Saku City, Nagano Prefecture The online migration salon “Remote City Hall” is celebrating its 2nd anniversary today! Released a special radio drama at FM Remote City Hall

Saku City, Nagano Prefecture
The online migration salon “Remote City Hall” is celebrating its 2nd anniversary today! Released a special radio drama at FM Remote City Hall
Mikiha Spira Spica and Takumi Natsume will join the main cast, and attractive spots in Saku City such as the city’s ski resort Parada and the supermarket Tsuruya will also appear.

From January 2021, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture (Mayor: Seiji Yanagida) will open an online migration salon “Remote City Hall” using Slack operated by the local government for the purpose of increasing migration, settlement and related population, and improving civic pride. ” was launched. In commemoration of the second year today, we will release a special project radio drama “Hoshi no Saku Yoru ni” at FM Remote City Hall.
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FM Remote City Hall Radio drama “Hoshi no Saku Yoru ni” can be viewed from the following URL.
■ Purpose of this project
“Remote City Hall” in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture is a digital community that was born against the background of the corona disaster, and is the first local government Slack-based migration online salon. It has attracted attention as a measure aimed at increasing the digital “related population” as well as the immigrant and permanent population, and has now grown into a platform with more than 2,100 participants.
Today, in commemoration of the second year since the start of the remote city hall, we released the radio drama “Hoshi no Saku Yoru ni ni” set in Saku City, which was completely produced by Mr. Yano Tetsu. This work is set in various real-life spots such as the ski resort “Parada” in Saku City and the supermarket Tsuruya. While synchronizing with the main character’s feelings, we aim to let you know the charm of Saku City and feel closer to it.
Mr. Tetsu Yano, Manager of Remote City Hall
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One of the attractions of my favorite city, Saku City, was “Isn’t it possible to appeal to the beautiful starry sky!?”
The original work itself was written by me about 20 years ago, but since the “star” was an important element, I decided to turn it into a radio drama set in Saku City. .
I completed the story while remembering the perfect starry sky from the Arafune Panorama Camp Field that I actually saw last September, so I think it’s a drama where you can feel the starry sky of Saku City from each description. . It is also recommended for those who have never listened to radio dramas, so please darken your room and envision the wonderful starry sky of Saku City while listening to it! Katsue Handa Assistant Manager Remote City Hall
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I have been watching the starry sky in Saku City since I was a child. I feel that the perfect starry sky from the magic hour at dusk, the Milky Way that can be seen clearly at any time, and the splendor of a natural planetarium are truly treasures of Saku City.
Many people probably have a favorite place to go when they want to see the stars.
This time, a wonderful story about the wonderful starry sky of Saku City was born, and I hope that many people will listen to it. Don’t forget to listen to the names of shops and spots that come up from time to time!
Special radio drama “Hoshi no Saku Yoru ni” as Mami / Spira Spica Mikiha [Image 5

Whoo! Spira spica Stem Leaf! This is the first time I have tried a radio drama. Mami and I have some similarities, and it was a lot of fun acting out each line.
In addition, various spots in Saku City appear in the story. I wanted to go to Saku City to see what it looked like and what it tasted like! Spira Spica has a lot of star songs, so I’d like to do a live performance under the starry sky in Saku City someday. It’s a wonderful story that reminds us of the pure feelings we had forgotten about, “On a starry night.” I hope you all enjoy the miracle that happened one night.
Spira Spica (abbreviation: Spipi) is a solo project by Mikiha, an innocent smiley heroine who naturally makes the viewers and listeners smile. Debuted in 2018 with “Start Dash” with pure pop rock. In 2022, the opening theme “Sansan Days” for the TV anime “Sono Kisekae Ningyo wa Koi wo Suru” will become a hit song. With their characteristic sunshine-like brightness, their music that encourages listeners’ hearts and their live performances that are full of fun and happiness have become a hot topic.
Special radio drama “Hoshi no Saku Yoru ni” Shaw / Takumi Natsume [Image 6

