drawn by Tameko and hand-printed! Twitter campaign held [Image 13d22435-635-c38a4bbe50a19bac33fe-11.jpg&s3=22435-635-760f972ec325b58b17b8467bad2050ec-1280x720.jpg
In commemoration of the release of the new book, we are holding a gift project of special goods using illustrations drawn by Mr. Tameko and postcards with autographed illustrations.
Completed applying for the campaign tweet with RT!
The details of the application and the working video of Mr. Tameko are also available on the B-Boy editorial department Twitter!
For details, please check the B-Boy editorial department account.
Official Twitter & website
● Comics “Lara’s Marriage 5” special page
Tameko-sensei Twitter
●B-Boy Editorial Department Twitter
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About Libre Co., Ltd.
“I want to deliver dreams, hopes and healing to girls all over the world.” We believe that it is our mission to deliver dreams and hopes to all those who have the heart of Otome all over the world through content, and we will continue to evolve day by day.

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