SBI ALApromo Co., Ltd. Delicious sugar care! “Alaplus sugar down drink” new TV-CM to start airing from January 23 (Monday)

SBI ALApromo Co., Ltd.
Delicious sugar care! “Alaplus sugar down drink” new TV-CM to start airing from January 23 (Monday)

SBI ALApromo Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo) is a subsidiary of SBI Holdings Co., Ltd. that manufactures and sells health foods and cosmetics that use 5-aminolevulinic acid phosphate (*1 below, 5-ALA). , Representative Director: Yasushi Takezaki, hereinafter referred to as “SBI ALApromo”) will start broadcasting the new TV-CM “Sugar Down Song” for the food with functional claims “ALAplus Sugar Down Drink” from January 23 (Monday). .
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New TV-CM “Sugar Down Song”
In the TV commercial “Sugar Down Song”, which will start broadcasting from January 23 (Monday), Shoko Haida will be appointed as a user representative of “Sugar Down Drink” and as a commercial in which songs play an important role. did. Mr. Haida not only appeared in the commercial, but also sang the “sugar down song” that is played in the commercial.
The commercial begins with a scene of Mr. Haida drinking a delicious “sugar down drink” while singing the “sugar down song” on the melody of “Spring has come” that everyone is familiar with.
Then, along with Haida-san’s singing voice, various men and women will lively spend their lives enjoying “sugar down drinks” in various daily scenes.
“ALA Plus Sugar Down Drink” not only double cares for fasting and postprandial blood sugar levels, but also appeals that it can be easily and deliciously drunk anytime, anywhere, with a familiar melody that everyone knows.
New TV-CM “Sugar Down Song” storyboard (15 seconds)
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◆ Shooting episode
In early November, the shooting took place at a certain studio in Yokohama. This commercial starts with a scene where Mr. Haida drinks a “sugar down drink”, and various men and women enjoy drinking the “sugar down drink” in various scenes.
 The filming, which neatly overlaps the same movements, requires fine adjustments, and the tension of the staff continues on set. After shooting several scenes, it’s finally time for Haida. Wearing an orange costume that matches the image of a sugar-down drink, the moment Haida-san appeared with a smile and said, “Please.”
Even the on-site staff, who had been nervous for a long time, naturally smiled. While singing the “sugar down song”, take out the “sugar down drink” from the refrigerator, open the lid, and take a series of photos until you drink it. The shooting of the day ended smoothly with the difficult scenes performed while singing.
About 10 days after the shooting, the recording of “Sugar Down Song” was held somewhere in Tokyo. Mr. Haida, who entered the studio with a smile on this day, after a brief meeting with the director, waited for the staff to finish recording preparations at the booth while adjusting his singing voice.
Then, in response to the director’s “Please” voice, Haida’s singing voice echoes in the studio. The friendly singing voice that cheers everyone up naturally makes the staff at the scene smile.
After hearing Haida’s wonderful song on set, the director suggested that Haida sing the harmonious part as well. Even though it was a sudden request, the request was readily accepted, and a familiar “sugar down song” that everyone would want to sing was completed. After recording the narration, Mr. Haida, who finished all the filming and recording with the applause of the staff, left the scene with a smile, saying, “I’m looking forward to the completion.”
◆ Product information
ALA Plus Sugar Down Drink contains “5-ALA” as a functional ingredient. 5-ALA has been reported to help bring high fasting blood sugar levels closer to normal, and moderate the rise in postprandial blood sugar levels. For those who are concerned about sugar but still like sweets, and for those with high blood sugar levels, this is an unprecedented sugar care product in a drink type that is easy to take in daily life.
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◆What is 5-ALA?
Abbreviation for 5-aminolevulinic acid or 5-aminolevulinic acid phosphate. 5-Aminolevulinic acid is an amino acid produced in mitochondria in the body. It is an important substance involved in energy production called heme and cytochrome, but it is known that productivity decreases with age. 5-Aminolevulinic acid is found in foods such as shochu lees, red wine, and ginseng, and is also known as a raw material for chloroplasts in plants.
(*1) 5-Aminolevulinic acid phosphate has been added to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s list of essential ingredients
(ingredients) that are not judged to be pharmaceuticals unless they claim pharmaceutical efficacy. It is not a pharmaceutical ingredient. (*2) This product has been notified to the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency as a label indicating that it can be expected to have a specific health purpose under the responsibility of the business operator. However, unlike Foods for Specified Health Uses, it has not undergone individual screening by the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency.
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