SECOM Co., Ltd. Newly established “Secure Data Center (R) Tokyo 4th Center,” a data center with advanced security and consideration for the environment

Secom Co., Ltd.
In addition to high-level security, a new data center “Secure Data Center (R) Tokyo No. 4”, which is environmentally friendly, will be established.
Scheduled to start service in June 2025

Secom Co., Ltd.
Secom Trust Systems Co., Ltd.
Secom Trust Systems Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Tatsuyuki Nishimura), a group company of Secom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Ichiro Ozeki), which is responsible for the BPO and ICT business, is located in Tokyo. A new data center, Secure Data Center Tokyo No. 4, will be newly
established, and services are scheduled to begin in June 2025. [Image 1d69357-53-b425bf87087f012c43fc-0.jpg&s3=69357-53-315ace5c49767f8dc6be0519a27b06f5-3900x2711.jpg
Completion image of “Secure Data Center Tokyo No. 4”
Since 2000, Secom Trust Systems has operated a “secure data center” that boasts a high level of security to support “safety and security” in the Internet society, and provides services that meet customer needs.
The “Secure Data Center Tokyo No. 4”, which will be opened this time, has the advanced security unique to the SECOM Group, consideration for the environment, and high reliability that can provide peace of mind even in the event of a disaster. We will continue to fulfill our role as infrastructure for a digital society that achieves both excellent safety and environmental performance.
* “Secure Data Center” is a registered trademark of Secom Trust Systems Co., Ltd.
■ Features of “Secure Data Center Tokyo 4th Center”
1. Advanced security unique to the SECOM Group
Utilizing the know-how we have cultivated so far, SECOM’s resident security guards, the latest security system, and authentication equipment will be combined to provide strict security from the entrance to the corridor and server room.
2. Consideration for the environment
1. Use 100% renewable energy
2. Use of natural energy such as solar power, wind power, rainwater, and geothermal heat
3. Introduction of high-efficiency equipment such as cool pits, heat recovery systems, and machines that support free cooling
4. Design and planning that considers the surrounding environment, such as greening of the roof and walls
3. High reliability for peace of mind even in the event of a disaster Located within 30 minutes from the center of Tokyo, away from active faults, and on ground with low risk of earthquakes and liquefaction. The data center can continue to function even in the event of an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 7 due to its robustness with a floor load capacity of 1.5t/m2 or more and its seismic isolation structure. In addition to receiving extra high-voltage power from two substations via the main backup line system, we also have backup electrical equipment such as emergency generators and uninterruptible power supplies.
■Overview of “Secure Data Center Tokyo 4th Center”
[Image 2d69357-53-e3635d1ef00185ec9ac2-1.jpg&s3=69357-53-25c69994266cc638a0f2cc4d6d039d82-720x320.jpg

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