Sato Food Service Co., Ltd. Japanese food and “domestic natural blowfish” fair will be held for a limited time!

Sato Food Service Co., Ltd.
Washoku Sato “Domestic natural blowfish” fair will be held for a limited time! “Tecchiri Nabe” and “Pufferfish Nabeyaki Udon” using the Queen of Pufferfish “Mafugu” etc.

[Sales period] January 12, 2023 (Thursday) to late February
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For a limited time only, a luxurious menu featuring Japanese food and “domestic natural blowfish” will be available.
“Washoku Sato”, which has 209 stores in Japan, will sell a seasonal fair using “domestic natural blowfish” for a limited time from January 12 (Thursday) to late February.
The “Mafugu” used this time is called “Queen of Fugu” because of its rich sweetness and gentle taste. ”, “Fugu Nabeyaki Udon”, “Fugu Rice Porridge”, “Fugu Nigiri”, “Fugu Deep-fried”, etc.
In this season when the cold is getting tougher, please enjoy a fun meal at the “Domestic natural blowfish” fair with Japanese food that will fill your stomach and heart with hot pots.
*Not sold at Washoku Sato Kyoto Katsura store and Tsukuba store. [Image 2

■ Official HP
[Products for sale]
・Tecchiri nabe 1,599 yen (1,758 yen including tax)
・Tecchiri Course (Tecchiri Hot Pot, Fugu Nigiri, etc.) 2,499 yen (2,748 yen including tax)
・Fugu Gozen (mini Tecchiri nabe, mini fugu bowl, etc.) 1,899 yen (2,088 yen including tax)
・Fugu nabeyaki udon set meal 1,299 yen (1,428 yen including tax) ・Blowfish porridge 1,199 yen (1,318 yen including tax)
・Blowfish Nigiri 399 yen (438 yen including tax) ・Deep-fried blowfish 699 yen (768 yen including tax)
[Sales overview]
■ Eligible stores: Washoku Sato store *Not sold at the Kyoto Katsura and Tsukuba stores
■ Sales period: Scheduled for January 12, 2023 (Thursday) to late February *Some stores may be closed due to renovations, etc.
*Product content and tableware may differ depending on the
availability of ingredients at some stores.
*Please forgive us when we are sold out.
*This menu is subject to change/cancellation without notice. [Image 3d19137-190-689f154e4c1e2973e373-2.jpg&s3=19137-190-ba8cd10703548c262a7c60cfa8910e39-1005x845.jpg

As a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Washoku Sato asks customers who come to the store to wear a mask.
In addition, in addition to the wearing of masks by employees, we are implementing preventive measures as appropriate, such as regular disinfection work in various places in the store and measures to prevent droplet infection by installing sheets in front of the cash register.
[Image 4d19137-190-b039e82f94660103f735-4.jpg&s3=19137-190-240c22e749bc6e0ddc09ccacf05b44cb-729x850.jpg
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