Seanet Holds WES-Themed Seminar at 2nd Smart Logistics EXPO

Seanet Co., Ltd.
Seanet Holds WES-Themed Seminar at 2nd Smart Logistics EXPO
Explanation from the unique perspective of a WMS vendor with extensive experience in material handling!

Seanet Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, President and CEO: Nobuhiko Onozaki, hereinafter Seanet) announced on January 27, 2023 (Friday), “Solve the problems of increasingly complex WMS! We will hold a seminar titled “Seminar to introduce new WES of Seanet”.
This seminar will be held at the “2nd Smart Logistics Expo” held at Tokyo Big Sight from January 25th (Tuesday) to 27th (Friday) at the new product and new technology seminar.
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[Background of the seminar]
In recent years, due to the sophistication of warehouses, WMS has many problems such as complication, bloat, and high cost. WES is attracting attention to solve these problems.
In this seminar, we will explain how Seanet’s WES solves WMS, which has become more complicated due to the sophistication of warehouses. Seanet’s WES emphasizes “connecting”. We will also talk about the reason, the expected effect, and the future image.
In addition, Seanet is currently recruiting pilot users of WES and is working on further development, and we would like to hear about your challenges at the seminar.
Please look forward to the WES unique to a WMS manufacturer with extensive experience in material handling.
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■ Information on the seminar venue
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[About Seanet Co., Ltd.]
Since its founding in 1992, C-NET is a pioneer in warehouse management systems that has been working to streamline operations and improve quality through systematization focused on logistics. With the corporate philosophy of “Making the workplace comfortable with IT,” everyone involved in the project, from sales to development to support, has a thorough knowledge of the logistics site from their respective perspectives, and presents optimal solutions to the issues faced by the logistics site. doing.
Since 2011, we have achieved the No. 1 share* in cloud-based WMS sales for 11 consecutive years. Currently, we support the logistics strategies of various companies through logistics system service integration.
*Deloitte Tohmatsu Mic Research Institute Co., Ltd. “Reality and Outlook of the Smart Logistics Solutions Market [2022 Edition]”
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