S-Pool Co., Ltd. Release of a new brand of professional and high-class human resource utilization support service, “TAKUWIL, which utilizes the craftsmanship of work”

S-Pool Co., Ltd.
Released “TAKUWIL”, a new brand of professional and high-class human resource utilization support service
Supporting the resolution of management issues linked to corporate recruitment issues

S-Pool Co., Ltd. has resolved the problem of human resource
utilization that many companies have, and has changed the name of the advisor dispatch service “Professional Talent Bank” for companies working to solve management issues to “TAKUWIL” (hereinafter referred to as Takuwill).・We will inform you that we will develop a new service to support the utilization of high-class human resources and specialized skill human resources. As a result, “Tacwill” will develop the “Professional Personnel Bank”, which has been provided as a consultant dispatch service, in a form that is more tailored to customer issues.
new site
 Takuwil’s official website: https://takuwil.spool.co.jp
Takwill series
We will utilize the human resources database that our S-Pool has built for over 10 years and combine the strengths of many companies with the know-how of external human resources to support corporate
Based on the technical support track record with the Bank of Nagoya, which we have a business tie-up with in 2022, we will provide services that specialize in technical human resource support.

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Service name change
The name of the service below has also been changed.
[Table 6: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/4500/table/30_3_51608d9ff83d1339fada12f75b7b8059.jpg ]
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S-Pool Co., Ltd. Human Capital Division
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