Rock Field Co., Ltd. We are accepting reservations for RF1’s Valentine’s special limited menu “Smoked ham and pecan nut salad & duck and orange quiche” that will brighten up your dining table!

Rock Field Co., Ltd.
RF1’s Valentine’s special limited menu “Smoked ham and pecan nut salad & duck and orange quiche” that will brighten up your dining table is now accepting reservations!

The side dish restaurant RF1 (RF One) developed by Rock Field Co., Ltd. (President: Takashi Furutsuka, Headquarters: Kobe City) is currently accepting reservations for two special Valentine’s menus. A heart-warming Valentine’s Day. At RF1, we propose a menu that allows you to enjoy a little extravagant taste slowly at home.
A combination of salad and quiche that brightens up the table. You can easily enjoy it as a special menu for the weekend or as a Valentine event menu that also serves as a daily reward.
Please spend a rich time while devising the arrangement.
[Image 1

■Product Overview *The menu photos and package images are for illustrative purposes only. *All prices include tax.
1. Smoked ham and pecan nut salad & duck and orange quiche 1 set ¥5,400 (tax included) for 2-3 people
Our house-made smoked ham* in the salad has a moist texture. Please enjoy with fruity strawberry & raspberry dressing. The quiche, which combines rich duck ragout sauce and sweet orange, is even more gorgeous with orange sauce. The flavor and texture of pistachio is an accent.
*Ham is manufactured at our own factory in Hyogo Prefecture. [Image 2

-Size/Total weight (approx.): Length 25 x Width 29 x Height 10.5cm, 1000g (box included)
●Expiration date: 3 days including delivery date
*This product is finished at home.
*Aigamo and orange quiche can also be ordered separately (1 whole ¥2,900). 2. Valentine RF1 All-Star Set 1 set ¥4,990 (tax included) for 2-3 people An assortment of RF1’s popular grilled beef, salad, and quiche. It is a set that includes a limited time “Cacao & Nut Fragrant Hokkaido Prosciutto Ham and Tomato Salad”.
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● Set contents
・Grilled beef with roasted marbled oyster mushrooms (200g)
・Smoked Salmon and Onion Salad with Vinegar Mayonnaise Sauce (200g) ・Cacao & Nut Fragrant Hokkaido Ham and Tomato Salad -With Strawberry & Raspberry Dressing- (200g)
・Spinach & bacon quiche (2 cuts)
■Regarding store pick-up reservations *We will stop accepting reservations as soon as we reach the number of reservations. [Reservation acceptance period] 2023/1/12 (Thu)-2/7 (Tue)
[Delivery date] 2023/2/10 (Fri) – 2/14 (Tue)
● WEB reservation Accepted on the reservation page. In addition to “RF1”, reservations are also being accepted at “Green Gourmet” stores. (RF1) (Green Gourmet) *Web reservations require registration with “ROCK FIELD MEMBERS”. Please check the website for details.
●Over-the-counter reservation Please ask a salesperson at the store. ・For over-the-counter reservations, please pay at the store at the time of reservation. For online reservations, please pay at the designated pick-up store.
*1. Products can be delivered directly from the “Rock Field Online Shop”. (shipping fee not included)
In the case of delivery, the ordering method and the expiration date are different.
Click here for details [Image 4

■ About RF1
Rock Field’s flagship brand. Founded in 1992. From colorful salads to carefully prepared dishes, we have a lineup of side dishes that will enrich your dining table. 140 stores nationwide (as of the end of December 2022). Brand site:
[Inquiries from customers]
Rock Field Co., Ltd. Customer Service Office Toll Free 0120-878732 Details about this release:


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