Ryukyu Business Create LLC For businesses in Okinawa Prefecture, Scion Communications Co., Ltd. and Ryukyu Business Create LLC will hold a “Seminar to strengthen corporate structure with IT and finance, taking the opportunity of efforts to store in

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Ryukyu Business Create LLC
Scion Communications Co., Ltd. and Ryukyu Business Create G.K. jointly held a “Seminar to strengthen corporate structure with IT and finance, taking the opportunity of efforts to store invoices and electronic books” for businesses in Okinawa Prefecture.
We will introduce legal compliance, utilization of subsidies, and effective data utilization for management using monthly cloud.
Ryukyu Business Create LLC (Representative: Akio Kamo) targets business operators in Okinawa Prefecture. Scion Communications Co., Ltd. (Representative David・Shane).
Focusing on examples of efforts to improve operational efficiency assuming a company with a scale of 100 or more invoices, we will introduce legal compliance as well as effective data accumulation and utilization for management.
[Seminar details]
・ Date and time: February 21, 2023 (Tuesday) 14:00-16:00 (doors open at 13:30) ・Venue: Presentation room, 2nd floor, Ginowan Bayside Information Center 558-18 Uchidomari, Ginowan City
(Please use the nearby paid parking lot for parking.)
Scion Communications Co., Ltd. CEO David Shane
Ryukyu Business Create LLC Representative Employee Akio Kamo ・ Target companies:
Regardless of the size of the participating companies,
100 or more bills issued every month,
Or we will introduce it assuming that the invoice to be received is also 100 sheets or more.
・Participation fee: Free
・Capacity: 20 people
In the case of a large number of applications,
When limited to one person per company
When you are guided by recording archive distribution
there is
・Participation application link: [Image 1

[What is qualified invoice issuance (commonly known as “invoice system”)] The invoice system, which will start from October 1, 2023, is a purchase tax credit method that corresponds to multiple consumption tax rates (10% in principle, 8% reduction). The consumption tax stated on eligible invoices issued by businesses that have registered as eligible invoice issuing business operators will be fully covered as purchase tax credits. It is assumed that complex work such as distinguishing accounting treatment such as purchase tax deduction is not possible.
-Requirements for invoices to be issued-
・Issuing invoices that meet requirements such as registration number, applicable tax rate, and tax amount
・Save a copy of the issued invoice
-Invoice to receive-
・Check whether the invoice received from the business partner meets the requirements and whether it is a registered business
・Save received invoices
[What is the Electronic Book Storage Law (abbreviated as “Electronic Book Law”)] It is a system that requires that documents such as invoices received electronically be stored electronically. In day-to-day transactions, there are various media, such as paper and electronic, depending on the counterparty of the transaction, and the storage method is also complicated.
When the invoice system starts, in addition to the work flow of content confirmation so far, it will be necessary to store eligible invoices received electronically as they are.
Here, by electronically managing and storing invoices and other forms received in transactions, and by analyzing the base data of issued and received forms, operational efficiency can be improved and data can be processed. By utilizing analysis, we can expect a change that will help improve business performance that has not been seen before. [Image 2

[About Scion Communications Co., Ltd.]
《What SYON can do》
“Network business” that builds and operates information system infrastructure “CTI business” that develops and sells CTI systems for call center operators “System development business” to support customers’ business problem solving as three core businesses,
 In order to provide customers with cross-sectional solutions in each business field
We provide “solution services”.
《Symbiosis of people, society and technology Breakthrough to open up the future》 IT has now permeated every corner of people’s lives, and has become an indispensable tool that paves the way for new solutions to
longstanding social issues.
 Network, information security, voice communication, and software development Based on these many years of achievements, SYON Communications provides breakthroughs that bring together the technology and know-how that we have as an engineering group that evolves day by day to create a future where people, society, and technology can coexist more effectively. I will continue.
“Company Profile”
Company name: Scion Communications Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: David Shen
[Image 3

[About Ryukyu Business Create LLC]
《Business Area》
 Accounting, marketing, and branding centered on corporate finance “Company Profile”
Company name: Ryukyu Business Create LLC
Representative employee: Akio Kamo
Representative career:
Engaged in corporate finance operations, corporate planning, institutional accounting, management accounting, and M&A
 Support for applying for various subsidies such as business restructuring subsidies
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