SAUNA Pod 槃 A hideaway “private sauna” was born in Nishi-ku, Osaka. Pod sauna “SAUNA Pod 槃”, a private room rental that can be used by both men and women, will open in March 2023

Ei Co., Ltd.
A hideaway “private sauna” is born in Nishi-ku, Osaka. Pod sauna “SAUNA Pod 槃”, a private room rental that can be used by both men and women, will open in March 2023
Enjoy the sauna alone in a noiseless space where you can just immerse yourself in the sauna

Ei Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Osaka) will open a private sauna “SAUNAPod” in Nishi-ku, Osaka in March 2023. Reservation sales will start in early February, and advance pre-opening is scheduled in early March. Based on the concept of “just feel the sauna”, this is a new kind of sauna facility where you can experience “sauna x meditation”.

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Advance pre-opening will be available for reservation from the official website from early February 2023.
[SAUNAPod 槃]
Private sauna of “private room charter” in Nishi Ward, Osaka City The outskirts of Nishi Ward, Osaka City, where the downtown area and the business district are mixed with a retro atmosphere. If you don’t know about it, you’ll pass by, but the corner of a certain building is just an everyday hideaway. The “Pod Sauna” is a private room that can be reserved for both men and women. It is a new sensation sauna facility where you can experience “sauna x meditation” based on the concept of “just feel the sauna”. * Men and women cannot use it at the same time.

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With the recent sauna boom, the number of crowded sauna facilities is increasing. ” came up with the idea. A private room rental sauna where you can immerse yourself in the sauna in a space just for yourself, like a “Zen” experience, where you can get rid of distractions and concentrate on “totoi” stoically.
The charm of “Pod Sauna” where you can immerse yourself in the sauna “Pod sauna” = “just a space where you can immerse yourself in the sauna” is a “noiseless minimal space” that cancels the noise that stimulates the five senses when you concentrate on the sauna. “Pod Sauna” is a private room, so you don’t have to worry about the surroundings such as noise and gaze. In addition, the lighting plan that avoids dazzling light sources, the operation of all ventilation and the reupholstery of the cold bath, etc. eliminate as much noise as possible to the five senses that hinder concentration in the sauna. For example, after using the noise canceling function of Bluetooth earphones, we aimed for an experience like “noticing everyday noise”. [Image 3

There are 4 types of private rooms that can be reserved. There are different sizes and layouts, and you can choose between a room with a cold bath or a cold shower. The sauna room has a curved bench that snuggles up to the body and a bench that can be leaned on, creating a beautiful space that envelops the entire room. All rooms can be heated, and you can experience the pleasure of being steamed while relaxing, wrapped in wood, heat and steam.
After “just immersing yourself in the sauna” in a noiseless minimal space, experience the feeling of resetting your mind and body and sharpening your sensibilities.
How to enjoy the noiseless minimal space and “Pod Sauna”
I had many discussions with the design team about “noiseless minimal space”. The sauna room, the bathroom, the toi space, and the washroom are hand-plastered by craftsmen to create a sense of unity, so that it is not just noiseless, but also has a high-quality minimalist feel that has been carefully crafted down to the smallest detail. While holding it, it is designed by dividing the function into each. For the sauna room, we repeatedly adjusted the plan in order to create an arrangement and structure that produced efficient heat circulation and intake/exhaust. I think that we were able to reproduce a noiseless and minimal space by designing in detail, such as concentrating as much as possible in the washroom facilities and functions that are necessary for the bathroom and other spaces, but are visible and interesting. Among them, the wooden bench in the sauna room has a unique curved shape, so we made a mock-up and made it all to order while checking the comfort of sitting. The ceiling and walls are plastered by craftsmen, and the lighting allows you to enjoy the natural imprint of the seal, imagining a state of slow steaming while slumbering. [Image 4

I have written a lot of details, but I don’t think about how to enjoy the “Pod Sauna”.
If I dare to suggest one thing, I recommend that you measure your heart rate and check the steaming condition.
For those who are new to sauna, we are planning a trial session where we will give a lecture on how to enjoy the sauna from the beginning. Sauna room details
We have 4 types of rooms that can be used by 1 or more people. *Limited to same-sex couples.
[Room 1-Room 3], which can be used by 1 to 3 people, is a cold water bath and cold water shower type room.
[Room 4], which can be used by 1 to 6 people, can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as sauna meetings and sauna experience sessions for beginners.
How to use the facility
* Reservations can be made from the official website from two weeks before the reservation date.
*Because of the cashless operation of advance payment for online reservations, you can use it empty-handed with just a smartphone. *The passcode required to enter the museum will be issued by e-mail or official LINE the day before the reservation.
*In addition, details of the facility and advance pre-opening reception will be updated on the official website and Instagram as needed.
Instagram: @saunapod.hann

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