Resort Trust Co., Ltd. “The 26th Resort Trust Cocktail Competition” held for the first time in 3 years 5 award-winning works will be offered for a limited time at the “ Cocktail Fair ”

Resorttrust Co., Ltd.
The 26th Resorttrust Cocktail Contest held for the first time in 3 years 5 award-winning works will be offered for a limited time at the ‘Cocktail Fair’

 Resort Trust Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; President: Yuki Fushimi; hereinafter “Resort Trust”) held the “26th Resort Trust Cocktail Competition” on December 1 (Thursday). The 5 original cocktails that won the competition will be offered at the “Cocktail Fair” held at the target hotel.
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Grand Prize “Pua Melia” (The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama / Written by Saieko Yao)
In order to grow sustainably together with society, the Resorttrust Group has identified “skills and career development” as one of the group’s key management issues (materiality). We actively support growth.
At the hotel, various competitions such as “Young Chef Competition”, “Sommelier Competition”, and “Receptionist Competition” are held. By competing with each other, we aim to further improve our service capabilities and always aim to provide the best customer service. In addition, we are working to foster a corporate culture by implementing the hotel business reward system “THE STAR PROGRAM” and the “Excellent Staff Award” that praise the diverse activities of each staff member. About the 26th Resorttrust Cocktail Competition
The Resorttrust Cocktail Competition is an in-house competition that has been held since 1995 with the aim of improving the technical skills and service capabilities of hotel staff and increasing their motivation. This time, which was held for the first time in three years due to the corona wreck, it was the first time in the history of the cocktail competition that it was conducted using an online judging method.
The 26th theme is “Hawaiian Tropical”. Of the 72 works (professional division, non-alcoholic division*) gathered from all over the country, 9 people who passed the first screening faced the final screening and competed with each other.
In the final judging, “Creative power” and “Expressiveness through presentation” are emphasized, and a rigorous judging by 5 external judges including Mr. Kazuya Watanabe (Honorary Advisor of the Japan Hotel Bar Men’s Association), chairman of the judging committee. As a result of judging, the award-winning works were decided.
*Professional Category: Category that creates original cocktails from four types of spirits: gin, vodka, rum, and tequila
Non-alcoholic category: Category for creating non-alcoholic cocktails using one or more types of Monin syrup
“The 26th Resort Trust Cocktail Contest” Award Results
-Best work “President’s Award”-
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The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama / Ayako Yao
Vodka Base: Absolut Eryx
Cocktail name: “Pua Melia”
The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama / Saieko Yao
Provided at: The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama
“The Kahala Lounge”
Offer period: December 9, 2022 (Friday) to April 28, 2023 (Friday) ~Thoughts in Cocktails~
“Flowers wishing happiness for loved ones” Plumeria
Think about the aloha spirit contained in the five petals… Please enjoy it with your loved ones who want to convey your blessings and gratitude.

