“SCALE Powered by PR,” a growth-type PR talent database, has been renewed.

Honda Office Co., Ltd.
“SCALE Powered by PR,” a growth-type PR talent database, has been renewed. Realize matching with the most suitable PR personnel

Growth type PR jointly operated by Honda Office Co., Ltd. (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tetsuya Honda) and Vector Co., Ltd. (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and President: Hajime Nishie) The human resource database “SCALE Powered by PR” (hereinafter referred to as SCALE) has renewed its website with the aim of realizing a platform that allows companies to more efficiently match the best PR human resources.
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■ SCALE website URL
■Specification changes due to this renewal
-1- Established a new “Company Account” function
Persons in charge of companies looking for PR personnel can contact us from the “Consult with the secretariat” button and obtain a “company account”.
-2- A UI that allows you to see the faces and profiles of PR personnel while maintaining the existing functions
By logging in with a “company account”, you can view the detailed profiles* of PR personnel who meet SCALE’s own posting standards from among the approximately 1,000 PR personnel registered with SCALE. You can contact the SCALE office for inquiries and consultations by appointing the PR personnel you want to consult. In addition, the information of the PR person will not be disclosed in consideration of privacy, and inquiries from companies will be made through the SCALE secretariat.
*Profile information that can be viewed in the “Company Account” login ・Name: Undisclosed (initials)
・Profile photo
・Job title (occupation)
・Skill tags (skills that can be provided as a service)
・Activity area (prefecture)
・Status (side job/freelance/corporation, etc.)
・Work style (Approximate operable hours)
・Profile text
・Work experience/performance
・Business content that can be provided by SCALE
・Media relations
[Image 2d43585-18-913c97d1858cec5d8f1b-2.jpg&s3=43585-18-66b094e6d0c0dcf6d099000a2e52869f-639x850.jpg
Image of profile information
■ Features
Out of the approximately 1,000 PR persons registered on SCALE’s human resources platform, we carefully select those with a particularly strong track record and registrants who have performed remarkably well, and publish them anonymously. Companies looking for PR personnel can view a detailed profile by logging in with a corporate account, nominate a PR personnel they would like to collaborate with, and consult with the SCALE office.
■ Held a service briefing session @ online for companies
Along with the renewal of the SCALE website, we will hold a “service briefing @ online” for companies. SCALE’s business manager will talk about how the service works, how to use the new website, recent trends in PR personnel, and a Q&A session with participants.
・January 27 (Friday) 12:00-13:00
・January 31 (Tue) 12:00-13:00
・February 2 (Thursday) 12:00-13:00
“I recommend this hotel”
・ Those who want to know how to use the new SCALE website effectively ・Those who want to know more about SCALE services
・ Those who want to know specific usage methods and examples ・ Those who want to know about recent career trends and recruitment methods for PR personnel
《Application form》
■ Requests for posting profiles of PR personnel
If you would like to post your profile on the SCALE website, please contact the SCALE secretariat (info@scale-pr.com).
* Profile posting is limited to SCALE members. In addition, we have our own publication standards, so we may not be able to respond to your request. Please note.
■ Overview of SCALE
Service name: SCALE Powered by PR
Joint management company: Honda Office Co., Ltd., Vector Co., Ltd. URL: https://scale-pr.com/
Business overview: PR personnel database based on the industry’s first skill certification system. A service that mainly matches freelance and sideline PR personnel with companies that have PR issues. Registration method: For companies, after accessing the SCALE official website, click “For companies who want to scale their business.” For PR personnel, after accessing the SCALE official website, click “For freelancers and multi-workers who are interested in SCALE.” Please contact us.
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