San-X The first triple collaboration of “Maison de Fleur” x “Sentimental Circus” x “Korokoro Cologna” has been realized! Introducing a cute collection drawn with special art in a tuxedo!

San-X Co., Ltd.
The first triple collaboration of “Maison de Fleur” x “Sentimental Circus” x “Korokoro Cologna” has been realized! Introducing a cute collection drawn with special art in a tuxedo!
-Sales of stuffed toy bag charms with autographed postcards and Shappo visit events-

San-X Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hiroshi Senda) is a brand developed by Stripe International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture; President: Takao Tachibana) “Maison de FLEUR” )”, we are pleased to announce that a collaboration collection with the popular characters “Sentimental Circus” and “Korokoro Colonya” will be released at Maison de FLEUR stores nationwide from February 10 (Friday).
[Image 1d18631-223-8688c60a86173b143e57-0.png&s3=18631-223-b910514ee30b46be668fc620a6ebe64b-642x321.png
The Sentimental Circus is a secret circus troupe formed by an abandoned stuffed animal “Shappo” and stuffed animals forgotten in the street corners and corners of rooms. In addition, Korokoro Cologna is the main character of the shy cat “Colonya” who lives leisurely in a small Pannya on the street corner.
This is the first collaboration between Maison de FLEUR, Sentimental Circus, and Korokoro Cologna. This time, a triple collaboration collection with two characters will be developed.
There are 7 items in the line-up, including Maison de FLEUR’s popular tote bags, pouches, and towel handkerchiefs. Among them, the most recommended item is a canvas tote bag with a color print of an illustration specially drawn for this collaboration. Shappo and Cologna are dressed up in tuxedos and surrounded by flowers and ribbons to create a cute art. The soft spring-like color is also a point. It is also recommended to use it with a stuffed animal bag charm that uses the same art.
In addition, there are luxury items such as double ribbon tote bags and pouches with foil printed characters, and towel handkerchiefs made in Japan with embroidery specifications.
In addition, an event will be held to commemorate this collaboration. At Maison de FLEUR Shinjuku Lumine 2 stores and Umeda est store, a limited number of plush toy bag charms with character autographed postcards will be sold. Furthermore, at the Maison de FLEUR Laforet Harajuku store, on February 11 (Sat./holiday), Shappo will visit the store and hold a two-shot photo session. Don’t miss this must-see event for fans.
Please enjoy the cute special collection of Commander Shappo and Cologna who visited the world of Maison de FLEUR.
“Sentimental Circus” x “Korokoro Cologna” collaboration collection sales overview
Release date: February 10 (Friday) * EC site 12:00 on the same day Sales locations: Maison de FLEUR stores nationwide, own EC site “STRIPE CLUB” (, ZOZOTOWN, Rilakkuma store (excluding some stores), San-X online shop (https://
Products for sale: 3 types of bags, pouches, towel handkerchiefs, bag charms, plush toys
* Only stuffed animals and bag charms are available at the Rilakkuma Store and San-X Net Shop.
“Sentimental Circus” x “Korokoro Cologna” Collaboration Collection Product Details
*All prices include tax
■ Print square tote bag
Color: Ivory
Price: ¥5,500
[Image 2d18631-223-2dd82032bf7931acdf57-1.jpg&s3=18631-223-b934ba988a78f9e828b982e9a612b1e6-561x712.jpg

■ Double ribbon tote bag
Color: Pink/Black
Price: ¥6,600
[Image 3d18631-223-90c2aaafed5b2286c2d6-2.jpg&s3=18631-223-3f4549fba70458bfb08080727e814c40-619x831.jpg
■ Side pocket tote bag
Color: Pink/Mint/Black
Price: ¥7,000
[Image 4d18631-223-3c98c866917662d58e7b-3.jpg&s3=18631-223-a38abe939031791222027c2c581b4ed7-616x828.jpg
■ Print ribbon pouch
Color: Pink/Mint
Price: ¥4,200
[Image 5d18631-223-b44154b2072e957fd20e-4.jpg&s3=18631-223-f1375848af02028a7c31a5b914269014-624x832.jpg
■ Embroidered towel handkerchief
Color: Pink/Mint
Price: ¥1,870
[Image 6d18631-223-7bb0901e5cfc6d2ba6e0-5.jpg&s3=18631-223-c7661c263a3fcd978ce473044eb6e199-625x835.jpg
■ Stuffed toy
Price: ¥3,850
■ Back charm
Price: ¥3,300
[Image 7d18631-223-1f832fb0775947db06fe-6.jpg&s3=18631-223-a9abedf51ac203852a4df53747c1f72e-3900x2600.jpg

“Sentimental Circus” x “Korokoro Cologna” Collaboration Commemorative Event Overview
“Sales of bag charms with autographed postcards of Captain Shappo and Cologna” At Maison de FLEUR Shinjuku Lumine 2 stores and Maison de FLEUR Umeda est store, we will sell a limited number of “bag charms with autographed postcards”.
*This product is a set of signatures of each character on the “bag charm” of this collaboration.
Sale date: February 10 (Friday) until sold out
Sales stores: Maison de FLEUR Shinjuku Lumine 2 stores, Maison de FLEUR Umeda Est store
[Image 8d18631-223-36e775a57432d5584990-7.jpg&s3=18631-223-8d1fd7484f42d6caf46f3d500ced9e12-800x618.jpg
signed postcard
Holding a 2-shot photo session for Captain Shappo
[Image 9d18631-223-454752110816a9ff5d67-8.jpg&s3=18631-223-0b19b84b612a6a688068569211c45436-627x1032.jpg
To commemorate this collaboration, Mr. Shappo visited Maison de FLEUR Laforet Harajuku 2F.
We will have a 2-shot photo session.
Date: February 11 (Sat/holiday) 13:00-, 15:00-
Holding store: Maison de FLEUR Laforet Harajuku 2F
*Details of the event can be found on Maison de FLEUR official Instagram (@maisondefleur_press) will guide you.
Character introduction
[Image 10d18631-223-02bda051ff0c7ec7fab4-9.jpg&s3=18631-223-4d917cd3006a282e903e91f60c20667b-636x787.jpg
■ About Sentimental Circus
The main character is Shappo, an abandoned stuffed animal.
A secret circus troupe formed by stuffed animals forgotten in the corners of streets and rooms, sneaking out at night.
Mysterious friends gather tonight, and the showtime begins.
For details, see Sentimental
Circus Official Twitter:
[Image 11d18631-223-11e76831e103be317503-10.jpg&s3=18631-223-1f269af46bae969cbcd7f2fc48a3162c-442x295.jpg
About Korokoro Cologna
Kolonya is a cat who lives leisurely at a small Pannya on the street corner. At first glance, Korona becomes restless and restless whenever a new friend talks to her. One day, would it be nice to hide in a failed coronepan? ! After that, I started spending every day with Koronepan.
For details, see -Corocorocoronya Official Twitter: (C) 2023 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Details about this release:


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