Second Sight Analytica Co., Ltd. J-Lease, a rent guarantee business, decided to introduce “RED engine”

Second Sight Analytica Inc.
Decided to introduce “RED engine” to J-Lease, a rent guarantee business – Commencement of development of a new credit screening model –
Second Sight Analytica Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Hirokazu Takayama, hereinafter referred to as “Second Sight
Analytica”) is J-Lease Co., Ltd. (Oita City, Oita Prefecture / Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President Nakajima Taku (hereinafter referred to as “J-Lease”) will introduce the RED engine, which is a comprehensive execution platform for AI models developed by Second Sight Analytica. We also announce that we will start building a more accurate credit screening model by utilizing the data and credit screening know-how owned by J-Lease.
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■ New credit screening model
J-Lease’s current credit screening model will be equipped with the “RED engine”, which is a comprehensive execution platform for AI models equipped with the functions necessary for actual operation, such as processing large amounts of data and switching to new models. Decided. Upon introduction, the two companies will combine the know-how they have cultivated in credit screening, and will build a more advanced credit screening model through analysis of past information using AI technology.
The new, more sophisticated credit screening model aims to maximize customer profits and J-lease profits through the provision of appropriate credit, enabling more strategic and flexible risk control. The new credit screening model is scheduled to start operation around the summer of 2023.
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About the RED engine
It is a comprehensive execution platform equipped with the functions necessary for actual operation when executing AI models. It supports the large amount of data processing required in daily operations, and eliminates the need for system modifications when switching models, which was previously required, making it easier to operate AI in a production environment.
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▼RED engine product page
For companies that are considering introducing the RED engine, please contact us using the form below. After receiving your inquiry, one of our sales representatives will contact you.
■ Information on each company
Company name: Second Sight Analytica Inc.
Head office location: 6th floor of RBM Kanda Building, Kanda Nishifukuda-cho 3, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: June 1, 2016
Representative: Hirokazu Takayama, President and CEO
Capital: 290 million yen (end of September 2022)
Business description: A specialized company that provides services that utilize analytics and technology. We conduct R&D of new technologies such as machine learning and deep learning, which are the core of “AI”, and provide analytics and consulting services for various industries and fields, as well as the IT infrastructure and AI services (products) that drive them.
Company name: J-Lease Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Tokyo head office
2nd floor, Shinjuku Square Tower, 6-22-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1102
Oita Head Office
7th floor, Oita Chuo Building, 1-3-19 Miyakomachi, Oita City, Oita Prefecture 870-0034
Established: February 2004
Representative: Taku Nakajima, President and Chairman
Capital: 717 million yen (end of September 2022)
Business description: Guaranty-related business (guarantee of rent liability, guarantee of medical expenses)

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