REVISIO Co., Ltd. REVISIO, which acquires attention data on TV viewing, announces the results of joint research with research company Cross Marketing, revealing the actual usage of connected TVs

REVISIO, which acquires attentional data on TV viewing, announces the results of joint research with research firm Cross Marketing, revealing the actual usage of connected TVs

REVISIO Co., Ltd. and Cross Marketing Co., Ltd. will jointly announce the “Connected TV White Paper 2023”, a document that summarizes the results of research on connected TV viewing trends.
REVISIO Co., Ltd. (former TVISION INSIGHTS, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Yasushi Koritani, hereinafter REVISIO), which installs equipment equipped with human body recognition technology in the home and measures “gazing” on the TV screen, Cross Marketing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Miki Igarashi; hereinafter referred to as Cross Marketing) and Connected TV (hereinafter referred to as CTV) viewing trends, a document summarizing research results “Connected TV White Paper” 2023” will be jointly announced.
Through joint research between CROSS MARKETING and REVISIO, we have clarified the actual state of CTV viewing based on a wealth of questionnaire data that meets various research needs, as well as actual measurement data that shows viewers’ attention using human body recognition technology.
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The materials summarizing the results of the joint research include a large amount of data other than those covered in this release. You can download it from the page below, so please take advantage of it. Download REVISIO materials here: Download cross marketing materials here: Background and purpose of joint research
With the recent spread of connected TVs, the CTV advertising market is expanding. While the attention of advertisers to CTV is increasing, the amount of awareness data and viewing data for evaluating and analyzing CTV is still small. In this joint research, we are deeply analyzing the actual state of viewers’ CTV viewing by combining awareness data and viewing data. Viewing data for each video service and trends in co-viewing (viewing by two or more people) are summarized from various perspectives, and we believe that it will be a hint when considering the future prospects of CTV.
This research uses CTV viewing data obtained from 798 people in the CTV survey panel owned by REVISIO, and questionnaire data of 35,000 people in the SCR survey and 2,000 people in the main survey conducted by Cross Marketing.
Summary of joint research results
Is YouTube already the ‘sixth key station’?
We have summarized what kind of video services viewers using CTV are watching. Looking at the graph below, you can see that the usage time of terrestrial broadcasting is longer than that of video services. Among the video services, we found that YouTube is seen as much or more than terrestrial broadcasting.
*Average usage time/day of terrestrial TV + video services on TV devices in households using CTV
* Aggregated based on data measured by REVISIO
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TVer is most likely to be co-viewed
REVISIO lets you know who your viewers are watching, and when. The actual measurement data for watching TV with two or more people shows the percentage of time spent watching TV with two or more people, and the cross-marketing survey data showed that people who answered that they watched TV with two or more people When I compared the
percentages, I found that there was a difference.
As for the video service for watching TV with two or more people, terrestrial broadcasting was ranked first in the survey, but TVer was ranked first in the actual measurement data. TVer has a wealth of content that can be watched together, and it is thought that it is likely to be an option when co-viewing.
Video services are getting more attention than terrestrial broadcasting Looking at what viewers pay the most attention to among terrestrial and video services, “Disney +” and “Netflix” received high attention. Video services as a whole tended to receive more attention than terrestrial broadcasting. It is thought that video services that allow users to choose the viewing timing and content themselves are more popular.
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[About REVISIO Co., Ltd.]
REVISIO Co., Ltd. changed its name from TVISION INSIGHTS Co., Ltd. from October 1, 2022.
We use human body recognition technology to acquire viewing data for TV programs and commercials, and provide viewing analysis services for BtoB. A survey device equipped with REVISIO’s proprietary human body recognition technology is installed on your home TV, and the viewing habits of survey participants are automatically acquired every second. More than 160 domestic clients, including advertisers, advertising companies, and broadcasting stations, use REVISIO’s unique attention data, which asks, “Who is in front of the TV and is watching it properly?”
Currently, in Japan, we provide viewing data for all terrestrial/MX/BS programs for 2,000 households in the Kanto area and 600 households in the Kansai area, as well as connected TV viewing data.
[About Cross Marketing Co., Ltd.]
We have been conducting online research since our establishment in 2003, and currently support our customers’ marketing through more than 10,000 research projects per year. We have a track record of research in a wide range of fields such as companies, governments, and universities. In addition to responding to research requests from all over Japan, global research is also possible because we have more than 20 bases in 10 countries around the world. We have a large number of experienced researchers, and we propose optimal methods from online research, offline research, quantitative and qualitative, etc. according to customer needs from strategy planning to effect verification. In addition to research, we are also focusing on data marketing support.
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