Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. From January 20 (Friday), in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, “Think about Japan from curry. ]-The world of deep curry to enjoy with Japanese rice-

Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.
From January 20 (Friday), in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, “Think about Japan from curry. ]-The world of deep curry to enjoy with Japanese rice-

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Based on our values ​​of contributing to the realization of a sustainable society that recycles and coexists with nature, we are committed to the basic products that are essential to our lives, with sincere quality and ethical significance. We aim to make our services affordable for everyone,” and “Our stores serve as community centers for their communities, and work with local stakeholders to address local issues. With the mission of “to achieve a positive impact on the local community,” we are conducting corporate activities aimed at realizing a comfortable life and society.
 Agriculture is an important industry that supports our food, and is also important as a common social capital that is useful for regional revitalization. We want to contribute to the creation of a system that sustains agriculture forever, and we are reexamining the way of agriculture, local production for local consumption, and rich food. Curry is one of the most popular products we offer, and we currently sell about 60 types of curry based on our basic policy of “learning from the food cultures of the world.” We are developing authentic spices and recipes by unraveling them, but the ingredients that can be procured in Japan are procured in Japan.
Under such circumstances, our company participated in the Nippon Food Shift Promotion Partner, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, we decided to eat curry, which can be said to be a Japanese national dish, and think about Japanese food and agriculture. think of. ] ~The world of deep curry to enjoy with Japanese rice~ will be held. At the store, recipes for the MUJI HOTEL GINZA Curry Fair, which will be held simultaneously from January 20th to February 23rd, will be distributed. In addition, we will introduce the process of how MUJI curry is delivered to the dining table.
At the same time, at the WA restaurant in MUJI HOTEL GINZA, we will hold a fair that proposes how to eat multiple curries, which is enjoyed in India, using domestic ingredients. Five groups of famous restaurant chefs and culinary experts chose two types of MUJI curry and arranged them with domestic ingredients. We will offer 5 types of special curry sets that match rice, arranged with all 10 types of curry, for 12 days from January 20th to 31st. In addition to the recipes of the five groups, we will distribute recipes specially arranged by Mr. Yuu Shiraishi, a popular YouTuber who is an employee of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, at stores nationwide.
We will continue to provide and expand products and services that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society that recycles resources and coexists with nature. increase.
-of the fair
“Think about Japan from curry. ~Enjoy the deep world of curry with Japanese rice~
● Arranged curry fair that matches rice by 5 arranged recipe creators ・Place: MUJI HOTEL GINZA 6F WA Restaurant
・ Date and time: January 20 (Friday) to 31 (Tuesday), 2023
Dinner time 17:30-21:00 (last order 20:30)
・Price: 1100 yen per meal (tax included) *Limited to 50 meals per day (10 meals per set)
*In addition, at the restaurant, we will distribute a booklet that interviews the creator of the arrangement recipe and the thoughts of the creator.
[Image 2d987-1363-147b0902d084a94dcddf-2.jpg&s3=987-1363-52ed7445eae25edf331a2c63c3a3f7e3-2126x1417.jpg
“Winter News from Noto – Winter vegetables to enjoy with fermented foods” [Image 3d987-1363-f62a508baaafb025c9f0-4.jpg&s3=987-1363-0a7c736d4d297892c438250c4106ffbc-2126x1417.jpg
“Non-spicy spicy curry made with 10-grain rice”
[Image 4d987-1363-73b44286a9b45ac8e98c-1.jpg&s3=987-1363-4d0f382b6072a226fd2661388741f103-2126x1417.jpg
“Keema curry and local radish steak”
[Image 5d987-1363-9d5e079068672b36d57a-3.jpg&s3=987-1363-85f6134dad40fdc4a6c2b44066523b44-2126x1417.jpg
“Feast dip of domestic vegetables and grilled curry risotto” [Image 6d987-1363-b055d5c02cfc4a291e48-5.jpg&s3=987-1363-ccd5ada981205d7e5ba3409494ed6721-1500x1000.jpg
“The Power of Brown Rice and Vegetables, Taiyo Curry”
In-store promotion
・ Location: Online store and nationwide MUJI *Excluding some stores such as IDEE, Cafe & Meal MUJI
・ Date: January 20th (Friday) to February 23rd (Thursday), 2023 ・Provision of arranged recipes for WA restaurants
・ Posting a video “Thinking from MUJI’s retort pouch curry”
-Profiles of 5 Arranged Recipe Developers-* Alphabetical order ・Akito Akagi: Painter. Born in Okayama Prefecture in 1962. After graduating from the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University, worked as an editor before moving to Wajima in 1988. Became independent in 1994 after training in Wajima lacquerware. His publications include Lacquer Painter Story and Utsukushimono. His most recent publication is 21st Century Folk Crafts.
・Yutaka Kitazaki: Chef. Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1972. After graduating from International Christian University, trained at Kyoto Shimogamo “Kyokaiseki Yoshiizumi”. After working as a head chef at a Japanese restaurant and a hotel, he is currently preparing to open a Japanese cuisine auberge, Saryo Somaki, in Wajima with lacquer master Akito Akagi (scheduled to open in spring 2023).
・ Azusa Iida: Served as director of “Yoyogi VILLAGE by kurkku” for 9 years, and after working as director of KURKKU Co., Ltd. and KURKKU FIELDS Co., Ltd., currently working on raising children while making use of the perspective of living in two bases. , We are proposing new business styles that connect urban and rural areas.
・ Natsuka Kobori: Representative of the Japan Vegetable Terroir Association, a love vegetable evangelist. Utilizing the field knowledge of visiting more than 1000 farms nationwide, we will develop total branding such as breed development, agricultural processed product development, recipe development, sales guidance, etc. Focusing on unique vegetables from all over the country, we also work on regional revitalization and new value creation.
・ Yoshimi Hidaka: The owner and chef of Ristorante ACQUAPAZZA. In 1986, he moved to Italy and trained at a total of 14 shops from north to south in three years. After returning to Japan, he opened “ACQUAPAZZA” in Nishi-Azabu (currently in Minami-Aoyama). Since then, he has continued to build his own Italian style. He opened his own YouTube channel “Yoshimi Hidaka’s ACQUAPAZZA Channel” in the wake of the corona disaster. boasts 170,000 followers
・Tamae Hirokawa: SOMA DESIGN creative director/designer. Established SOMA DESIGN in 2006. At the same time, he launched the brand “SOMARTA” and participated in the Tokyo Collection. In addition to his solo exhibition “Tamae Hirokawa Exhibition Genealogy of the Body”, he has also collaborated with many companies. The 2021 Tokyo Olympics podium jacket was jointly developed with Asics and became a hot topic. * About “Think about Japan from food. Nippon Food Shift”
“Food” nurtures people, gives them the power to live, and is the driving force that moves society.
No one can live without food.
Now that Japanese society is facing major changes, what should be the future of food? There are many themes that we must face seriously. Food self-sufficiency, harmony with the environment, new lifestyles, health considerations, food education, supply chain conditions, and the recent surge in imported raw materials, Japan’s “food” has a mountain of issues. Thinking about “food” means thinking about the future society and how people live. Change what should be changed, protect what should be protected, and support new challenges. Consumers, producers, food-related businesses, all the people who support Japan’s “food”, and the government are all united to think, discuss, and act, a national movement called “Nippon Food Shift” is underway.
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