Report on #15 Rei Shimatani joining the team

Levanga Hokkaido
Report on #15 Rei Shimatani joining the team

Thank you for always supporting Zenryoku to Levanga Hokkaido. On January 16th, we announced the joining of Levanga Hokkaido as a special designated player for the 2022-23 season in early January, and we held a press conference for #15 Rei Shimatani. .
You can see Shimatani player profile from here▼
#15 Rei Shimatani player comment
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“This time, I am Ren Shimatani, who has joined the team as a special designated player. Thank you very much.”
■You have already made your debut in an official match, but what did you feel when you scored your first goal and stood on the stage of the B League?
What I felt as a challenge is how to put out my own play.
Among the games I have played, the pressure from the defense and the presence of foreign players on the court are different from the categories I have played in so far.
In the offense, I wanted to create goals for my teammates with assists from pick-and-rolls and kick-outs from drives. , I feel as a challenge. I felt that if I could show my performance well, I would be able to compete on the professional stage, so I would like to prepare well during practice so that I can perform well in matches.
How I started playing basketball
I started playing basketball because my father and older sister played it, and I had many opportunities to play basketball since I was little.
Since it is a team sport, I was fascinated by the fact that we cooperated as a team rather than relying on the power of one person, leading to victory and scoring.
■What kind of player do you want to be, and what is your vision for the future? As long as I am in the B League, I would like to be a player who is active and attracts attention. increase.
■It’s been a while since you joined the team, but what do you think of Levanga Hokkaido now?
I think it’s a team with offensive power.
I have the impression that there are many offensive players, both foreign and Japanese, and my role is to control the game. I want to ■ Impression of the team
Hashimoto and Terazono are hot players, so we practice in a good atmosphere. It’s something I didn’t understand before joining the team, so I’m learning. ■Please tell us about your strengths, if there are any plays that you would like people to see.
In defense, I would like you to focus on applying pressure from the front, while in offense, I would like you to focus on game control and assists that produce goals for teammates.
Also, I’m confident in my speed, but I haven’t had many actual matches yet, so I’d like to challenge myself and see how far I can go. [Image 2d35536-123-71bf1761ec21fae85a15-2.jpg&s3=35536-123-20a65f5df41276098dcab6c0a84ead19-3900x2601.jpg
■ About playing locally
I’m happy to be able to play in my hometown Hokkaido, and I know a lot of people, so I’m looking forward to playing in front of the fans and boosters at my home arena.
I hope that many people will come to the venue to watch the basketball game. ■ Interests other than basketball
I like watching baseball games, and I also research baseball information. I support the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, so I definitely want to visit the new stadium during the off-season.
Reason for choosing number 15
I chose the number given to me by my university.
This number was given by Tanto Uchida, who was a senior in junior high school, high school, and university.
I respect Uchida’s leadership and other human qualities, and when I joined this special designation, I received a congratulatory message saying “Congratulations”.
(Tatsuto Uchida: 2019-21 season Levanga Hokkaido affiliation / current Aomori Watts affiliation)
■What would you like to be called by your fans and boosters? My teammates call me “Shima”, but I would be happy if they called me “Ren” or “Shimaren”.
[Image 3d35536-123-aad3247317f07fd0ac61-0.jpg&s3=35536-123-b0b0b2308736a3dd1f1f9c01ad4f738e-3900x2600.jpg
Takahiko Kiyonaga GM comment
“For the 2022-23 season, we have decided to welcome Rei Shimatani to the team as a specially designated player.
One of his characteristics and traits is that he can defend hard from his strong legs.
I think it fits the team’s goal of “basketball that runs fast from defense”. In terms of offense, he is not flashy in a good way, but he is a smart player with a high basketball IQ, and is a type of point guard who uses his surroundings to control.
He’s a different type of point guard than the players I’m currently playing with, so I’m sure he’ll be a great help to the team in the future.
I would like him to get used to the speed of the pros and play with foreign players as soon as possible, and I hope that this will lead to his own growth and contribution to the team.
Everyone, please support Shimatani player. ”
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