Sapporo TV “Dosanko Wide 179” x Hokkaido Fisheries High School Idea recipe commercialized

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Sapporo TV “Dosanko Wide 179” x Hokkaido Fisheries High School Idea recipe commercialized
Sales start from January 23, 2023 at Seicomart all over Hokkaido! !
Products based on the students’ idea recipes from the project “Dosanko Wide 179 Hokkaido Fisheries High School Week” to support Hokkaido’s fisheries high schools will be sold at Seicomart all over Hokkaido! First batch: January 23rd (Monday) Otaru Fisheries High School “Hand-rolled rice ball yellowtail mayonnaise” (main unit price 120 yen)
2nd January 24th (Tuesday) Hakodate Fisheries High School “Buri Menchi Croquette” (main unit price 120 yen)
It will be sold in limited quantities at all Seicomart stores in Hokkaido! [Image 1

STV announcer Minami Sasaki holding the product
In 2022, Sapporo Television Broadcasting’s evening wide program “Dosanko Wide 179” will collaborate with three fisheries high schools in Hokkaido (Otaru Fisheries High School, Hakodate Fisheries High School, Akkeshi Shoyo High School). We did!
Hokkaido boasts one of the largest catches of fishery resources in Japan…However, the number of fisheries leaders is decreasing year by year.
Support the “Fishery High School” that supports the future of the sea in Hokkaido, and enjoy eating fish even more! Delicious! A
collaboration project to spread it, the name is “Dosanko Wide 179 Fisheries High School Week”!
As in the previous year, based on “Dosanko ☆ Kitchen” where Mr. Sachiko Hoshizawa will show off her cooking, we will broadcast 5 recipes per week in August, October, and December 2022!

[Image 2

Training at Hakodate Fisheries High School
The director closely introduces the curriculum of each school and the students’ “What do you usually study?” and “What kind of life do you lead?” Introducing the situation.
Then, the students from the three schools actually made tuna caught in deep-sea fishing practice, canned saury and kamaboko that they processed themselves, and Mr. Hoshizawa showed off his arranged dishes.
[Image 3

Tuna sales practice at Otaru Fisheries High School
In addition, the original recipe devised by the students under the theme of “a delicious dish that you want to make a new local specialty” will be further brushed up and introduced. , Decided to commercialize and sell based on the original recipe of the students of Fisheries High School!

In order to revitalize the primary industry and to support fish consumption, we have finally created an opportunity for consumers to actually get their hands on the recipes that the students have researched a lot!

Please receive the thoughts of the students who are working hard at Hokkaido Fisheries High School!
~ Supporting the young power of the primary industry! History of STV [2020] “Hokkaido Agricultural High School Tournament” will be held due to the corona crisis!
Three years ago, STV teamed up with an agricultural high school to support young people who will be responsible for the primary industry in Hokkaido. In 2020, after hearing that an agricultural high school in Hokkaido lost its place to sell processed agricultural products due to the corona crisis, STV, which received consultation, will sell processed agricultural products from 26 agricultural high schools in Hokkaido through a mail order site. I cheered you on.
As a result, more than 600 items were sold out in about two days, creating a strong response.By disseminating information about the agricultural high school and providing practical opportunities for students to learn how to sell, they established a strong bond with the agricultural high school section. I was able to tie it.
[2021] “Hokkaido Agricultural High School Original Sweets Recipe Contest” will be held! Product commercialization!
In addition, in the next year, 2021, the collaboration project with Agricultural High School will be further enhanced as one of the 30th anniversary projects of the STV evening wide program “Dosanko Wide”! Teaming up with 30 agricultural high schools all over Hokkaido, Ms. Sachiko Hoshizawa will show off her cooking using processed
agricultural products made by the students at Ms. Sachiko Hoshizawa’s cooking corner. At the same time, the “Hokkaido Agricultural High School Original Sweets Recipe Contest” will be held at the same time, the first in Japan, where all 30 schools in Hokkaido will participate. 44 recipes were collected from all schools, and the top 8 winning recipes were commercialized and sold at 1000 Seicomart stores across Hokkaido for a limited time and in limited quantities! Not only high school students involved in agriculture, but also the local people expected and supported the event, showing an unusual excitement in each region. Part of the sales is donated as educational equipment to 30 agricultural high schools across Hokkaido and returned to the agricultural high schools.
STV will continue to enthusiastically and deeply support the young people who will lead the future of Hokkaido’s primary industry! “Dosanko Wide 179” will continue to actively disseminate useful information for the lives of Hokkaido residents.

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