“Sakazu Sakazu Works Planetarium Ghost Travel” (written by Sakazu Sakazu) won the prestigious international award “Bologna Ragazzi Award Comics Young Adult Division 2023” Best Award!

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“Sakazu Sakazu Works Planetarium Ghost Travel” (written by Sakazu Sakazu) won the prestigious international award “Bologna Ragazzi Award Comics Young Adult Division 2023” Best Award!

“Sakana Sakatsuki Works Planetarium Ghost Travel” published by Pai International Co., Ltd. (Toshima Ward) won the “Bologna Ragazzi Award Comics Young Adult Division 2023” Grand Prize. bottom.
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What is the Bologna Ragazzi Award?
The BolognaRagazzi Award is an award given to outstanding visual books for children and adolescents, judged by international experts. The winners will be announced prior to the annual Bologna International Children’s Book Fair. In 2023, there were 5 divisions of Fiction, Nonfiction, Comics, Opera Prima, and Photography, and there were 2,349 entries from 644 publishers in 59 countries. One grand prize and several winning entries will be selected from each category. Judge’s comment
Using sci-fi expressions to depict the delicate emotions of people living in uncertain times, Sakana Sakazuki is at the forefront of the new wave of fantasy stories. Above all, it is Sakatsuki’s method of combining elements of both Japanese manga and Western culture to depict the constant mission and loneliness of a young man traveling through the stars that amazes with its delicacy and innovation. . Epic and intimate at the same time, this book introduces the world of storytelling, full-color illustrations and short poetic texts, with diverse visuals and aesthetic text at the heart of the story’s astonishing ideas. A collection of monochrome manga short stories – repeatedly approaching. This innovative work marks the beginning of Mr. Sakatsuki’s story manga series “Star Tripper”, the first volume of which was recently published.・We are proud to award the Young Adult category.
*Quoted from the Bologna Ragazzi Award official website (translation: Pai International)
https://www.bolognachildrensbookfair.com/en/awards/bolognaragazzi-award/bolognaragazzi-award-all-the-2023-winners/comics-young-adult-2023/10911.html “Sakazu Sakana Works Planetarium Ghost Travel”
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The story of a certain universe – spelled out with comics and illustrations “Sakazu Sakana Works Planetarium Ghost Travel” is a memory story of a journey in a universe consisting of 4 chapters spelled out with manga, illustrations, and stories.
This is the author’s first commercial collection, Takarajimasha’s “This manga is amazing! 2023” is also attracting attention as a prequel work linked to the manga “Star Travel Shonen”, which ranked fifth in the female edition.
25th Japan Media Arts Festival Manga Division Judging Committee Recommended Work.
▼ “Sakazu Sakana Works Planetarium Ghost Travel”
▼ “Star Travel Shonen” Web serialization
Author: Sakana Sakazuki
Illustrator and cartoonist. Based on the theme of “memories of a journey in space”, she draws a lonely and tranquil world with gentle brushstrokes. “Reiwa First Year Game Kids” (Seikaisha), “Water Choir” (Shokankanbo), “Girls’ Last Tour Official Anthology Comic 2” (KADOKAWA) contributed. In April 2021, she published her first commercial work collection “Sakazu Sakana Works Planetarium Ghost Travel” and in April 2022, her commercial manga debut work “Hoshitabi Shonen” (both published by Kosha).
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sakatsuki_fish
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sakanasakatsuki/
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book outline
Book title: “Sakazu Sakana Works Planetarium Ghost Travel”
Specifications: A5 size (210 x 148mm) / soft cover / 256Pages (4c_128Pages / 1c_128Pages)
Price: ¥1,880 + tax
ISBN: 978-4-7562-5487-0 C0079
Release date: April 22, 2021
Author: Sakana Sakazuki
Publisher: Pai International
Comic “Hoshitabi Shonen” to be a series work of “Sakazu Sakana Works Planetarium Ghost Travel”
・ Takarajimasha “This manga is amazing! 2023” Female version 5th place ・Nominated for “Next Coming Manga Award 2022” Web Manga Category ・ Da Vinci “BOOK OF THE YEAR 2022” Comic Ranking 40th
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In a certain universe, people have begun to fall into a “wake-up sleep” due to the poison of “Tobias Tree”. Sleep spread softly and quietly throughout the universe, and on various planets people lived peacefully coexisting with the Tobias tree. He called the planet where most of the residents fell asleep as the “drowsy star”.
Planetarium Ghost Travel Co., Ltd. (commonly known as PGT Co., Ltd.) who visits the “drowsy star” and records and preserves the culture left behind. Registration number 303. People and things that 303 meets in the visited stars, encounters and partings, and the mystery of “Tobias Tree”. Please enjoy a new piece that will be added to “Record of a Space Journey”.
◆ Web serialization
◆ Volume 1
◆ Volume 2
*The 3rd volume of “Star Travel Shonen” is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2023.
◆Voice Comic Now Available
Cast: Soma Saito (role 303) / Yuma Uchida (role 505) / Yoshino Aoyama (role of stationery store manager)
Voice Comic Production: G-Angle
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