SB Foods Co., Ltd. Evolutionary tubes have evolved further! ? “Kizami Aojiso”, “Kizami Green Onion Salt ”, “Kizami Lemon”, “Kizami Basil” refreshed on March 6 for a taste closer to freshness

SB Foods Co., Ltd.
The evolutionary tube has evolved further! ? “Kizami Aojiso”, “Kizami Green Onion Salt”, “Kizami Lemon”, “Kizami Basil” refreshed on March 6 for a taste closer to freshness
“Tuber style” that spreads fun and deliciousness!

SB Foods Co., Ltd. will refresh the “Kizami” series of spices in tubes that can be used for various dishes, such as “Kizami Aojiso”, “Kizami Green Onion Salt”, “Kizami Lemon” and “Kizami Basil”.
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■ Product overview
・ Sales area: Nationwide
・ Scheduled date of store release: March 6, 2023
・Product specifications:
[Product name] Chopped green perilla
[Product name] Chopped green onion salt
[Product name] Chopped lemon
[Product name] Chopped basil
[capacity] 38g
[packing style] 10×10
[Suggested retail price] 125 yen (excluding tax)
■ Product features
・New brand logo
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We have established a new brand logo that expresses the deliciousness and friendliness of chopped ingredients.
・Environmental consideration
Biomass plastic is used for the tube container. By using raw materials derived from sugarcane, we are working to reduce petroleum raw materials and reduce CO2 emissions.
≪Chopped blue perilla≫ *Package change only
With its refreshing aroma of chopped green perilla, it goes well with a variety of dishes, both Japanese, Western, and Chinese.
【Example of use】
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≪Chopped green onion salt≫
It is characterized by the crunchy texture of green onions cut into large pieces, the richness of sesame oil, and the sharpness of black pepper.
We increased the amount of green onions to improve the texture and the original taste of the ingredients.
【Example of use】
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≪Chopped Lemon≫
It features a refreshing lemon flavor and the deliciousness of a whole lemon that has been chopped up to the skin. We increased the amount of lemon juice to increase the sourness and aroma while reducing the saltiness and bitterness.
【Example of use】
[Image 5

≪Chopped basil≫
Genovese-style flavor that allows you to enjoy the gorgeous scent of chopped basil. By changing to a taste that allows you to feel more basil and increasing the amount of garlic and olive oil, we have improved the aroma, umami, and richness.
【Example of use】
[Image 6

■ Commercialization background
・ Brush up for further customer satisfaction
It can be seen that the “chopped series” has high expectations for its value as a substitute for fresh food and as a convenient seasoning seasoning.
○ Expectations for the “Kizami Series”
[Image 7

2022, according to our research (n=300)
■ “Tuber Style” Site
In addition to standard tubes such as wasabi and ginger, SB Foods has more than 60 types of tube seasonings, including so-called
evolutionary tubes such as the “Kizami Series”. People who use tube seasonings are called “tubers”, and the style of enjoying food by using tube seasonings in their own way is called “tuber style”. In addition to recipes, the “Tuber Style” site introduces products that suit your needs and tastes. (scheduled to be updated on February 6)
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Details about this release:


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