Royal Holdings Co., Ltd. Showa nostalgia at Shakey’s on Valentine’s Day & White Day “Coffee Shakey’s -Taste of First Love-“

Royal Holdings Co., Ltd.
Valentine & White Day is Shakey’s Showa Nostalgia “Cafe Shakey’s -Taste of First Love-”
Pizza expresses the nostalgic taste of coffee shops such as omelet rice and cream soda! From Wednesday, February 1 to Friday, March 31
The American-born pizza restaurant “Shakey’s” developed by Royal Food Service Co., Ltd., which is in charge of the restaurant business in the Royal Group, is a limited project in February and March to celebrate Valentine’s Day and White Day. Under the theme, we offer products inspired by the menu of a nostalgic Showa coffee shop. In this project, “Omurice Pizza” topped with omelet rice as it is, “Cream Soda Pizza” inspired by the refreshing sweetness of cream soda, and cute triangular “Apollo Chocolate” that is a combination of strawberry chocolate and milk chocolate. We have prepared 5 items: “Apollo Chocolate Banana Sundae Pizza” that expresses banana sundae, “Napolitan” that can not be removed when talking about nostalgic spaghetti, and “Nostalgic Pudding” that is slightly hardened. How about thinking about your sweet and sour first love while enjoying the nostalgic menu?
[“Cafe Shakey’s -Hatsukoi no Aji-” sales overview]
[Image 1

◆ Sales period
February 1 (Wednesday) to March 31 (Friday), 2023
◆ Sales price
The buffet price varies depending on the store and time.
(Example) Shinjuku-dori store adult price (tax included)
・Lunch buffet 1,480 yen ・Dinner buffet 1,950 yen
・Holiday buffet 1,950 yen
◆Sales products (limited-time fair products)
We offer all 5 items on the buffet menu.
-3 Kinds of Pizza-
・Omurice pizza ・Cream soda-style pizza
・Apollo Chocolate Banana Sundae Pizza
-1 kind of pasta-
-1 dessert-
・Nostalgic pudding
* The sales period may change depending on the procurement situation of ingredients.
※The image is an image. * Product details are described on the next page. Shakey’s aims to be a restaurant that is loved by everyone in the area so that the time surrounding “food” for customers will be more and more enjoyable and wonderful.
“Cafe Shakey’s -The taste of first love-” Product details
[Image 2

cream soda pizza
Melon Cream / Vanilla Cream / Cherry / Popping Granny
A dessert pizza with a clean, refreshing sweetness.
The texture of the crackling granulated grain is also fresh. [Image 3

Omurice pizza
demiglace sauce / omelet rice
The nostalgic omelet rice is reproduced as it is on top of the demi-glace sauce. [Image 4

Speaking of nostalgic spaghetti, the classic “Napolitan”.
[Image 5

Apollo chocolate banana sundae pizza
chocolate sauce / corn flakes / banana
An upgraded version of the popular “chocolate banana dessert pizza”. “Apollo Chocolate” and “Vanilla Cream” with cute triangular shape are the image of banana sundae.
[Image 6

nostalgic pudding
A nostalgic texture with a slightly firm finish.
*The product photo is an image. * The Annex Kawatoku store (Iwate Prefecture) is not eligible for “Cafe Shakey’s -Hatsukoi no Aji-“. Guidance of SNS official account
Delicious and eye-pleasing shakeies! It is full of information on deals and SNS limited campaigns.
In addition, we introduce recommended ways to enjoy the buffet, along with “emo photos”.
Be sure to add “#shakeru” to your posts!

Brand introduction “Shakey’s”
[Image 7

Shakey’s pizza dough is handmade daily from original flour. At the buffet, there are more than 20 types of pizza with a variety of toppings on crispy dough. Other affordable options include pasta, freshly fried French fries, and a salad bar. Shakey’s is a pizza restaurant where you can casually enjoy American-style pizza with the motto “We Serve Fun” and strive to create a restaurant that pleases our customers.
[Image 8

Shakey’s was named after one of the founders, Sherwood Johnson, who repeatedly shook hands with customers as an expression of joy. Established in Sacramento, California, USA in 1954, Shakey’s has a casual and relaxing atmosphere and has been loved all over the world for more than half a century as a pizza restaurant that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
Currently, it is expanding not only in the United States, the birthplace of Shakeys, but also in Asia. In 1973, the first Shakey’s store was opened in Japan, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of its arrival.
Viking sales overview
The buffet price varies depending on the store and time.
Please check the website for details. (
(Example) Shinjuku-dori store adult price
・Lunch buffet 1,480 yen (tax included)
・ Dinner buffet 1,950 yen (tax included)
・Holiday buffet 1,950 yen (tax included)
Depending on the store, there are settings for seniors and children. We also accept takeaway. [Prices vary by store]
(Example) Shinjuku-dori store
・Double size 1,380 yen (tax included)
・Large 1,800 yen (tax included)
List of Shakey’s stores (19 stores nationwide)
Please check the website for store details ( 《Tokyo Area》 Shinjuku Street Store, Ikebukuro East Exit Store, Shibuya Store, Kichijoji Store, Seiseki Sakuragaoka Store
《Kanto Area》 Yomiuri Land Store, Yokohama West Exit Store, Chigasaki Store, Aeon Mall Zama Store,
LaLaport TOKYO-BAY store (temporarily closed for renovation), Fukudaya SP Utsunomiya store, FKD Utsunomiya Interpark store
《Tohoku area》 Annex Kawatoku store ※
《Tokai area》 Mark is Shizuoka store, LaLaport Nagoya Minato AQULS store 《Kyushu/Okinawa Area》 Canal City Hakata Store, Plaza House Store, Tsubogawa Store, Aeon Haebaru Store
*There may be cases where commercial facilities are temporarily closed or the business hours of stores are changed.
* The Annex Kawatoku store (Iwate Prefecture) is not eligible for “Cafe Shakey’s -Hatsukoi no Aji-“.

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