Report Ocean Report Ocean Press Release We have conducted a survey to understand the state of the sustainable personal care market in 2022.

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[Report Ocean Press Release] We have conducted a survey to understand the state of the sustainable personal care market in 2022.

North America dominates the global sustainable personal care market, and this trend is expected to continue.
Survey overview:
Survey period: September 10th to December 15th, 2022
Research agency :
Survey contractor: Report Ocean Co., Ltd.
In-house survey
Surveyed: The survey was conducted with 890 leaders from organizations of all sizes around the world.
Number of valid responses: (890 people)
Survey method: Telephone survey of 300 people, Internet survey of 590 people Survey Respondents: The survey was conducted across companies based on revenue. [Image 1d67400-5970-c407a2a3b54b8415c04a-0.jpg&s3=67400-5970-75f426bdfa5fdf2de058d8fc5e9b4a5d-2700x1800.jpg
Investigation result :
Q: How is the sustainable personal care market segmented by nature? By nature, the market is segmented into organic and natural/green. By nature, the organic segment will contribute the most to the market size in 2022. This is largely due to increased consumer demand for pesticide-free, clean-label and natural products.
[Image 2d67400-5970-f6b586772be9a13cbce4-1.jpg&s3=67400-5970-7afc6af31510cb65f1ff74ca3c03d6b1-2700x1800.jpg
Question: How is the Sustainable Personal Care market segmented by type? By type, it is classified into skin care, hair care, oral care, sanitary products, and others. By type, skin care products lead the segment. Skin care products play an important role in human behavior. Everyone wants to maintain healthy, glowing skin for an attractive appearance. Skin care products such as serums, moisturizers, exfoliants, body lotions, and eye creams help us maintain healthy, glowing skin. Additionally, sustainable skin care products are made with natural and organic ingredients that have minimal or no side effects on human health or the environment.
[Image 3d67400-5970-658e86590a166275aa7e-2.jpg&s3=67400-5970-93617d371abdd671c48337a3220aa61d-2700x1800.jpg
Q: What is the preferred distribution channel for the sustainable personal care market?
By sales channel, it is segmented into hypermarkets/supermarkets, specialty retailers, online retailers, and others. By sales channel, online retailers dominate the market. With the increasing adoption of e-commerce sites in developing regions and the increasing number of offers and discounts offered by these sites, end-users such as home consumers and institutional I’m getting to buy personal care. [Image 4d67400-5970-1ac21c9d4f207af7a2e5-3.jpg&s3=67400-5970-1979e57a0cf3928da10bd360d1ebc0af-2700x1800.jpg
Q: What are the key factors driving the Sustainable Personal Care market? Our organic, sustainable personal care products are free of
pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and are made from plant ingredients grown in genetically modified organism (GMO)-free soils. These factors drive the growth of the sustainable personal care market through the organic segment during the forecast period.
In addition, electronic trading platforms are expanding their customer base and, as a result, becoming an important source of revenue for many businesses. In addition, the number of Internet-enabled mobile users in emerging markets is growing rapidly, and the e-commerce sector is expected to continue expanding.
Survey conclusions:
Consumer health and wellness awareness continues to grow, requiring manufacturers to focus on continuous product innovation with new ingredients and additional health benefits to gain market share. The increasing use of sustainable ingredients in hair care, skin care, oral care, and hygiene products has increased the demand for sustainable personal care products. Manufacturers of sustainable personal care products also focus on producing quality natural products with beneficial properties for health.
North America dominates the global sustainable personal care market due to high consumer spending power on quality sustainable personal care products in countries such as the United States and Canada. Europe is one of the market-leading regions due to consumer awareness of ingredients and sustainable personal care products.
Overall, the sustainable personal care industry is stronger than other personal care products, showing that the wellness narrative impacts certain categories.
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