Renault Japon Co., Ltd. Introducing the last model Megane R.S. ULTIME bearing the name of Renault Sport in Japan

Renault Japon Co., Ltd.
Introduced the last model named Megane R.S. ULTIME in Japan

Renault Japon Co., Ltd. (Location: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Junpei Ogawa) is the last company that bears the name of Renault Sport, which has been responsible for the development of Renault sports models and activities in the motor sports field. We will introduce the model limited edition Megane R.S. Ultime to Japan this year. The number of units sold in Japan, specifications, prices, etc. will be announced at the time of the announcement.
 Mégane R.S. Ultim will be sold in 1976 units worldwide, in honor of Renault Sport’s founding in 1976.
On January 11, 2023 (French time), the actual Megane R.S. Ultim digitally announced by Renault will be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 Renault booth for the first time in the world. Further details regarding the sale of the Mégane R.S. Ultim will be announced this spring.


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