Seahorse Mikawa Completion of Meitetsu Inn Kariya “Tatsuwo Room”

Seahorse Mikawa
Completion of Meitetsu Inn Kariya “Tatsuwo Room”

Thank you for always supporting Seahorse Mikawa.
This time, the “Tatsuwo Room” of Meitetsu Inn Kariya, the official partner of Seahorse Mikawa talent Tatsuwo, has been completed! By all means, please stay at Seahorse Mikawa’s home game.
room concept
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[Image 2d97825-81-8c707a8b5afd0dce044a-1.jpg&s3=97825-81-7c00cfab09387c2f5042a07ea904b164-750x500.jpg
Temporary house prepared by Tatsuo.
Before you know it, you will like Mikawa “just a little”.
Also, “Go home room”.
In addition to Meitetsu Inn’s brand concept of “3C”, “Comfortable”, “Cozy” and “Convenient & Smart”, Tatsuwo has added the “three T’s”. Tasteful… A relaxing space that will make you smile when you visit. Tender… A design space where you can relax gently.
Town… If you look closely, it’s a gallery space where you can learn about Mikawa.
Sales period
January 6, 2023 (Friday) to May 31, 2023 (Wednesday)
staying plan
Limited to 1 room ☆ Returning home again “Tatsuwo Room”
Reservation required (limited to 1 room per day)
Room type: Single room
Number of people: Up to 2 people per room
Price 1. 1 room for 1 person from ¥7,777 2. 1 room for 2 people from ¥11,111 All breakfast free service/tax included
Check-in/Check-out PM 3:00 / AM 10:00
Those who present a B League ticket can extend the checkout time free of charge until check-out PM 12:00.
Guests staying at the hotel will receive a Meitetsu Inn original Tatsuwo sticker.
Reservations and inquiries
Meitetsu Inn
TEL 0566-27-3434
Meitetsu Inn Kariya
Meitetsu Inn Kariya is a hotel directly connected to JR Meitetsu Kariya Station, and is mainly used for business trips to companies around Kariya Station. Because it is located about 18 minutes from Nagoya Station by JR Special Rapid Service, it is visited by people who are sightseeing in Nagoya on weekends and customers who use it before and after concerts. In addition, because Wing Arena Kariya and Kariya City General Sports Ground are nearby, many people who participate in sporting events and competitions stay here. On the top floor, there is a spacious room with separate bath and toilet, and there is a view overlooking Kariya city.

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