Saga Prefecture “Sabaidoru Kahonan” will convey the splendor of Mt. Taradake!

Saga Prefecture
“Sabaidoru Kahonan” will send out the splendor of Mt. Taradake! ~The 3rd video of “Dissemination of the Charm of Saga’s Mountains” Released from 19:30 on January 16th! ~

In Saga Prefecture, we are disseminating the splendor of Saga’s mountains with the aim of motivating the young generation in the prefecture to engage in mountain activities (*).
This year, continuing from last year, we will ask YouTuber “Kahonan”, who is active as a survival idol “Sabaidoru”, to share the splendor of Mt. Taradake.
In this video, “Kahonan” visits Tara Town in Saga Prefecture, where he enjoys the rich nature of Mt. A nights experience. In addition, while enjoying a variety of content such as cruising, we introduce the unique splendor of Mt. Taradake and Tara Town.
This video will be available on the Saga Prefecture official YouTube channel “Saga Prefecture Information Center” from 19:30 on January 16, 2020 (Monday)! !
*What is mountain activities?Activities in the mountains (initiatives that utilize the resources of the mountains, management of the mountains, hands-on learning, dissemination of the appeal of the mountains, etc.)
1 Information dissemination by the “Saga Prefecture Information Dissemination Office”
(1) Video content “Part 3” Mt. Taradake
Mt. Taradake [Part 1] I went to Zazen-iwa with a superb view during the autumn leaves season!
[Image 1

Mt. Taradake [Part 2] The Goemon bath and the wood-burning stove are the best! A mountain hut on Mt.
[Image 2d18574-326-27b991a8a75a67fceb02-1.jpg&s3=18574-326-af62924b293b7d5ee8b361c785703d82-2880x1620.jpg
(2) Distribution medium/date
Part 1: January 16, 2020 (Monday) 19:30
Part 2: January 18, 2020 (Wednesday) 19:30
(3) URLs
Part 1:
Part 2: Please see from Saga Prefecture’s official YouTube channel “Saga Prefecture Information Center”.
2 Others
・From 19:30 on January 20, 2020 (Friday), the crab fishing experience in Tara Town will be released on “Kahonan”‘s YouTube channel “Sabaidoru Channel”.
・For more information, please search for “Sabaidoru Kahonan”. ■Performers
・ Born in Gifu Prefecture
Hobbies: Traveling, eating things you’ve never eaten before
・Number of YouTube channel subscribers: Approximately 468,000 ・ Number of Twitter followers: about 46,000
・ Number of Instagram followers: about 68,000
“Dissemination of the appeal of Saga’s mountains” video (currently available) [Image 3d18574-326-eacc2f5299bfe59867d9-4.jpg&s3=18574-326-286838bd94bdab5f0d54d89480e9f69c-332x188.jpg
Part 1 Misaki Iwaya takes on the challenge of climbing Mt. Jubo, a low mountain with spectacular views in Saga!
(Released on March 10, 2022)
Misaki Iwaya took on the challenge of climbing Mt. Jubo (535m above sea level), a low mountain in Saga Prefecture that even beginners can enjoy. We introduce the wonders of Saga’s mountains while learning about the equipment necessary for mountaineering and how to climb safely from a mountain specialist.
[Image 4d18574-326-7de8f2f2f5d37834df64-3.jpg&s3=18574-326-372efa0871f2b971e954b281a2900f40-329x185.jpg
Part 2: ‘Kahonan’ from ‘Sabaidoru’ holds a women’s solo camp in the mountains of Saga!
(Released on March 14, 2022)
“Kahonan” of “Sabaidoru”, who travels around mountains all over the country, thoroughly enjoys the mountains of Saga! In the familiar and accessible mountains of Saga, you can enjoy the scenery at the women’s solo camp, luxurious camping meals using Saga ingredients (Saga beef (R), Sagabiyori, etc.) and Goemon baths. We introduce the splendor of mountains while enjoying a lot of content such as smelt fishing in the lake.
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