Seahorse Mikawa “Girls Festival” free facial esthetic experience for women

Seahorse Mikawa
“Girls Festival” Women-only facial esthetic free experience

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With the full cooperation of Seahorse Mikawa’s corporate partner “Facial Esthetic Reforne”, we will deliver a special facial esthetic program to eight people each day. Please be healed before the game with a full-fledged program limited to Girls Festival!
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Women-only facial esthetics free trial
Time: 11:30-14:50
(8 times in total, about 20 minutes each time)
Location: 2nd floor lobby special booth
Cleansing time is not included in the experience time. Please remove make-up beforehand.
A make-up booth is available next to the experience booth. After the experience, please do your own makeup at the booth.
The esthetic and make-up booths will be set up with partitions, etc., so that they cannot be seen from the outside.
We have some makeup supplies in the makeup booth, but please prepare your own. Since it is a free experience, we are not responsible for any skin troubles after the treatment.
If we confirm multiple applications or other irregularities, we will automatically disqualify you.
It is not possible for another person to use the same e-mail address more than once.
If there are any flaws in the information entered, it will be invalidated. Winners will be announced by sending a winning email.
Please note that we cannot refund tickets that have already been purchased. How to apply
Application period
January 13 (Friday) to 22 (Sunday) 23:59
After agreeing to the above notes,
Please apply.
Winner Announcement: January 25 (Wednesday) around 18:00
Winners will be announced by sending a winning email.
Facial Esthetic Reforne
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January 28th (Sat) and 29th (Sun) Ibaraki Robots Battle “Girls Festival”

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