SBI Traceability Co., Ltd. Ricky Business Solutions Co., Ltd. and SBI Traceability Co., Ltd. Sales partnership in regional revitalization support business

SBI Traceability Co., Ltd.
Ricky Business Solution Co., Ltd. and SBI Traceability Co., Ltd. Sales tie-up in regional revitalization support business
Concluded a sales partnership agreement to provide the traceability service “SHIMENAWA” using blockchain technology in the regional revitalization support business

Ricky Business Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Koichi Shibuya; hereinafter “Ricky Business Solutions”) and SBI Traceability Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Tomohito Wajima; hereinafter “Rickey Business Solutions”) SBI Traceability”) has concluded a sales partnership agreement to provide the traceability service “SHIMENAWA” (hereinafter “SHIMENAWA”) utilizing blockchain technology in the regional revitalization support business developed by Ricky Business Solution. I will let you know.
SBI Traceability considers the national goal of “regional
revitalization” to be one of the most pressing issues facing Japan’s future. The SBI Group aims to further focus on contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through collaboration with various partners and co-creation of value in its initiatives for regional revitalization that contribute to the resolution of issues facing local communities. and utilizes the technical characteristics of the blockchain-based Corda, etc., to build a more traceable distribution process and share highly authentic information, thereby promoting the appeal of products and brands. We provide solutions such as “authentication proof” and “open detection” that visualize and maximize value.
On the other hand, Ricky Business Solution is a management consulting company centered on consultants from banks, including the
representative Mr. Koichi Shibuya. Market development support (planning and management of business meetings, matching of individual business meetings, etc.), analysis of product power of local businesses, marketing, domestic and overseas by utilizing networks with buyers, chefs, etc. built through business meetings We are also actively working on advisory services for market development and DX support services for local businesses.
Therefore, through this alliance, the two companies will encourage regional businesses to utilize SBI Traceability’s SHIMENAWA, thereby realizing the appeal and value of products and brands, visualizing and maximizing them, and enabling regional businesses to meet domestic and overseas demand. We aim to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy by acquiring it.
■Origin of SHIMENAWA
Since ancient times in Japan, there has been a very auspicious rope called “Shimenawa” that serves as a “barrier” that separates the realm of the gods from the real world, and plays the role of preventing impure things from entering.
Therefore, our blockchain-based service prevents falsification of information (intrusion of impure things) in the same way as this “Shimenawa”, and we would like to play an important role in always delivering true information. We named the service “SHIMENAWA” with this in mind.
At SHIMENAWA, we aim to support safe, secure, and affluent consumer lifestyles by providing information and value that enhances the reliability of product brands.
It expresses the circulation of “SHIMENAWA” that protects the production area and the brand of producers, delivers safe and secure products to consumers, and contributes to a sustainable society with a mark like a family crest.

■Technology that supports SHIMENAWA
SHIMENAWA is a consortium made up of over 350 financial institutions, regulatory authorities, central banks, system vendors, etc. around the world. It is a system that ensures the authenticity of shared information through digital pairing with RFID technology, etc., and achieves highly reliable end-to-end traceability.
In addition, we have developed and operated a traceability application that utilizes the blockchain platform Corda, and have also succeeded in developing technology to minimize the operational costs associated with the use of the blockchain platform. bottom. This technology is patent pending.
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