Seibu Co., Ltd./Prince Hotels Worldwide Sunshine City Prince Hotel Collaboration project with Talking Hands creator Mr. Hidehiko Kado Selling concept rooms where you can enjoy pop art drawn with a unique touch

Seibu Prince Hotels Worldwide Co., Ltd.
[Sunshine City Prince Hotel] A collaboration project with Talking Hands creator Hidehiko Kado Selling a concept room where you can enjoy pop art drawn with a unique touch
[Period] February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday)
Sunshine City Prince Hotel (location: 3-1-5 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo; general manager: Yoshihisa Takahashi) will offer an accommodation plan in collaboration with Talking Hands creator Hidehiko Kado on February 1, 2023 ( We will be selling from Wednesday) to March 31st (Friday).
In recent years, a series of works based on sign language have been published, and attention has been focused on sign language. The background to this is that the concept of a diversified society, the so-called “diversity,” is progressing, and it means that the various needs of consumers will continue to diversify. Mr. Kado, whose parents are deaf, spent his childhood trying to communicate with pictures by expressing thoughts that could not be conveyed through spoken language or sign language alone. In order to convey the importance of , I am currently continuing to express myself through art as a “Talking Hands creator”.
[Image 1

Mr. Hidehiko Kado, creator of Talking Hands
While communication methods with diversifying customers and
connections with society are becoming more and more important, we sympathized with Mr. Kado’s activities and ideas, and this
collaboration project was realized.
A concept room that expresses “nonverbal communication” in pop art We will prepare an accommodation plan for “Buono! Buono! ITALIA FAIR 2023”, which will be held at Prince Hotels mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area from Wednesday, February 1, 2023. Based on the theme of this fair, “Mangiare Cantare Amore (Eat, Sing, Love)”, Mr. Kado will prepare original illustrations drawn with a unique touch in the room, and will bring you to the world of Italy. We will produce a spectacle.
[Image 2

Original illustrations are also used for each design of the original amenity exclusive to guests and the room card key that can be taken home as a privilege. You can enjoy a wonderful space that you can experience only by staying.
[Image 3

Original amenity hotel card key (image)
【Sales period】
February 1st (Wednesday) to March 31st (Friday), 2023
[Sales plan]
KADO HIDEHIKO Concept Room Accommodation Plan *Limited to 2 rooms per day 【price】
From ¥13,500 per person *When using one room for two people
From 12:00 NOON on January 23, 2023 (Monday), reception will start on the dedicated page of the hotel’s official website below. [Inquiries] Sunshine City Prince Hotel accommodation reservations TEL: 03-5954-2238 (Reception hours: 10:00A.M.-5:00P.M.)
*The price includes one night’s room charge for one person, original amenities, consumption tax, and service charge. In addition, you can also choose a plan with an Italian dinner buffet or breakfast. *Prices vary depending on the date of stay and the number of guests. For details, please refer to the dedicated page on the hotel’s official website.
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