Sea and Japan Project Public Relations Office We held a monitor tour for new tourism utilization of “Cape Chikyu” in “Tetsu no Machi/Muroran,” which illuminates the new future of the region with the charm of “Lighthouse”!

Sea and Japan Project Public Relations Office
We held a monitor tour for new tourism utilization of “Cape Earth” in “Tetsu no Machi/Muroran” where the charm of “Lighthouse” illuminates the new future of the area!
January 10th to 11th, 2023 Venue: Cape Chiki Lighthouse (Muroran City, Hokkaido)
The Northern Lighthouse Cultural Resources Research Consortium was established to investigate the cultural value of the lighthouse in Hokkaido and explore new ways to utilize it. We have been selected as an implementing organization for the “FY2022 Sea and Lighthouse Project New Lighthouse Utilization Model Project”, and have been conducting surveys and verifications for utilization of multiple lighthouses in Hokkaido. As the conclusion of the project in 2022, we will hold the “Chikiu Misaki Lighthouse” in Muroran City, Hokkaido from January 10 to 11, 2023, in anticipation of the development and sales of new sightseeing tour programs including the “lighthouse”. We carried out a “monitor tour” that approached the charm of lighthouses such as This initiative is part of the “Ocean and Lighthouse Project New Lighthouse Utilization Model Project,” which aims to increase the significance of lighthouses and pass on the maritime culture that originates from lighthouses to the next generation.
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Purpose of this initiative
Along with the development of modern navigation technology,
lighthouses have continued to watch over the safety of the sea as a “guideline” for navigation. However, in recent years, due to the development of GPS and other factors, the time has come to reconsider the role and value of navigation aids, which have traditionally played a central role as aids to navigation.
The sea that has been protected by lighthouses is packed with various stories in each region, and passing them along with the role and value of lighthouses will make Japan’s maritime culture more attractive and pass it on to the next generation. It can be an opportunity to continue.
In recent years, the law concerning lighthouses has been amended, creating new possibilities for “utilization of lighthouses” for the region. Taking advantage of this opportunity, in this project, by considering and creating a new utilization model for Hokkaido’s “lighthouses”, we hope that the maritime culture related to
lighthouses will be widely disseminated and that lighthouses will create new vitality in the region. We aim to carry out our business. Overview of the monitor tour
Event name: Whenever you experience the dawn of Hokkaido in Muroran Implementation date: January 10 (Tuesday) to January 11 (Wednesday), 2023 Participants: 14 people (secretariat staff, local private businesses, 2 guest families from urban areas)
Organizer: Northern Lighthouse Cultural Resources Research Consortium Cooperation: Muroran City Hall, Muroran City Tourism Association, Muroran City Coast Guard Department
Hokkaido has long been an area with a thriving coal mining and iron manufacturing industry, and during the approximately 100 years from the early Meiji period to the period of rapid economic growth in the Showa period, the population grew rapidly by about 100 times. The “lighthouse” in Hokkaido was also indispensable for the growth of these industries, which often involve shipping by ship.
“Muroran City” has developed as an “Iron Town” since the first ironworks were established in the Meiji period. Muroran Lighthouse” and two lighthouses still exist. The Cape Chikiu Lighthouse is located on a cliff and is famous as a lighthouse that offers a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. It is also a place where you can feel the “local life” and “Hokkaido lighthouse culture” that have been played. In addition to the lighthouse, Muroran City has many attractions as an “Iron Town”, such as the “factory night view” where many iron-related companies that were established after the Meiji period can be seen, and the “steel making experience”. am.
This monitor tour was carried out as a two-day tour so that visitors could enjoy the attractions of Muroran, such as the experience of iron making and the actual meal of coal mine food, centered on the Cape Chikiu Lighthouse, in combination with the story of “Tetsu no Machi”. [Image 2d77920-1429-3e9391fca066dcebbc0c-1.png&s3=77920-1429-eccdf124bc59f81f1e43e369370784e9-886x664.png

Attractiveness of Cape Chikiu Lighthouse as seen through the implementation of a monitor tour
The highlight of the tour was watching the sunrise at the Cape Chikiu Lighthouse site, which stands on a precipitous cliff about 120 meters above sea level. Before sunrise, all the participants went down to the premises of Cape Chikiu Lighthouse and waited for the sunrise. With the cooperation of the Japan Coast Guard, you can see the sunrise and the appearance of fishing boats returning to the harbor from “next to Cape Chikyu,” which is usually off limits. It was a special time to hear about the existence of the lighthouse for the citizens. Some participants were surprised to hear that the families of the “lighthouse keepers” had to walk one hour each way from the lighthouse grounds to go to elementary school. In addition, the lens that cannot be seen from the observatory is one of the charms, and I was able to enjoy the change in color of the lens when the light is on and off, which can only be seen from the site.
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Future prospects
Based on the content of the monitor tour and the opinions of the participants, we plan to collaborate and discuss with the government and tourism-related businesses, etc., and proceed with the examination of the optimal utilization method in the future. Through the implementation of the program on the premises of the lighthouse implemented in this monitor tour, the program and training of guides who can enjoy the history and culture of the lighthouse, we will consider building a special experience “unique to Muroran and Cape Chikyu” and launching a business. increase.
Broadcast schedule
HBC Hokkaido Broadcasting covered and filmed the details of the activities related to the planning and operation of this monitor tour. We are planning to broadcast on the following date and time, so please take a look.
● February 5, 2023 (Sunday) 6:30-6:45 “Illuminate the future! The charm and potential of lighthouses”
-Organization Profile-
Organization name: Northern Lighthouse Cultural Research Consortium Activities: Through surveys of lighthouses in Hokkaido and surrounding areas, consider the use of cultural resources and aim to solve problems in the entire area.
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Sea and lighthouse project New lighthouse utilization model project As part of The Nippon Foundation’s “Sea and Japan Project”, we will unearth memories of the sea in the region centering on lighthouses, connect regions with regions, different fields with different industries, Japan and the world, and create new ocean experiences. Sea and Lighthouse Project”. One of these efforts is the New Lighthouse Utilization Model Project, which creates various lighthouse
utilization models to enhance the significance of lighthouses and pass on the maritime culture that originates from lighthouses to the next generation. The purpose is to keep going. In the first year, 2022, 12 projects were adopted nationwide, including this release project. Sea and Japan Project Official Website
Sea and Lighthouse Project Official Website New Lighthouse Utilization Model Project Public Recruitment

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