ROKU KYOTO Information on seasonal limited spring products that make you feel Kyoto in spring

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[ROKU KYOTO] Information on seasonal limited spring products that make you feel Kyoto in spring
Sale of spring afternoon tea with berries and roses. We offer lunch and dinner using local Kyoto ingredients such as Tamba chicken and Kyoto duck, as well as fresh tea cocktails. THE ROKU SPA has its first original body oil.

ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts (Kita Ward, Kyoto City, General Manager: Yoshinori Nishihara, hereinafter referred to as ROKU KYOTO) will open the restaurant ” TENJIN” and the spa facility “THE ROKU SPA” will sell spring limited products and plans.
In the spring afternoon tea presented by the restaurant “TENJIN”, in addition to sweets made with berries such as strawberries,
raspberries, griotte cherries, and fragrant roses, savory and scones using seasonal ingredients such as rape blossoms and green peas. Line up and create a gorgeous tea time.
[Image 1

Afternoon Tea -kitayama sugi-
In addition, at “All Day Dining”, which offers natural French cuisine using seasonal flavors and local ingredients from all over Japan, “French White Asparagus Smoked Kyoto Duck” is served with seasonal white asparagus mixed with truffle sauce. ”, and “Tamba chicken with morel mushroom spring vegetables”, which is a rich supreme sauce with morel mushrooms. At “The Bar”, a social gathering place for adults, we will prepare a cocktail “ROKU Cha” made with domestic gin and refreshing chartreuse with fresh new tea.
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All-day dining “Tanba chicken, morel mushrooms, spring vegetables” At “THE ROKU SPA”, a healing place that blends into nature, we will start selling body oils that incorporate THE ROKU SPA’s original essential oils, which have been well received by many customers since opening in September 2021. The scent produced from Japanese essential oils derived from nature, such as Kitayama cedar, cypress, and yuzu from Kyoto, is expected to have a relaxing effect that evokes the tranquility of the Takagamine grove and the clarity of the Tenjin River. 3 kinds of vegetable oil to moisturize the skin. To commemorate the release, two types of treatment plans with original body oil will be available for a limited time.
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THE ROKU SPA original body oil
Spring in ROKU KYOTO, surrounded by magnificent nature, is full of green energy such as Takagamine Sanzan and the trees in the courtyard, and you can feel the gentle flow of time. Enjoy the arrival of spring with your five senses through dining and spa experiences.
Spring afternoon tea set with berries and roses
In addition to sweets using sweet and sour berries such as strawberry macaroons and griotte cherry pound cake pickled in kirsch, ROKU KYOTO has homemade warabi mochi layered on baba soaked in rose syrup and finished with strawberry crème chantilly. We will prepare items dyed in spring pink, such as original items. Enjoy an elegant tea time with our original tea selection, including Kyoto black tea that can be enjoyed with several flavors such as cinnamon and ginger, and fresh herbal tea using herbs from our own farm on the hotel grounds. ■ Outline of “Afternoon Tea -kitayama sugi-”
[Sales period] March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to May 31, 2023 (Wednesday) *Reservation required by the day before
[business hours] 14:00-16:30 (offer time 14:00-14:30)
[Provision place] Restaurant “TENJIN”
[Price] 6,325 yen
9 types of sweets / 3 types of savory / 2 types of scones / 8 types of drinks [Inquiries]
Phone: 075-320-0176 (Reception hours weekdays 10:00-17:00)
*Liquor is used in some of the sweets. If you wish to change it, please let us know at the time of booking.
*Prices shown include 15% service charge and 10% consumption tax. [Image 4

Offering lunch and dinner using local Kyoto ingredients such as Tamba chicken and Kyoto duck, as well as spring tea cocktails
With the motif of “nature, art, and cuisine”, the restaurant “TENJIN” offers French cuisine that pursues unconventional beauty. , We will prepare a seasonal menu that incorporates local Kyoto ingredients such as Tanba chicken and Kyoto duck. In addition, you can feel the arrival of spring through all the colors, aromas and textures in each of the three scenes, “Chef’s Table”, “All Day Dining”, and “The Bar”, such as new spring cocktails using fresh new tea. increase.
◇ “Chef’s Table” spring menu example
French Quail Cordon Bleu
Soft French quail wrapped in uncured ham and Gruyère cheese, carefully fried and grilled. Please enjoy it by dipping the quail eggs into the sauce.
[Image 5

Salmon sakura shrimp bonne femme
A dish of plump sole wrapped in scallops and baked in a bonne femme style. Seasonal sakura shrimp adds umami and flavor to express the feeling of spring.
[Image 6

