sakkuru Co., Ltd. The ultimate subtractive cuisine that welcomes you with the traditional techniques of the ph antom famous restaurant “Harihan” and a new area of ​​Japanese cuisine is born in the Seto Inland Sea.

sakkuru Co., Ltd.
Ultimate Subtraction Cuisine is born in the Seto Inland Sea with the traditional techniques of the phantom famous restaurant “Harihan” and the new realm of Japanese cuisine.
There is no end to the number of visitors from the Kanto region who want to visit incognito at least once in their lives. Recruitment of special members has started at Makuake! Goal achieved in 1 hour and a half! Achievement rate exceeded 400% in 6 days! Selected as Top 2 of the week! !

Sakkuru Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, President: Sanae Ishimaru) uses refined traditional Japanese cooking techniques to bring out the umami of ingredients without using seasonings to the limit. We opened a new restaurant “Itto Shogu” (Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture) in December last year. Started test marketing at existing stores for one year until opening. Many customers came from outside the prefecture. When we recruited special members on the crowdfunding site “Makuake” on January 11, we achieved our goal within an hour and a half of the start, and were selected as 2nd in the ranking on the day.
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About “Ittoshosumi” where the legendary “Harihan” chef serves as the head chef The head chef of Ittoshosumi, Akitomo Motojima, is from the legendary first-class restaurant “Harihan”, which was once said to be “The University of Tokyo, the chef’s association” and was said to be difficult to train. As a culmination of his 45 years of experience as a chef, Mr. Motojima engraves in his heart that meeting a customer is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. To do.
What is Harihan: A famous restaurant that once existed in Koyoen, a high-class residential area in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture. Known as a first-class restaurant with the nickname of “The University of Tokyo, the chefs’ association,” it was known as a place for cultural exchanges that welcomed many celebrities from Japan and abroad. It is also known that the Showa Emperor and His Majesty the Emperor and his wife stayed at the hotel, and the shogi throne decision battle was also held. It is also famous for the fact that the name of the shop appeared in the novel “Sasameyuki” by Junichiro Tanizaki, a great writer of the Showa era.
■ Main features of “Ittoshosumi”
1. There is no menu
At the time of reservation, the customer’s relationship (family, friends, etc.) Where you live, the physical condition of the customer and the type of drink You can also change the cooking method on the spot depending on the type and amount.
The limit is 8 seats for the dishes that face each person.
Reservation system, membership system
2. The ultimate subtractive dish that does not use seasonings as much as possible and does not burden the stomach
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Don’t use bonito or kelp to make soup stock.
Charcoal is also used for all the grilled foods, and the excess oily taste is completely eliminated.
In all dishes, the soup stock is taken with “the ingredients of the dish itself” Returning to the same ingredients again is possible, but nowhere Real Japanese food. Use all ingredients without throwing them away. 3. Live performance where all dishes are cooked in front of the customer ■ About Makuake limited special members
Ittoshosumi offers a special member-only course at Makuake.
Some types have only a few left.
For details, please see the Ittoshosumi page of Makuake.

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*Wine bottles are not included in all-you-can-drink

*Dishes to be shown on the day may change depending on the
availability of ingredients.
Soup clear like water
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“Suiten Ippeki” is a word that expresses “a clear blue that has no boundary between the sky and the water”.
The “dashi” in Japanese cuisine is so clear that the body and ingredients are continuous.
It is easier to digest than you can imagine and is easy on the body. No sugar, mirin, salt, alcohol, or any seasoning is used.
Everyone is amazed at how much umami can be pulled out without seasoning. Also, at Ittoshosumi, the broth is not made from bonito or kelp. Soak the ingredients used in the dish in water to obtain the dashi stock. While considering the taste of the customer, such as turtle hands and shellfish, the season, the course of the day, etc.
I’m going to plant it for a few hours according to the time of the store. Luxury raw Saikyo-yaki
[Image 5d114381-3-d68bf0a64b927b842d85-3.jpg&s3=114381-3-f16c8bbf5cb2eb092d191eb021739611-1706x1365.jpg
Using traditional techniques, it was caught in the Seto Inland Sea and the San’in region.
Using fresh wild fish and Kyoto natural grain white miso
We believe in not using seasonings such as sugar as much as possible. We are particular about food that does not use additives and chemical seasonings.
In addition, domestically produced silk gently wraps the fish around it. Without getting your hands dirty by spreading the miso,
You can take out miso pickled fish.
Products that are ordered from all over the country as gifts will be on sale before the opening.
It was also featured on the radio program “Tomorrow’s drink”. Warabi mochi using “famous skin-beautifying hot spring water” [Image 6d114381-3-1a88bd6224c38255546f-4.jpg&s3=114381-3-a3713fa120a320d283cecb4ffd06f2e2-534x427.jpg
After the meal, you will be served homemade warabi mochi that is carefully kneaded right in front of you.
It is so popular that customers ask, “Is this shop’s specialty warabimochi?” *No sugar, mirin, or alcohol, which are taken for granted, is used in cooking. ■ Ittoshosumi Overview
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Address: 7-10 Showa-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture  Contact: 084-926-0032
Business hours: 17:00-22:00
Regular holiday: Wednesday
 Number of seats: 8
■ Overview of Sakkuru Co., Ltd.
Trade name: Sakkuru Co., Ltd.
Representative: Sanae Ishimaru
Location: 1-15-1103 Higashisakuracho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture 720-0065
Established: November 1, 2011
Business description: Restaurant business / confectionery
manufacturing business / esthetic business / cleaning business Back office construction and improvement contracting business / Online content management business
■ “Makuake” URL
For details, please see the URL below.

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