Sato no Kai Crowdfunding project started

Sano City Hall
[Sato no Kai] Crowdfunding project started
Sato no Kai | NEW ERA (R) Mr. Sato’s cap is born? !

“Sato no Kai”, which was established in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture, which is related to “Mr. Enable collaboration. We will start recruiting on the crowdfunding site CAMPFIRE from January 20, 2023 for the production of Sato no Kai original caps.
As a return item, we plan to produce two types of “9FIFTY (TM)”, which is the basic model of the NEW ERA (R) snapback cap, and “9FORTY (TM)”, a curved visor cap that is easy for women to wear. In addition, part of the amount of your support will be used to support the operation of the “Wind Chime Sando” that will be held at the “Karazawa Castle Ruins”, a place related to Mr. Sato.
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Where the hell is Sato…?
A seemingly incomprehensible logo that decorates the front of the cap. Here was the secret of Mr. Sato’s cap. When you turn the cap 90 degrees, the hiragana character for “sato” appears!
We aimed for a cap that would make the 2 million Sato-sans all over the country stylishly and casually feel the joy of being Sato-san every time they put it on.
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[Image 7

Two designs from the popular standard model of NEWERA (R)
[type A]
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[Image 9

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[Image 11

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[type B]
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-Crowdfunding details-
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[Support method]
Call for support on the crowdfunding site CAMPFIRE
Campaign page: [Recruitment period]
January 20, 2023 (Friday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)
・Sato no Kai|NEW ERA(R) original cap (9FIFTY(TM) or 9FORTY(TM)) ・ Sato no Kai free membership registration
* The contents of the return will change depending on the amount of support. Please check the campaign page for details.
What is “NEW ERA(R)”?
Founded in 1920, New Era is an American headwear and apparel brand with a history of over 100 years. We are the only official cap supplier for major league baseball players, and its roots are in sports, but we have also collaborated with many brands and artists, and continue to create new styles and categories of products, and have expanded into the fields of fashion and culture. It has received high support. Starting with the standard 59FIFTY (R) baseball cap, which is a representative model, we are developing a diverse lineup of apparel and bags.
-Brand site-
New Era | NEW ERA Official Mail Order Site for Caps, Apparel, and Bags | New Era Online Store
( Information about “Sato no Kai” will be disseminated nationwide through the official website and SNS.
“Sato no Kai” official website
Official Twitter
Official Facebook Official YouTube
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