SB Foods Co., Ltd. Dinner Curry 50th Anniversary Rich and Spice of Fond de Veau “Fond de Veau Dinner” Series, “Premium Fond de Veau Dinner Curry Medium Spicy” February 6 Refresh

SB Foods Co., Ltd.
Dinner Curry 50th Anniversary Rich and Spicy Fond de Veau “Font de Veau Dinner” Series, “Premium Fond de Veau Dinner Curry Medium Spicy” February 6 Refresh
Pioneer of authentic European-style curry roux

SB Foods Co., Ltd. celebrates the 50th anniversary of the brand with S&B’s finest roux “Fon de Beau Dinner Curry” and “Fon de Beau”, which are characterized by the deep richness and profound taste of fond de veau. Dinner stew”, “Fon de veau dinner hashed beef”, “Premium fond de veau dinner curry medium hot” All 10 items will be refreshed. [Image 1

Product overview
・ Sales area: Nationwide
・ Scheduled date of store release: February 6, 2023
・Product specifications: Described on the last page
Product features
・Fond de veau of the finest taste that continues to be delicious We are particular about the “fond de veau,” which is indispensable for French cuisine, and expresses deep richness and profound taste. It is a luxurious dish that allows you to recreate the luxurious taste at home. * What is “fond de veau”?
In French cuisine, it is a type of dashi soup called “Fon” that is used as a base for stewed dishes and sauces. roasted veal bones Add stir-fried flavored vegetables to the shank meat and boil it from water. It contains a lot of gelatin and has a strong taste of meat and bones.
It has a deep flavor and is often used as a base for meat dishes. ・Refreshment Point *Dinner Curry (Stew and hashed beef packages are subject to change.)
Fond de veau: We have enhanced the flavor and aroma of beef to pursue a rich taste.
Sautéed onions: By adding charred onions, we strengthened the bitterness and richness in addition to the umami.
Butter: Changed from French butter to domestic butter.
Spice: Increased amount of curry powder to enhance the lingering aroma. ≪Sweet (sweet for adults)≫
Made with sweet-smelling spices (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg), this sweet mouthfeel will satisfy adults with a lingering aftertaste.
≪Medium spicy, dry≫
The taste of beef and saute de onion is kept as it is, while maintaining the design of the profound taste based on fond de veau. We added the sourness of tomatoes and the richness of mushrooms as secret ingredients. Deep and complex taste like European curry It expresses a certain taste.
≪Cream stew≫
A rich flavor that combines fond de veau with chicken bouillon. A high-quality stew with the deep sweetness of sautéed onions and the scent of tarragon.
≪Beef stew≫
A beef stew that makes use of the characteristics of fond de veau, sautéed onions, and butter, and has a lingering finish of spices such as cloves and nutmeg that enhance the flavor of beef.
≪Hashed beef≫
Based on fond de veau, it is a rich hashed beef that perfectly matches the sweetness of sautéed onions, tomatoes, and spices such as allspice.
≪Premium fond de veau dinner curry medium spicy≫
A twin specification of “solid roux + paste” that expresses
overwhelming depth and profound taste.
A heavy sauce (solid roux) that accentuates the taste of domestic sautéed onions and the aroma of Hokkaido butter with domestic jeu de boeuf* and red wine from Bordeaux. The overwhelming presence of beef expressed in the attached domestic fond de veau paste is truly a premium taste. A dinner curry for adults who know gourmet food, using luxuriously high-quality ingredients.
※Jeux de Boeuf
Based on the juice that comes out when beef is grilled, bouillon and flavored vegetables are added to make the sauce.
It is characterized by the strong taste of beef.
Dinner brand 50th anniversary
[Image 2

In 1973, it was born as Japan’s first authentic European-style curry roux. Focusing on “fond de veau,” which is considered to be the base of the best taste in French cuisine, it aroused new needs as a product that could be enjoyed at home with European-style curry that could only be eaten at hotels and restaurants. .
[Image 3

▼ Dinner curry brand site (scheduled to be updated on February 6)
Commercialization background
・ Expectations for the taste of European-style curry ≪Dinner Curry≫ Although it is rich, there is a growing desire for the aroma of spices and the richness and umami of vegetables.
〇 Preference for the taste of European-style curry 2022, according to our research
[Image 4

・Expectations for special deliciousness 《Premium Dinner Curry》 The taste of European-style curry with a special feeling using high-quality ingredients is expected.
〇Ingredients used in European-style curry to create a sense of luxury 2022 research by our company (n=396)
[Image 5

dinner curry promotion
In the future, we plan to carry out a promotion that conveys the world view of dinner curry. (After April 2023)
In conjunction with the campaign, we will widely promote the appeal of dinner curry.

[Table 2: ]
・Product specifications
[Image 6d3092-591-5032c5d966c1e204b1dd-5.jpg&s3=3092-591-4823b91c2a052e6b032e6a410d9f488b-1301x532.jpg

Details about this release:


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