Sakase Godo Kaisha Resolves “multilingual communication” that 90% of PTAs do not support, release of PTA v ersion from Toppan Printing’s multilingual WEB contact book system

Limited Liability Company Sakase
90% of PTA’s Unsupported “Multilingual Communication” Solved, PTA Version Released from Toppan Printing’s Multilingual Web Contact Book System
– Multilingual support from the PTA for parents whose native language is not Japanese –

Japan’s first* PTA-dedicated support service PTA’S (Petus) LLC (head office: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, representative employee: Sawako Masujima) is a limited liability company that operates Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO : Hideharu Maro, hereinafter Toppan Printing), we will add a function for PTA to the multilingual WEB contact book system [E-Tra Note] developed by the company and release it on Saturday, April 1st. [URL]
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Current Status of Multilingual Support in PTA
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PTA’S receives inquiries from various PTAs regarding support for parents whose native language is not Japanese. Therefore, when we conducted a questionnaire (*1) regarding the multilingual support of PTA letters, we found that about 90% were surprisingly not compatible. It can be imagined that this is generally the same situation in schools.
According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s “Survey on the Acceptance of Children Who Need Japanese Language Instruction (2021),” the number of foreign children who need Japanese language instruction is about 50,000, and the number is increasing year by year. is following Due to this situation, it is expected that not only many foreign students but also their parents will be left behind.
Therefore, with the cooperation of Toppan Printing, PTA’S added functions for PTA to the multilingual WEB contact book system [E-Tra Note] (*2) developed by the company. We will promote multilingual support for
(*1) Questionnaire details
Survey period: October 8-14, 2022
Survey target: PTA’S registered PTA and FB community members Number of valid respondents: 40
Respondent attributes: PTA 60%, teachers 30%, parents 10%
Investigation agency: Voluntary investigation by PTA’S
Survey method: Questionnaire survey via the Internet
(*2) Supervisor: Hideki Wakabayashi, Visiting Associate Professor, Faculty of International Studies, Utsunomiya University
What is the PTA function of the multilingual web contact book system [E-Tra Note]?
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[E-Tra Note] is a multilingual communication system for foreign parents used in schools. Contents to be conveyed to parents are standardized according to detailed scenes such as events and belongings, and are translated into multiple languages ​​in advance. The broadcaster can select and deliver as needed from among them, so it is possible to accurately inform the necessary items to the guardian.
This time, based on the results of the questionnaire, we added fixed phrases unique to the PTA, such as “confirmation of intention to join the PTA,” “decision of the general meeting,” and “recruitment of volunteers (helpers),” to this [E-Tra notebook]. Released as “Tra Note for PTA”. We support parents who are in trouble because they cannot understand the contents of the communication from the PTA.
In addition to Japanese, it supports eight languages: English, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Nepali.
Future plans
On February 20th (Monday), we will hold a function briefing session for [E-Tra Note for PTA].
-[E-Tra Note for PTA] Multilingual Seminar from PTA-
Date and time: February 20 (Monday) 20: 00 ~
● Venue: Online (Zoom)
● Participation fee: Free *Multiple people can participate from one PTA. Target: Officers/committee/teacher of PTA (including nursery school/kindergarten parents’ association), schoolchildren, etc., who are involved in support including parents
● Contents:
1. Current status and necessity of multilingual support
2. What is [E-Tra Note]?
3. How to use [E-Tra Note for PTA]
4. Q&A
● Application:
Characteristics of both companies
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On November 25, 2020, Sakase LLC released Japan’s first PTA-dedicated support service, PTA’S, targeting approximately 74,000 PTAs
nationwide. With a focus on outsourcing support for PTA work, we are developing a business that promotes efficiency and optimization of PTA and reduction of the burden on parents with various contents and services. As of January 2023, approximately 790 PTAs in 40 prefectures have registered and are using it.
On the other hand, Toppan Printing is developing a wide range of business activities in the three fields of “information
communication”, “living and industry”, and “electronics” based on “printing technology”. Above all, in the new normal era caused by the corona disaster, we provide solutions that support new communication such as [E-Tra notebook].
Japan’s first* = Our research using the words “PTA”, “matching”, and “outsourcing”
LLC Sakasue Company Overview
・Representative: Sawako Masujima
・ Registration: March 2021
・ Business: Planning and operation of events and sites related to child-rearing support and children’s education and welfare
・ URL:
・ Twitter:
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Company Profile
・Representative: Hideharu Maro, President and Representative Director ・Address: 1-3-3 Suido, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8531
・Established: 1900
・Business description: Business activities in the “Information Communication Business Field,” the “Lifestyle and Industrial Business Field,” and the “Electronics Business Field,” based on “printing technology.”
・ URL:
Details about this release:


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