[Automatically generated description of a boy in a white shirt] It was my first time doing voice work, and I had a lot of fun recording it. At first, I was planning to record by myself, but if it’s nice to meet you, Mikiha-san, I’d like to record a conversation! It is partially recorded simultaneously.
I think Saku City in Nagano Prefecture is a wonderful city with an abundance of nature and clean air. I hope to hear from you soon. A small miracle that happened under the starry sky.
Please take a look at the starry sky in Saku City and listen to it! 【profile】
She made her stage debut at the age of 8, and as a child she played Seryozha in Anna Karenina and Young Simba in The Lion King. After taking a hiatus to concentrate on his studies, his major stage works in recent years include “PERSONA5 the Stage”, “GOYA” and “Cinderella Story”. In the future, we will expand the range of activities regardless of genre.
■ Synopsis of the radio drama “Hoshi no Saku Yoru ni”
The main character Mami’s favorite place is a parking lot on a hill where the night view and stars can be seen beautifully.
At first, he is wary of the suspicious behavior of a young man, Sho, whom he sees for the first time. And the reason is to fulfill a promise with a childhood friend who was separated when he was a child. The situation develops rapidly due to the thoughts of a man with such a pure heart.
A town full of stars ☆ What is a small miracle that happened in Saku? Radio drama “Hoshi no Saku Yoru ni” viewing URL:
FM Remote City Office: ■Overview
・Title: In the Starry Night
・Director/Screenplay/Director: Yano Tetsu
・ Cooperation: Katsue Handa
・Performers: Spira Spica Mikiha (role of Mami), Takumi Natsume (role of Shaw), Saku (role of Misaki)
          KANA (grandmother, narration)
・Facilities in Saku City where the stage was set
1. Nagano Ranch 1549-1 Shinkoda, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture 385-0007 2. Sakudaira Highway Oasis “Palada” 2681 Shimohirao, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture 385-0003
3. JAXA Usuda Space Center 1831-6 Kamiotagiri, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture 384-0306
4. JAXA Mizasa Deep Space Exploration Ground Station 1905-43 Tateshina, Maeyama, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture 385-0046
5. Usuda Star Dome 3113-1 Usuda, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture 384-0307 6. Tsuruya 3020-1 Otsuka, Nakagomi, Saku City, 385-0051
7. Bakery Rian 137-1 Hara, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture 385-0052 -reference-
■ What is Saku City, Nagano Prefecture?
[Image 7d47160-21-8094d274c3b9f5f3d91f-6.jpg&s3=47160-21-60f408c938540c164597bb79c3755f60-1280x720.jpg
Saku City is surrounded by beautiful mountains such as Mt. Asama, Mt. It takes about 75 minutes to Tokyo on the JR Hokuriku Shinkansen and about 110 minutes from the Tokyo metropolitan area on the Joshinetsu Expressway, making it highly convenient for high-speed transportation. The area boasts one of the highest percentages of fine weather in Japan, with little rainfall throughout the year and little snow in winter. In addition, no tropical night has ever been observed in the history of meteorological observation, making the climate extremely comfortable to live in. We have advanced community medicine and a comprehensive care system nationwide, and medical welfare is substantial.
What is Remote City Hall?
[Image 8d47160-21-447773f63f2e14dcbf59-7.jpg&s3=47160-21-09747fde5fcbf64d3721ce49b32ac149-720x1280.jpg
“Remote City Hall” is a new migration platform that uses the business chat “Slack” to respond to migration and living consultations. We are promoting real-world information on Saku City and immigration, as well as casual information exchange with citizens. In addition, we hold idea discussions on the issues of Saku City and immigration, and work to realize ideas that lead to problem solving. In July 2021, we announced “Shijuly,” a trial housing support and subsidy service conceived and planned from posts in the remote city hall. In August 2021, we will solicit applications from remote city hall participants and certify remote city hall section chiefs and employees for fiscal 2021, and will activate communication centered on content such as the new project “FM Remote City Hall” centered on section chiefs. I have been there. Through these activities, the remote city hall won Gold in two categories of PR Awards Asia, Golden Worlds Awards, City Promotion Awards Gold Award / Future Creation Award, PR Award Grand Prix Bronze, Japan Marketing Award Encouragement Award, Awarded ACC Silver in the ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS Branded Communication category (C category: PR).
HP: Slack:
■What is Slack?
Slack is a pioneering channel-based messaging platform. We have revolutionized the way business communication is done. Hundreds of companies are now using Slack to align their teams, get the systems they use in one place, and move their business forward. Only Slack provides a secure, enterprise-grade environment for the world’s largest companies.
Slack is a whole new layer in the world of business technology. A place where we can “work together” more efficiently, have all the software tools and services we use in one place, and easily find the information we need. Slack is the center of your work.
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