Samlight Co., Ltd. Samlight will hold a webinar to explain how to use short videos to enhance brand recall, specializing in food and beverage manufacturers (Tuesday, January 31, 13:00-)

Samlight Co., Ltd.
Samlight will hold a webinar to explain how to use short videos to enhance brand recall, specializing in food and beverage manufacturers (Tuesday, January 31, 13:00-)
Explain the latest trends and use cases of short videos on TikTok and Instagram!
Samlight Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Satoshi Ikedo; hereinafter referred to as “Samlight”), which supports corporate content marketing and media business, utilizes the knowledge gained from its own account management experience to A webinar will be held on January 31st (Tuesday) to explain “short video utilization techniques” to enhance brand recall for beverage manufacturer personnel.
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▽ Click here to register for the webinar ■ Webinar overview
● Webinar title
[For food and beverage manufacturers] How to use short videos to increase brand awareness! Thorough explanation of TikTok and Instagram trends
● Contents
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Handmade rice 365:
Handmade Bento 365:
The operation managers of “Handmade Rice 365 (@cook365_)” and “Handmade Obento 365 (@oben365)”, which have a total of nearly 1 million followers, took the stage and held a short program
specializing in food and beverage manufacturers. I will explain in detail how to use videos.
Please join us as we will explain with examples and achievements of our account. ● Program (tentative)
・The latest trends and features of each short video platform ・Benefits of using short videos
・What is the optimal solution for video creatives by platform (Instagram reel/TikTok)?
*This seminar will be the content of the seminar held on December 23, with some of the latest information added.
●Recommended for such people
Food and beverage manufacturers who meet any of the following ・ Responsible for digital marketing and SNS operation
・Considering the operation of short videos (Instagram/TikTok) ・ I want to acquire knowledge about short videos, such as the difference between Instagram and TikTok
●Date and time
Tuesday, January 31, 2023 13:00-14:00
Shiho Matsumoto (Samuraite Co., Ltd. Consumer Business Div. Division Manager) Joined Samlight in 2017. Belongs to the Consumer Business Div., which is responsible for new businesses for consumers. Involved in the operation of the media business and the planning, development and promotion of services associated with it, and experienced a wide range of work such as planning and editing of web media content, SEO, and planning of new services. Currently, as a division manager, he is responsible for overseeing multiple business operations, including the business in the food area that utilizes the Instagram media “Tezukuri Gohan 365” and “Tezukuri Obento 365”.
● Venue
Online (Zoom)
* Your name will not be displayed, including during the question and answer session, so please feel free to participate.
80 people
*It will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so please apply as soon as possible.
*Please note that we may refuse applications from individuals or competing companies.
● Participation benefits (planned)
Scheduled to be introduced in the webinar
● How to apply
Please apply using the form on this page.
■ Background of this webinar
On the Instagram media “Tezukuri Gohan 365” and “Tezukuri Obento 365” operated by Samlight, information such as menus, recipes, how to pack lunches, ideas for side dishes, etc. are posted daily on feeds and reels. Recently, we are also working on EC business starting from this media.
We decided to hold a webinar because we would like food and beverage manufacturers to refer to the success stories and the latest trends that we have gained while focusing on short videos as a medium. ■ About Samlight Co., Ltd.
Samlight is a “MEDIA MARKETING COMPANY” with a vision of “believing in content, promoting media, and coloring people.” We support the business and marketing of companies with a focus on content marketing. In addition, through our own media management, business development with mass media, and media consulting business, we will open up new forms of media business and new marketing for the next era.
【Company Profile】
Name: Samlight Co., Ltd. (English: SOMEWRITE inc.)
Head office location: Grandforet B1, 3-57-6 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Satoshi Ikedo, Representative Director and CEO Corporate site:
Content marketing information media “SOME MEDIA”: ● Inquiries regarding this matter
Samlight Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager
TEL: 03-6550-8907
Details about this release:


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