SEGA Co., Ltd. “PSO2 New Genesis” New Battle Section Appears! New short episodes and new AC scratch

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“PSO2 New Genesis” New Combat Section Appears! New short episodes and new AC scratch

SEGA Co., Ltd. will update the popular service “PSO2 New Genesis (hereafter, NGS)” on January 25, 2023 (Wednesday), including the addition of a new battle section “Noisen Plant”. It was conducted. [Image 1

An introductory movie that allows you to fully see the contents of January’s distribution is also available. Please take a look! [4K] “PSO2 New Genesis” January Update (2) Introduction movie:
New battle section “Noisenplant”
A new battle section “Noisenplant” will be added to the Steer region. In “Noisen Plant”, each time a PSE Burst occurs, the enemies and gimmicks that appear will change significantly, and various
strengthening effects will appear on the player character. Master a variety of gimmicks and counter the various enemies that appear. Also, here, a new boss enemy “Quartz Skodin” with a powerful rush attack will appear. In addition, the familiar sword “Dragon Slayer”, which was popular in “PSO2” as a drop item of “Quartz Scordin”, will be refined and will appear as a weapon camouflage.
[Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

[Image 5

■Release the enhancement limit for rarity 7-8 equipment
By using the material item “Arms Refiner G” available in the new battle section “Neusen Plant”, you will be able to unlock the upper limit of enhancement value for rarity ★7 and ★8 equipment up to +60. In preparation for the appearance of powerful enemies in the future, let’s further strengthen the equipment obtained so far.
[Image 6

[Image 7

New Trigger Quest & Trinites updated!
“Supposed Exercise: Nils Vera Subjugation Battle” and “Supposed Exercise: Doldoris Vera Subjugation Battle”, which are the trigger versions of the emergency quests of the Steer Region, will appear. As with the previous trigger quests, the quest content is the same as the emergency quest version, and if you have a quest trigger, you can accept it from the quest counter at any time, so let’s try it. In addition, various updates have been made to make it easier to play the Trinites “Geometric Labyrinth” of the Ritem region, so let’s try this as well. This is a preliminary response according to the specifications of the new rank of “Geometric Labyrinth” scheduled for delivery in March.
[Image 8

[Image 9

[Image 10

[Image 11

■ New short episodes
A new short episode has been added, focusing on Glenn and Kanui, depicting the aftermath of the battle in the Steer Region. If you see a character at the ARKS base or on the field, talk to them.
[Image 12

[Image 13

New AC Scratch “Cosmic Convict”
In “Cosmic Convict”, in addition to layering wear with a prison motif that incorporates sci-fi taste, “Wad of money” that won the lobby action category of the “NGS” Video Contest, and “Glide: Rappy” that won the motion change category Balloon”, “Land: Failure”, and “Dash: Cartwheel” will be delivered.
With the number bonus, you can get another version of the motion change item included in the scratch prize, such as “Glide: Rappy Balloon”.
【recommended item】
[Image 14

Demonica Eye/B
Eyes characterized by cat-like pupils.
It will glow mysteriously in the dark!
[Image 16

yuruhwalol extension
An extension type accessory that allows you to arrange your hair. Round and round curls with a stylish ribbon!
[Image 17

spider rim
A mechanical accessory inspired by a spider’s leg.
Combining three pieces completes the spider leg! !
For other details of the update, please check the official website.
◆What is “NGS”?
The domestic online RPG “PSO2”, which started service in 2012, has been reborn as the latest work “New Genesis”! ! As of September 2022, the total number of registered users worldwide has exceeded 10 million.
The ultimate character creation is also super evolved. Let’s make only one hero in the world and go on an adventure.
Set in a seamless open field where up to 32 players come and go, various new systems connect and expand the world of adventure, creating new encounters and surprises.
Enjoy fast-paced battles with exhilarating action with easy controls. Use the new actions dash and glide to run around the vast world! A true adventure begins now.
“NGS” introduction movie:
[“NGS” product overview]
Product name: PSO2 New Genesis
Compatible models: PlayStation (R) 4, Windows PC, cloud version (Nintendo Switch (TM), Windows PC)
Service period: In service (service starts on Wednesday, June 9, 2021) Price: Basic play free (some paid items available)
Genre: Online RPG
Manufacturer: SEGA Co., Ltd.
CERO notation: D division (for 17 years old and over)
Copyright notice: (C) SEGA
Official website:
■Company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
Details about this release:

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