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Traditional sharpness over 100 years [Tuscan knife]
[Sharply cut off with a thin blade] Developed by a long-established store in Italy, the city of cutlery. Rust-resistant, lightweight kitchen knife Available at Makuake from January 18th to February 26th, 2023.

・A lifetime kitchen knife made by a manufacturer with a history of over 100 years in Maniago, Italy.
・Stainless steel 4116-nitro B with excellent corrosion resistance is used for the blade. Hard and thin, excellent sharpness
・The steering wheel is made of Tuscan olive with beautiful wood grain. 4 types of premium knives, each one different
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“Tuscan Knife” Makuake support purchase start
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SANGO Trading LLC (Machida City, Tokyo, Representative: Chika Mackenzie), which is promoting the business of searching for exciting products that are not yet available in Japan and introducing them to everyone in Japan under the acquisition of an exclusive sales contract, Recruitment of operating funds has started on the support purchase site “Makuake”.
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Made by a long-established kitchen knife maker in Maniago, Italy’s cutlery town [Image 2

[Tuscan Knife] was founded in 1896 and was created by Due Cigni, which has been making cutlery knives for over 100 years in Maniago, Italy’s cutlery town.
A sharp, beautiful and elegant kitchen knife.
Maniago is a small town of about 10,000 people located in Northern Italy. The history of cutlery production is long, starting with the production of military weapons in the 14th century, and even today, there are many cutlery manufacturers, ranging from cutlery and farm equipment for Sunday cutlery to military army knives, exporting them all over the world. increase.
Due Cigni is a regular member of the US AKTI (American Knife & Tool Association), a global community of knife enthusiasts, and is a knife manufacturer with top-class ability in the industry.
As a cutlery maker, it won an award as a kitchen knife in 2022 at the German Red Dot Award, one of the world’s three major product design awards. Highly rated by professional buyers.
Rust-resistant stainless steel 4116-Nitro B blade
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[Tuscan Knife] uses a special Italian hard steel “Stainless Steel 4116-Nitro B” that combines sharpness and rust resistance for the blade.
Stainless steel 4116-Nitro B is a material commonly called nitrogen steel, which is made by mixing nitrogen with stainless steel 4116 (equivalent to JIS standard SUS410J1) used as a material for tableware.
Stainless steel is resistant to rust because the surface is covered with a dynamic film.
However, this dynamic film is extremely thin at 1μ, and if it is immersed in a solution containing scratches or chloride ions, small holes called pitting corrosion will open, and the dynamic film will break and rust will occur.
Stainless steel 4116-Nitro B does not suffer from this pitting corrosion, and by adding nitrogen, it also increases the “stickiness” of the tensile strength that determines the sharpness of knives. Of course, it also has a Rockwell hardness of 55 to 57, which is the standard for sharpness, which is comparable to kitchen knives that advocate sharpness.
The thin blade allows you to cut with light force
[Tuscan Knife] Of course, the sharpness is also excellent.
Because it uses stainless steel 4116-Nitro B, which is hard and sticky, it is characterized by being able to make the blade thinner than general kitchen knives.
If the blade is thin, the blade can easily enter the food like a razor and cut with light force.
In addition, the blade is serrated (wavy blade), so even soft ingredients can be easily inserted into the blade and cut cleanly without crushing the cross section.
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As you can see, the tomatoes are easy to crush. Because it is sharp like a razor, the blade can be inserted without pressing hard, making it easy to slice extremely thin.
You can also cut the hard pineapple skin crisply.
Avocados, which have hard seeds, are also cut in half as if they were cutting an apple. You don’t need to turn the knife along the seeds, and you can finish it with a beautiful cross section.
With a normal kitchen knife, punctures tend to occur while cutting, but with the sharp [Tuscan Knife] bread knife, you can lightly pull it once. Almost no punctures fall off and can be cut cleanly.
Tuscan olive handle
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The name comes from the use of Tuscan olives for the handle of the [Tuscan Knife].
The Tuscany region of Italy is one of the leading olive production areas in Italy, and is also famous for its high quality.
Olive trees are over 1000 years old
It grows tall and needs regular pruning.
The handle of [Tuscan Knife] is a reused by-product.
Olive wood has a lot of oil and is hard and durable.
The wood grain is also beautiful, and the pattern, which is unique to no two, is truly a work of art.
Unlike plastic or metal handles, it is light and fits comfortably in your hand. The handle is made with the same core shape.
It is well-balanced and durable because it is fastened at three points with tacks.
It has a gentle curve so that you can hold it firmly, and the base and the bottom of the handle are non-slip, so you can apply force even when cutting hard ingredients.
Lightweight and easy for women to handle
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[Tuscan knife] has a thin blade and a wooden handle, so it is super lightweight compared to general kitchen knives.
The Santoku knife, which is often used, weighs only 128g, which is equivalent to two AA batteries.
Because it is easy to handle, there is less strain on the wrists and arms, making it easy to cut for long periods of time.
You can easily perform cuts such as Sasagaki, where the blade is likely to be taken away by centrifugal force.

This time [Tuscan Knife] has prepared 4 types of kitchen knives according to the ingredients.
[Image 7d103209-3-d55af28cf8cf93a915b9-4.jpg&s3=103209-3-dd0e2b9b205aca43757fa1a510a86c90-2188x2700.jpg

[Image 8d103209-3-df18c4b81502276cdcb3-7.png&s3=103209-3-80ff39d7568472e57020c708d1d1665a-1414x1733.png
-Santoku Knife-
A kitchen knife that can be used for a wide range of purposes. The length of the blade is 18 cm and well balanced, so you can easily cut pineapples and avocados.
The side of the blade has dimples (unevenness processing), so even when cutting moist ingredients, the blade is well separated and you can cut tomatoes and cucumbers crisply.
-Bread Knife-
A bread knife that can cleanly cut baguettes and bread. The thin blade makes it easy to insert the blade into the bread. Also, when cutting sandwiches, the ingredients can be cut cleanly, so the appearance is beautiful. You can easily cut tarts, pies, and chiffon cakes. -Steak Knife-
It is a kitchen knife that can be used conveniently when cutting meat. The serrations cut off the muscle of meat that is difficult to cut on a plate such as steak. Roast pork can also be cut thinly, so you can create a beautiful presentation.
Perfect for cutting meat, as well as fish sashimi and cheese. -Utility Knife-
A small kitchen knife suitable for peeling fruits such as apples and chopping green onions. Because it is easy to handle, fine cutting is also easy. You can cut soft butter and camembert cheese without crushing it.
It is on sale at 10-35% off at Makuake.

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Representative: Chika Mackenzie

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