◇ “All Day Dining” Spring menu example
French white asparagus Kyoto duck smoked
An appetizer of wild French white asparagus combined with cured Kyoto duck ham that has been smoked to concentrate its umami. Enjoy with truffle sauce.
[Image 7

Tanba chicken, morel mushrooms, spring vegetables
Chicken mousse with seasonal morel mushrooms and rape blossoms is sandwiched between Tamba chicken breast and roasted. Enjoy it with a rich supreme sauce made from chicken stock and a rich flavor of morel mushrooms.
[Image 8

strawberry estragon mozzarella
A dessert full of springness using Tochiotome strawberries. A gorgeous dish of strawberry compote, strawberry sorbet, fresh strawberries, and mozzarella cheese powder in an estragon parfait glass.
[Image 9

◇ “The Bar” Spring New Cocktails
“ROKU Cha”
We have completed a refreshing cup that makes you feel the transition from the budding of spring to the fresh green of summer, in line with the once-a-year season of new tea. Based on fresh and flavorful new tea, domestic gin, liqueur “Chartreuse Jaune”, which is characterized by the freshness and sweetness of herbs, are added, and it is an original cocktail decorated with estragon. Enjoy a cup of spring at ROKU KYOTO’s “The Bar” surrounded by rich nature at the foot of Takagamine Sanzan.
[Image 10

■Restaurant “TENJIN” spring menu overview
[Offer period] March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to May 31, 2023 (Wednesday) Cocktails only Thursday, April 20, 2023 to Wednesday, May 31, 2023 【business hours】
Chef’s table 18:15~
All Day Dining Lunch 12:00-13:30 (L.O.) / Dinner 17:30-21:00 (L.O.) The Bar 17:30-23:00 (L.O.)
Chef’s table ¥35,420 (includes drink pairing) *Dinner only
All day dining Lunch 7,590 yen~ / Dinner 15,180 yen
The bar “ROKU Cha” 2,783 yen
Phone: 075-320-0176 (Reception hours weekdays 10:00-17:00)
*Chef’s Table will be open only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from January 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023.
*Prices shown include 15% service charge and 10% consumption tax. “THE ROKU SPA”‘s first original body oil release using Kyoto-produced Japanese essential oils such as Kitayama cedar, cypress, and yuzu The original essential oils used in the treatments at “THE ROKU SPA” are Japanese essential oils that give you a sense of Japan’s nature, such as trees such as Kitayama cedar and cypress, citrus fruits such as yuzu and jabara, and fragrant trees endemic to Japan, such as kuromoji. is blended with its own formulation. We will start selling body oils using THE ROKU SPA original essential oils from March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) so that you can feel the same scent and healing at home. The base oil uses three types of vegetable oil, including rice bran oil, which is rich in vitamin E, to create a rich body oil that softens and smoothes the skin. To commemorate the release, we will sell two treatment plans with original body oil as a gift. The “MIZUHIKI” course, which uses THE ROKU SPA’s original body oil for body and head treatments, and the “KIRINUSA” course, which includes a facial treatment that incorporates fermented rice bran and extracts. We have prepared a limited package for the spring season when nerves are easily disturbed.
[Image 11

THE ROKU SPA original body oil
[Image 12

body treatment image
■ THE ROKU SPA Original Body Oil Overview
[Sales period] From Wednesday, March 1, 2023
[Sales location] THE ROKU SPA
[Price] 15,400 yen / 1 bottle (130ml)
*Prices shown include 10% consumption tax.
■ THE ROKU SPA Original Body Oil Launch Commemorative Menu Overview [Sales period] March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to May 31, 2023 (Wednesday) [Offering time] 10:30-19:00 (final reception)
[Provided location] THE ROKU SPA
[Price] “MIZUHIKI” 90 minutes 47,335 yen / “KIRINUSA” 90 minutes 51,150 yen [Content]
・Body + head treatment
・THE ROKU SPA original body oil 1 bottle
“Kirin USA”
・Fermentation facial + body + head treatment
・THE ROKU SPA original body oil 1 bottle
Phone: 075-320-0136 (reception hours 10:30-21:00)
*Prices shown include 15% service charge and 10% consumption tax. Outline of “ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts”
Name: ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts
Opening date: Thursday, September 16, 2021
Location: 44-1 Kinugasa Kagamiishicho, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture Number of rooms: 114
Food and beverage facilities: TENJIN (French)
Spa facilities: THE ROKU SPA
Official site:
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