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[Survey report] We asked 500 people! How to buy manga and when to buy new ones Investigate how to buy manga and recommended ways to buy

“Manga Select Navi” ( operated by Reload Mind Co., Ltd. ( is a A
questionnaire survey (January 2023) was conducted for 500 people. ■Survey overview
・Survey period: January 2023
・Research method: Internet research
・ Survey target: Those who have purchased manga
・ Number of people surveyed: 500 people
*When citing the results of this survey, be sure to use the URL of “Manga Select Navi” (
42.8% of all purchases made at stores

[Table 5: ]

In a survey on how people buy manga, it was found that more than 40% of all purchases were made at bookstores and convenience stores. More than 70% of the respondents answered that they want to be able to research multiple manga and consider new ones as their reason for purchasing manga at stores.
On the other hand, more than 30% of respondents said they would buy e-books. You can expect to purchase based on popularity rankings, author information, reviews, etc. of your favorite e-books and apps. Reasons to buy at bookstores, convenience stores, etc.

[Table 6: ]
The number one reason for purchasing at bookstores and convenience stores is “Because you can research multiple manga (70.28%)”. Many people commented on the merits of being able to compare and research multiple comics at a glance, as well as parts that are difficult to imagine from information on the Internet and SNS alone. In addition, the next most common answer (13.21%) is that they want to keep paper comics at hand, and they say that they buy them at stores to save and store them.
It is characterized by the fact that some readers keep both e-books and paper comics.
Reasons to buy e-books
[Table 7: ]

The number one reason for purchasing manga in e-book format is “to easily read manga as many times as you want” (57.74%).
You can also read manga on your smartphone or tablet, so you can expect to choose the advantage of being able to enjoy it quickly during your train commute, lunch break, or just before going to bed. In addition, many readers choose the unique features of e-books, such as free trial readings and limited-time discount coupons.
Time and timing to buy new manga
[Table 8: ]
This is the result of a questionnaire survey on when to purchase a new serialized manga when it is released.
Although it depends on the release status of the work, the result was that the most purchases were made within a week (33.6%). If you buy it online, you can make a reservation for the release date, but it can be expected that you will purchase it early within a week due to schedules.
Furthermore, if you buy e-books or buy online, you can use discount coupons and campaigns, so there are quite a few readers who are conscious of “buying more economically than new releases”.
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