Rising Zephyr Fukuoka Co., Ltd. Fukuoka, who struggled with the height of A Chiba, suffered a crushing defeat without revenge

Rising Zephyr Fukuoka Co., Ltd.
Fukuoka, who struggled with the height of A Chiba, suffered a crushing defeat without revenge.

The A Chiba match held on Monday, January 2, 2023 was defeated by 21 points. We are pleased to announce that the result of “Fukuoka 74-95A Chiba” in the B League Round 15 [Rising Zephyr Fukuoka vs. Altiri Chiba] held on Monday, January 2, 2023.
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[Match results]
[Fukuoka] 74-95 [A Chiba]
1st 21-27
2nd 16-25
3rd 21-25
4th 16-18
[Battle commentary]
GAME2 with A Chiba. From the beginning, A Chiba’s onslaught was received, and it was a development that took the initiative. #6 Otsuka’s consecutive 3P shots gradually started to get the rhythm, and #88 Shigetomi and #7 Grin followed, and succeeded in shortening the lead. At the beginning of the 2nd quarter, #1 Abe’s 3-point shot was decided to make it 3 points behind, but from here on, he struggled with the offense centered on the inside of A Chiba, who had an advantage in height, and he was able to take a double-digit lead at once and wrap up the first half. .
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Fukuoka, aiming to recover in the second half, fought back with #23 Harris’s individual skill and #11 Shirato’s consecutive 3-point shots, but they were unable to rebound at key points and protect the inside, and suffered three consecutive losses.
[Image 3d35567-170-e1bda4d4dde8693330cf-1.png&s3=35567-170-bd56e772dfaed8c5dd6e76f87352b834-1080x1080.png

Comment from Daiki Yoshinaga AC
Today’s game was a very tough game. As an improvement from yesterday’s game, I worked on protecting the inside, but I scored 62 points against the opponent in the paint area. This number is not a game you can win by any means. As a coach, I am responsible for creating that situation, so I would like to improve it by discussing it with the coaches. However, there weren’t many scenes where we jumped into the rebound, such as the attitude of fighting, so I felt that the whole team had to grow to become a more competitive group. Unlike yesterday, our offense scored a little unevenly.
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