RISU Japan Co., Ltd. Launched “RISU Kids English”, an English lesson video service for young children

RISU Japan Co., Ltd.
Launched RISU Kids English, an English lesson video service for young children English lesson videos that use native teachers and AI voices to make learning math fun in English

RISU Japan Co., Ltd. (Location: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomotaka Imaki), which provides math tablet teaching materials, will start free English for children of “RISU Kids” users from January 17 (Tuesday). Video lessons “RISU Kids English” are now available.
From 2020, English subjects will become compulsory in elementary schools, further strengthening English education.
We have decided to develop this business with the desire to have fun learning English without feeling weak in English through “mathematics x English lessons” that are not found in other English lessons for kids.
At RISU Kids English, one lesson lasts about three minutes, and you can have fun learning English with a native teacher and a guide from a Japanese teacher.
There is also a word lesson video with AI voice that is expected to be heard more often in the future, and our characters Risuta and Risuko will also appear here.
With a vision of “for the talent of the future,” we will shine a light on talents that do not fit within the framework of the school, and strongly support children who challenge themselves while having fun. [Image 1d49816-6-b459a22ba8c810401f79-0.png&s3=49816-6-6f0ff7e4a259b4b304df599fe685badb-695x391.png
English video for RISU Kids “Addition” unit
[Image 2d49816-6-924983f4e86e1cd14914-1.png&s3=49816-6-24f9c11d8a93814786e6d459a0a7ad87-695x391.png
I don’t understand with a Japanese teacher’s guide.
■ Three points of RISU Kids English
1.Familiarize yourself with English in a fun way
One lesson lasts about 3 minutes without difficulty, and you can enjoy learning English with videos using animals and illustrations. 2. With a Japanese teacher’s Japanese guide
A Japanese teacher guides you in Japanese, so you don’t have to worry about “I don’t know what you’re doing” just in English.
3. Challenge what you learned in mathematics in English
RISU Kids will distribute English videos according to the unit. It can also be a review of mathematics, and you can also touch English as a sentence. This is a math x English lesson not found in other English lessons for kids.
RISU Kids Service Details
【Company Profile】
Company name: RISU Japan Co., Ltd.
Location: 〒113-0033 3-21-8 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Keiai Building 6F Representative Director: Tomotaka Imaki
Established: July 16, 2014
Business: Education business
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