-Professional Category Grand Prize (By Base)-
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“‘Lea’ ~Lots of Rare Spaces~” (XIV Arima Rikyu / Written by Naho Ozaki) Ram Base: Bacardi Eight
Cocktail name ““Lea” ~Lots of rare spaces~”
XIV Arima Imperial Villa / Naho Ozaki
Location: XIV Arima Rikyu “Bar”
Offer period: January 5, 2023 (Thursday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday) ~Thoughts in Cocktails~
[Lea] means “joy” and “happiness” in Hawaiian.
While enjoying the tropical mood in a premium space called a bar, A cup that you want to feel a special (rare) and happy (Lea) moment with your loved ones.
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“Coco Aloha ~Connecting the Future~” (Yokohama Baycourt Club/Written by Yuki Ito)
Tequila base: Don Julio Blanco
Cocktail name “Coco Aloha ~Connecting Future~”
Yokohama Baycourt Club/Yuki Ito
Location: Yokohama Baycourt Club “Madison Lounge”
Offer period: January 20, 2023 (Friday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday) ~Thoughts in Cocktails~
Based on premium tequila “Don Julio Blanco”,
Original tropical cocktail with guava and hibiscus.
We created it with the hope that it will be a cup that will lead to a sustainable future.
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“PassioNalu ~Joy of being healed by nostalgia~” (XIV Tateshina/Written by Rei Kaneko)
Gin base: Six (Roku)
Cocktail name “PassioNalu ~ Joy of Nostalgia ~”
XIV Tateshina/Rei Kaneko
Location: XIV Tateshina Lounge & Bar “Dolce”
Offer period: January 01, 2023 (Sunday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) ~Thoughts in Cocktails~
The scent of the sea and flowers… A nostalgic and exciting scenery At the end of the day, in a glass swaying in one hand, a cheerful Hawaiian wave (Nalu) carries a moment of passion
“The joy of being healed by nostalgia” like the waves that come and go… -Non-alcohol category Best Award-
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“Hekisai -AOSAI-” (XIV Kyoto Yase Rikyu/Written by Yuzuki Sasaki) Cocktail name “AOSAI-”
XIV Kyoto Yase Rikyu / Yuzuki Sasaki
Provided at: XIV Kyoto Yase Rikyu Japanese restaurant “Kyoto Kareki” Offer period: January 1, 2023 (Sunday) to September 30, 2023 (Saturday) ~Thoughts in Cocktails~
Blue inspired by the sea of ​​Hawaii.
Finally, we combined Hawaii and Japan with Kaho Shiso, which gives a flower to Japanese cuisine.
*The offer period is subject to change.
*A “cocktail fair” will be held at each hotel where the winners are enrolled. Target hotels: Yokohama Baycourt Club, The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama, XIV Tateshina,
XIV Kyoto Yase Rikyu, XIV Arima Rikyu
*Please make a reservation in advance when using the Baycourt Club or XIV bar. A separate hotel membership is required to stay at the hotel. (Yokohama Baycourt Club is a membership hotel, so a hotel membership is required to use the bar).
[General review by Judge Kazuya Watanabe (Honorary Advisor of the Japan Hotel Bar Men’s Association)]
No other company has held cocktail competitions 26 times on its own. I think it was difficult to hold the event during the corona crisis, but it is encouraging for the bartenders to be able to hold the competition. It was online, but I was able to judge happily. Our efforts to develop human resources
We believe that human resources are essential management capital for the sustainable growth of the Resorttrust Group.
We will continue to provide opportunities to support the growth of each and every employee, and strive to create an environment in which everyone can fully demonstrate their abilities and work
enthusiastically and with a sense of purpose.
・Holding various in-house competitions
As part of further service improvement and staff skill up,
We hold in-house competitions such as “Young Chef Competition”, “Sommelier Competition”, “Kikizake Competition”, “Service
Competition”, and “Receptionist Competition”.
・ Hotel staff reward system “THE STAR PROGRAM”, “Excellent Staff Award” THE STAR PROGRAM … Contest items (“Best Smile,” “Best Greeting,” “Best Hospitality,” and “Best Passion”) are set every quarter, and the staff with the highest degree of contribution to the item are voted within the facility. A system to select and award.
Excellent Staff Award …A system that rewards staff who have
contributed to the improvement of ES and CS toward the realization of “hospitality service that is said to be the world’s No. 1”.
About the “Resorttrust Group Sustainability Mark”
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Resorttrust Group Sustainability Mark
In the half century since its founding, the Resorttrust Group has taken its customers and society seriously, and evolved and developed its business. The plants surrounding the letters “Sustainable RTTG” on the “Resort Trust Group Sustainability Mark” on the left represent nature and diversity, and we have created a circle that represents “connection” and “continuation”. In addition, the colors of the plants are tied to the icon colors of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are related to our materiality. The Resorttrust Group will work together with all stakeholders to realize the group identity of “Let’s have a good life together – create a richer and happier time -” and contribute to the sustainable development of society. To go.
Company Profile
[Resort Trust Co., Ltd.]
・Location: 2-18-31 Higashisakura, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
・Established: April 1973
・Representative: Yuki Fushimi, President and Representative Director ・Capital: 19,590,340,000 yen (as of March 31, 2022)

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