SEGA Co., Ltd. “PSO2 New Genesis” New SG Scratch Appearance

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“PSO2 New Genesis” New SG Scratch Appearance

SEGA Co., Ltd. has updated the popular service “PSO2 New Genesis (hereinafter, NGS)”, including the distribution of the new SG scratch on January 18, 2023 (Wednesday).
[Image 1

An introductory movie that allows you to fully see the contents of January’s distribution is also available. Please take a look! [4K] “PSO2 New Genesis” January Update (1) Introduction movie:
New SG scratch “Refined Form 10”
Delivery period: From January 18, 2023 (Wednesday) after regular maintenance to February 15 (Wednesday) 11:00
In addition to the “Kanna Gitsubaki” and “Yuka Grisis” that are suitable for the New Year season, the cast parts “Sayahime” series and “Gornleo” series will be arranged to the “NGS” specifications. In addition to avatar items related to “Kannagi Tsubaki”, new hairstyles and lobby actions are recommended prizes, and the emission rate will be increased up to “double”. In addition, the motion change item “Mo” Dash: Jet Flame “” will appear in the number of scratches bonus.
【recommended item】
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Delfina Hair/B
Delphina Hair is now available in a mesh style!
Enjoy a new impression with a colorful combination!
・The 16th mission pass “NGS Season 16” is now available!
“NGS Season 16” will be released as the 16th mission pass with luxurious rewards.
Earn “stars” by completing tasks, and collect a certain number of stars to raise your “tier” and receive rewards according to your tier. In addition to rewards such as mug forms, stamps, and accessories that can change the appearance of the mug, valuable items such as “My shop opening 3 days” and “SG scratch prize exchange ticket” will continue to be lined up from the previous time.
As a reward, you will receive accessories with a zodiac motif that are perfect for the new year of “NGS” “Wasagi Mask” and “Magform/Etraby Machina”, as well as special ability capsules such as “C/Frayed Soul IV” and “C/ Dordora Sole IV” and “C/Nils Sole IV” are newly
* “Tier” is a numerical value that indicates the progress of the mission pass, and by increasing this numerical value, you can receive various rewards such as accessories and material items.
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[Image 4

For other details of the update, please check the official website.
◆What is “NGS”?
The domestic online RPG “PSO2”, which started service in 2012, has been reborn as the latest work “New Genesis”! ! As of September 2021, the total number of registered users worldwide has exceeded 9 million. The ultimate character creation is also super evolved. Let’s make only one hero in the world and go on an adventure.
Set in a seamless open field where up to 32 players come and go, various new systems connect and expand the world of adventure, creating new encounters and surprises.
Enjoy fast-paced battles with exhilarating action with easy controls. Use the new actions dash and glide to run around the vast world! A true adventure begins now.
“NGS” introduction movie:
[“NGS” product overview]
Product name: PSO2 New Genesis
Compatible models: PlayStation (R) 4, Windows PC, cloud version (Nintendo Switch (TM), Windows PC)
Service period: In service (service starts on Wednesday, June 9, 2021) Price: Basic play free (some paid items available)
Genre: Online RPG
Manufacturer: SEGA Co., Ltd.
CERO notation: D division (for 17 years old and over)
Copyright notice: (C) SEGA
Official website:
■Company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
Details about this release:


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